State Employee Health Commission

The mission of the State Employee Health Commission is to bring labor and management together in a partnership to plan and oversee that the greatest value of health care and dental services are delivered to the members of the plan by establishing and preserving accessible, high-quality and affordable health care. The Commission is committed to maintaining a continuous dialogue with providers, consumers, and other organizations to identify, to measure, and to influence health care services and delivery systems.

Seat Number Member Name and Seat Information Contact
01 Jon Woodard
MSEA Supervisory Unit (Labor)
02 Robert Omiecinski
MSLEA (Labor)
03 Peter Marcellino
MSEA OMS Unit (Labor)
04 Jonathan French, Co-Chair
MSEA Pro Tech Unit (Labor)
05 Peter Baker
MSEA Courts (Labor)
06 Jeremy Roberts
AFSCME (Labor)
07 Vacant  
08 Laurie Doucette
MSEA Administrative Unit (Labor)
09 Lois Baxter
MSEA Retiree Chapter (Labor)
10 Joanne Rawlings-Sekunda
Exec PF&R (Management)
(207)624-8472 (phone)
11 Heather Perreault, Co-Chair
Exec DAFS (Management)
(207)624-7858 (phone)
12 Michelle Probert
Exec DHHS (Management)
13 Frank Wiltuck
Dir Internal Audit (Management)
14 Kelly John
Judicial (Management)
15 Shonna Poulin-Gutierrez
Ex-Officio Member (Management)
16 Diane Bailey
Maine Association of Retirees (Labor)
1-800-535-6555 (phone)
(207) 582-4764 (fax)
17 Lewis Miller
ME Community College System (Labor)
(207)974-4620 (phone)
(207)947-4683 (fax)
18 Kim Vigue
ME Community College System (Management)
19 Cecile Champagne Thompson
Maine Turnpike Authority (Management)
1-800-698-7747 extension 108
(207)828-5805 (fax)
20 Deidre Kinney
Maine Turnpike Authority (Labor)

21 Karen O'Connor
Maine Public Employees Retirement System (Management)
22 Mara McGowen
Maine Public Employees Retirement System (Labor)
23 Carrie Margrave
Maine Maritime Academy (Management)
24 Derek Chase
Maine Maritime Academy (Labor)