Retired Fire Fighter & Law Enforcement Officer Program

Fire Fighters & Municipal Law Enforcement Committee

The mission of the Fire Fighters and Municipal Law Enforcement Advisory Committee is to provide oversite of the administration, financial review, set policy and provide guidance to the Office of Employee Health & Benefits office in the administration of the Fire Fighters and Municipal Law Enforcement Health Insurance Subsidy Program.

Seat Member Name and Seat Information Email Address
01 Chief Phil Hamm - Fire
02 Ronnie Green- Fire
03 John Martell- Fire
04 Chief Richard Caton- Police
05 Daniel Felkel- Police
06 Paul Gaspar-Police
  State of Maine Staff  
  Joan Hanscom- Human Resource Specialist
  Kurt Caswell- Employee Health and Benefits Executive Director
  Shonna Poulin-Gutierrez- Director of Human Resource Wellness Programs

For County & Municipal employees only


The Retired County and Municipal Law Enforcement and Municipal Firefighters Health Insurance Program is administered by the State of Maine Office of Employee Health & Benefits.  For more information, please contact Joan Hanscom at (207)624-7682.