Dear Supervisors,

We understand your employee has sustained a work-related injury. Please understand the importance of early reporting and intervention. You can receive assistance with your workers’ compensation questions and obtain the current forms your employee must complete by contacting your Departmental Designee.  

Please discuss the incident with your employee; investigate the injury site and identify safety issues to report to your Departmental Safety Officer. Then complete the Supervisor’s Report (MS-Word) and fax it to your Departmental Designee.

Please follow-up with your employees after their doctor's appointment. They should have an M-1 form from their doctor which lists their medical restrictions. If they don’t you can obtain one from the Departmental Designee. Please be sure your employee adheres to their restrictions. If you cannot accommodate the employee’s medical restrictions, immediately contact your Departmental Designee.

Contact your Departmental Designee immediately upon discovering your employee is out of work due to their injury.

Our office conducts quarterly Supervisors’ Training. If you are interested in attending the next scheduled Supervisors’ Training, please contact your Departmental Designee.