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Domestic Violence and the Workplace

This video contains interviews which account actual domestic violence situations. Some viewers may find this difficult to watch.

Allow 45 minutes to watch the complete training (the online training allows you to stop and return to where you left off, provided you are using the same computer).
Domestic Violence and the Workplace Training (This video is not compatible in some browsers. Please open with Firefox or IE)

Reference Materials

MCEDV- Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence- MAP 2013 (PDF)

MECASA- Maine Coalition Agains Sexual Assault (PDF)

Wabanaki Service (PDF)

Links to Agency Domestic Violence Policy (For State of Maine Employees only):

Department of Administrative & Financial Services: http://inet.state.me.us/dafs/policies/index.html

Department of Health and Human Services:http://inet.state.me.us/dhhs/setu/training/domestic/story.html

Department of Labor:  http://inet.state.me.us/labor/policies/index.shtml

Natural Resources Service Center:http://www.maine.gov/nrsc/employeecenter/employeecenter.shtml

Professional and Financial Regulation: https://inet.state.me.us/pfr/internal/domestic.html

Public Utilities Commission: http://www.maine.gov/mpuc/about/index.shtml

Treasury: http://www.maine.gov/treasurer/about_us/dvpolicy.doc