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Flexible Spending Account (FSA)  

What is an FSA?
A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) allows you to put aside a set amount of money from your paychecks before taxes to pay for specific health care or dependent care expenses.

What is the advantage of an FSA account?
The advantage of having an FSA account is the tax savings it offers. An FSA enables you to pay for eligible out-of-pocket expenses with money you set aside from your pay before any taxes are taken out. Without an FSA, you would still pay for these expenses, but you would do so using money remaining in your paycheck after taxes.

What is the difference between Health Care FSA and Dependent Care FSA?
A Healthcare Flexible Spending Account (HCFSA) refers to FSA eligible healthcare claims for yourself and your dependents; regardless of whether you are all enrolled in  the State of Maine benefits. Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (DCFSA) refers to Childcare, elder care, afterschool programs and summer camp expenses. (Note: the annual maximum for DCFSA is per household; you and your spouse cannot exceed the maximum, even if your spouse does not work for the State of Maine per IRS guidelines.)

Who qualifies you for a DCFSA?
A qualifying person generally is a dependent under the age of 13, a spouse or dependent of any age who is incapable of self-care and who lives with you for more than half of the year.

What is considered an FSA eligible expense?
Please contact our current FSA vendor for details on FSA eligible expenses.

How do I submit a manual claim or additional documentation?
Please contact our current FSA vendor for details on submitting a manual claim or additional documentation.

Why does the FSA vendor require documentation (itemized receipts and insurance payer Explanation of Benefits (EOB) for FSA eligible claims?
Documentation is necessary to ensure that the employee and the State comply with IRS guidelines. Since the debit card company provides limited information, IRS regulations require that you provide supporting documentation from the provider to describe the type(s) of service. If at any time your card is turned off, you are still able to submit manual claims until the original claim can be approved. Once a claim is approved, any claim from that same office for that dollar amount will not require re-approval indefinitely. If the dollar amount changes, you will likely be asked to provide documentation.

What documentation is required for my Healthcare FSA claim to be approved?
For claims to be approved, please be sure you have the following information within your itemized statements: 

  • The name of the provider of the service
  • The name of the person obtaining care
  • The date(s) of service
  • The amount charged for the service and
  • An itemized description of each service provided

IRS regulations require this documentation. This will include, and is not limited to, hospital, dental and vision services.

Can I make changes to my FSA election?
Per IRS guidelines, you can only make changes to your election if you have a Qualifying Life Event (QLE). Below is what the IRS considers a QLE. Note that documentation is required:

  • Change in your legal marital status (i.e., marriage, legal separation, divorce, or death of your spouse),
  • Change in employment status (for you, your spouse, or dependent) that affects eligibility for health insurance benefits
  • Change in your number of taxed dependents
  • Birth or date you adopt a child, or placement for adoption.
  • Death of your spouse or dependent
  • Change in your dependent's eligibility (for example, your child reaches age 13 and is no longer eligible under a DCFSA)
  • Change in your childcare/elder care provider or cost or coverage, such as a significant cost increase charged by your current daycare provider, or a change in your daycare provider. This applies to DCFSA only. It does NOT apply to a HCFSA or LEX HCFSA.

What happens to my FSA if I go on leave?
If you go on leave, please fill out a Change in Status form found on our website under Forms before you go on leave. You will find this form under Flexible Spending Accounts.      

Am I auto enrolled with FSA if I enrolled in a prior year?
No, you must enroll during open enrollment (held in November of each year) to continue FSA the following year.

I am leaving State service, what happens with my FSA account?
If you have a positive balance in your FSA account when you leave State service, you will be sent a COBRA offer from the current FSA vendor. You have 60 days within your termination date to elect for COBRA. If you have questions about COBRA, please contact the FSA vendor.


State of Maine Health Plan

How can I receive an additional or replacement ID card?
You can request additional ID cards by logging on to Anthem.com or by calling Anthem's dedicated Member Services line for the State of Maine Health Plan at 1-844-273-4614. In addition, the free Anthem Anywhere mobile app contains an image (front & back) of your ID card to be viewed on a smart device.

What are the hours of Anthem Member Services?
Hours of operation are 8:00am-5:00pm EST Monday-Friday. Anthem's Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System is available 24/7.

How can find a provider in the Anthem network?
To find a provider you can log on to your account at Anthem.com or call Anthem Member Services at 1-844-273-4614. If you choose to search online as a guest, Maine providers can be found in the "BlueChoice PPO" network; providers outside of Maine can be found in the "National PPO (Bluecard PPO)" network.

Should my doctor's name appear on my Anthem ID card?
Yes, if you have named a primary care physician (PCP) with Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield. If you would like to change your PCP selection, just call Anthem Member Services at 1-844-273-4614.

Am I required to have a Primary Care Physician?
You are not required to name a Primary Care Physician however it is strongly encouraged.

Does the State of Maine Health Plan provide coverage nationwide?
Yes. Check the Find a Doctor online tool to find a provider in your state.

What happens if I need care outside the United States?
Contact the Blue Cross Blue Shield Global Core Service Center at 1-800-810-2583 for assistance.

Which walk-in clinics are part of the Anthem network?
Participating walk-in clinics have a copay is $25 and you do not need a referral. Please note, services at MMC's Brighton FirstCare will charge an emergency room copay amount of $300. 

Do I need a referral to see a specialist?
No, referrals are not required.

What other options are there if I do not need an ER?
Your primary care doctor is usually the best place to start, more options can be found in this brochure to help guide you in making the correct choice for your needs. 


Pharmacy Transition 

Will my prescription be transferred to a new pharmacy automatically?
Capital Rx is working directly with MedImpact to transition Mail and Specialty prescriptions with fills remaining to Optum Mail and Optum Specialty Pharmacies. Examples of prescriptions that will not transfer include expired prescriptions, controlled substances, prescriptions without refills, compounds, and prescriptions that have not been filled but are being held for future fill.

Will disruption letters be sent in all cases where prescriptions and Prior Authorizations are not transferred?
Capital Rx will identify Members using Mail or Specialty Pharmacies via claim history analysis and will send personalized letters to Members before 7/1/24 go-live.  Capital Rx will send letters to Members identified on claim history who will require a Prior Authorization about 20-30 days post go-live.  In cases where a Member’s Prior Authorization does not transfer automatically from MedImpact to Capital Rx, there is a 90-day, “Continuation of Therapy” grace period that will allow Members with a history of medication fill in the last 108-day look-back period to continue to fill without disruption while they work to obtain a new Prior Authorization.

How can my provider send Prior Authorization information to Capital Rx to expedite processing?
Prescribers may complete a Prior Authorization form located on the Prescriber section of the Capital Rx website and may submit your completed form along with any required documents to Capital Rx via either fax (to 833.434.0563) or electronically via the CoverMyMeds® website recommended by Capital Rx.

Can providers submit prior authorization forms (via fax or CoverMyMeds) prior to 7/1/24, or do they have to wait until the go-live date?

Providers need to wait until the 7/1/24 go-live date to submit. Any request that comes in prior to 7/1 will be closed out due to the members not having active coverage.   

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Health Premium Credit Program

What is the Health Premium Credit Program?
This voluntary program provides an incentive to State of Maine employees enrolled in the health insurance plan as  outlined by the Office of Employee Health & Wellness and the State Employee Health Commission. The health premium credit of up to 5% is applied to the individual (employee only portion) health insurance premium.

What is a Well-Being Visit?
You can now fulfill the “My Health” requirement by entering information from a well-being visit. If you have recently had a wellbeing visit or have one coming up, this can count towards your “My Health” requirement. Qualifying visit types include Anthem LiveHealth Online, Anthem 24/7 Nurse Line, an in-network or out-of-network office visit, or Living Resources Program, Confidential Short-Term Counseling Services.

How do I earn the credit for 7/1/24 - 6/30/25?
Health Premium Credit Program requirements

Once I earn the premium credit how long do I have it?
The premium credit resets at the start of every fiscal year on July 1st. You will continue to receive the 5% premium discount for the entire fiscal year (July 1 - June 30).

Does the credit carry over from year to year?
No. The requirements must be met each and every (fiscal) year by the identified deadline.

Where can I find the Primary Care Provider (PCP) Resources Video and quiz?
The Primary Care Provider (PCP) Resources Video and quiz is located under the "PCP Resources Video" tab located within the WellStarME Health Credit section.

What is a Health Navigation appointment?
A Health Navigation appointment is an opportunity for you to have a one-on-one phone call with a trained wellness professional to discuss any health and wellness topics you have questions on or want to learn more about. Appointments are 15 minutes and will provide an opportunity for you to become connected to the many resources available to you through your benefits. Health Navigation appointments are about YOU, and therefore, the conversation is guided by your health and wellness needs.

How do I know if I have the credit now?
Take a look at your pay stub to see how much you have deducted for your health insurance. For full-time employees, you can then look at the Health Insurance Premium Rates and locate your salary category and coverage level.  The premium amount will be listed for employees with and without the credit.  Part-time employees can call Employee Health & Wellness to inquire (207)624-7380.

If I have the credit today but do not complete the new requirements for July 1, 2024, will I lose the credit?
Yes, the 5% credit will be removed effective July 1st. Your individual premium will be the base premium rate.

How much is the credit worth?
You will save 5% off of the individual health insurance premium. This could be a savings of over $500 per year for full-time employees who work year-round!

Is the amount of the credit reduced if my lab results are not within the normal limits?
No. Your lab results are considered your protected health information. These results have no impact on the amount of the premium credit received.

Is the amount of the credit reduced if I am a tobacco user?
No. We encourage members to utilize the various resources available to them at either low or no cost to help quit using tobacco. These resources can be found within the WellStarME Resource Hub under the Tobacco Cessation section.

Am I eligible for the health premium credit if I am covered under the State of Maine Health Plan as a retiree or as a retired teacher?
No. This program applies to active State of Maine active employees only. If you are unsure which plan you are in, please call Employee Health & Wellness at 1-800-422-4503.

I plan to drop my spouse/domestic partner from my health insurance during open enrollment; does he/she still need to complete the requirements in order to earn the credit?

I previously took a different Health Risk Assessment (HRA) (e.g. with Aetna or Anthem); is it required I take the other HRA again for the credit for July 1, 2024?
No. Taking any other HRA will not qualify you for the health credit. Only the stated requirements, which includes a Wellness Questionnaire at WellStarME, must be met for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2024.

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For a full list of WellStarME FAQ's visit the WellStarME website and click the "Support" button at the top right of the screen. For WellStarME technical problems, call (207)620-9202 or wellstar@mcd.org.

Does my spouse/domestic partner need to create their own WellStarME account?
Yes. Each account must have a unique e-mail address.

Where can I find my Anthem ID number?
The Anthem identification number is located on the front of your Anthem card under your name. It begins with "S6R"

My spouse/domestic partner has the same Anthem ID number as I do; can we both use the same number?

I plan to drop my spouse/domestic partner from my health insurance during open enrollment; does he/she still need to complete the requirements in WellStarME in order to earn the credit?

If I register for WellStarME and my spouse/domestic partner does not, will I receive any part of the credit?

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Medicare Advantage Plan

Who do I contact to request a new identification (“ID”) card?
You can order additional ID cards by either logging on to Aetna Navigator or by calling Aetna Member Services at 1-888-267-2637.

Do I need to choose a primary care doctor?
No.  Although managing your health care with a primary care doctor is encouraged, it is not required with this plan.

Do I need a referral to go see a specialist?
No. Referrals are not required with this plan.

When will I receive a bill for my monthly health insurance premium?
Most retirees will have their health insurance premium directly withheld from their MainePERS pension.  If your pension is not large enough to withhold the premium a bill will be mailed to you from Aetna on the 15th of each month.  You will then have 30 days to make your regular monthly premium payment.

I have received a medical bill from my hospital for services and I don’t understand why; who do I call?
Aetna Member Services at 1-888-267-2637.

I received an Explanation of Benefits from Aetna regarding a recent health claim, and I believe it is incorrect; who do I call?
Aetna Member Services at 1-888-267-2637.

I was charged a different copay for my prescription than I usually pay; how do I find out if I paid the correct amount?
Call Aetna Member Services at 1-888-267-2637.

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Living Resources Program

Who is eligible for the services under this program?
Employees, retirees and their household members of the following employers: the State of Maine, Maine Community College System, Maine Public Employees Retirement System ("MainePERS"), Finance Authority of Maine ("FAME"), Maine Maritime Academy and Maine Educational Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. (Note: Enrollment in the State of Maine health plan is not required to be eligible for these services.)

How many counseling visits am I eligible for?
Those listed above are eligible for a total of up to 5 counseling visits per calendar year.

I am an active State of Maine employee.  Can I use administrative leave ("admin leave") for my counseling visits?
Administrative leave is granted for up to 5 counseling visits per calendar year. Please note, admin leave is not available for services provided through the legal and financial programs.

Are services provided by the Living Resources Program confidential? 

How do I access programs and services?
You may contact the Living Resources Program at 1-844-207-LINK (5465).

I am interested in seeing a counselor through the Living Resources Program; how do I get started?  What is the process?
Just call 1-844-207-LINK (5465).  (The Program is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.)  A counselor will listen to your issue over the phone and then provide you with a referral to a licensed counselor in your community. 

Does this program have information online?
Yes, just go to GuidanceResources Online. First-time users will need to register.  The web ID is LivingME.  There you will find articles, tutorials, streaming videos, etc. on a wide variety of topics and issues.

I wish to see a counselor that isn't part of ComPsych's network of providers; how do I request that he or she be added?
You can direct the counselor to the Provider Resource Center at ComPsych's website. There they will find a Prospective Provider Interest Form to complete.

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AnchorRetired Fire Fighter & Law Enforcement Officer Program

(For County & Municipal Law Enforcement and Firefighter employees only)

Summary of the plan. Revised Summary 2023

What is the benefit offered by the law?
The law – Public Law Chapter 636 – provides retired county and municipal law enforcement officers and retired municipal firefighters with a premium subsidy for their individual health insurance coverage. The subsidy amount is equal to 45% of an index plan, which happens to be the best plan available through the Maine Municipal Employees Health Trust, in which many counties and municipalities already participate. Effective July 1, 2021, the subsidy will increase to 55%.

When must an active employee enroll?

An active employee should elect to enroll within 60 days of his/her date of hire.  There is a form that must be completed indicating whether you are enrolling or not.  This form is supplied to you by your employer upon being hired. As a new hire, you also have up to 5 years from your date of hire to apply for the subsidy program. Retro monies will be due back to your date of hire at a certain percentage. Going forward your contribution rate will be 1.5%. For more information, please contact your employer or the Office of Employee Health & Wellness.

What are the requirements to be eligible for the subsidy program at retirement?

  • An individual (employee or retiree) must be at least 50 years of age: and
  • Must be a county or municipal law enforcement officer or municipal firefighter or a retired county or municipal law enforcement officer or retired municipal firefighter (as defined by State Statue): and
  • Must be actively employed by the county or municipality, a plan participant in the employer's health insurance plan at the time of retirement: and
  • Is a participant in the employer-sponsored retirement plan, (e.g. Maine Public Employees Retirement System, another defined contribution retirement plan), Social Security does not qualify as an employer-sponsored retirement plan.

Once the individual retires, he/she must be eligible to receive or be receiving a retirement benefit from either MainePERS or another defined contribution retirement plan (not Social Security). If the individual retires after less than 25 years of creditable service as a law enforcement officer or firefighter, the benefit received must be at least 50% of their average final compensation, with no reduction for early retirement.  There are forms which must be completed at the time of retirement. 

When will the premium subsidy be effective?

The subsidy will be effective the first of the month following retirement.

What is considered a Defined Contribution Plan?

An employer-sponsored 401(k), 401(a), 403(b) and 457(b) are defined contribution plans.

As an employee enrolled in the program, do you have to continue contributing until you retire?

Yes, an active employee must continue to contribute while actively working until retirement in order to be eligible for the subsidy program.

Can plan participants withdraw from the subsidy program at any time?

Yes, withdrawal at any time is allowed.  However, as a result of withdrawing all money contributed will be forfeited. However, there are new hire and open enrollment provisions that may apply, please contact the Office of Employee Health & Wellness for more information.

What are the definitions of “law enforcement officer” and “firefighter”?

"County or municipal law enforcement officer" means a person who by virtue of employment by a county or municipal government in the State is vested by law with the power to make arrests for crimes or serve criminal process, whether that power extends to all crimes or is limited to specific crimes. "County or municipal law enforcement officer" does not include a state or federal law enforcement officer, an attorney prosecuting for a county or municipal government or a reserve officer.

"Municipal firefighter" means a person employed by a municipal fire department with the primary responsibility of aiding in the extinguishment of fires and includes a member of emergency medical services line personnel but does not include a member of a volunteer firefighter association. For the purposes of this paragraph, "emergency medical services line personnel" means persons who are career employees employed full-time by a public sector agency or employer and whose primary responsibility is to provide emergency medical services.

Who is not eligible for the subsidy program?

Volunteer or on-call firefighters and reserve law enforcement officers are not eligible for this program.

Under the law, the subsidy is not available for dependents or for retirees with “supplemental health insurance coverage”.  This means that retirees who have reached the age of 65 and/or on Medicare, including those who are provided with Companion Plan and Major health coverage through the Maine Municipal Employee Health Trust, are no longer eligible to receive the premium subsidy.

Can you use the subsidy for any health insurance plan you choose?

The subsidy is available for the participating Municipality's plan from which you retired.  Many towns and counties have group health insurance through the Maine Municipal Employee Health Trust.  The subsidy is only available for your coverage; it doesn’t extend to the cost of insuring your dependents. You remain in the same insurance plan option that your former employer is in – if that coverage changes, you must change, too. If you decide not to buy into the group plan when you retire, the rules of the Municipal Employees Health Trust prohibits you from enrolling at a later date.  Some local municipalities provide coverage through an insured commercial insurance plan.  The City of Bangor, for example, chooses to purchase coverage for its employees directly from Cigna.   

Law enforcement officers and firefighters retiring from towns purchasing coverage in this manner are also free to continue to buy into their former employer's group plans upon retirement if their towns allows them to do so and they are participating with the Subsidy Program. If you choose to do this, you will be eligible to receive a subsidy toward the cost of the monthly premium for your own coverage, up to the value of the subsidy for the best plan offered through the Maine Municipal Employees Health Trust Program. If the Town or Municipalities doesn’t offer retiree health insurance and you have continuously participated in the subsidy program, you are eligible to enroll in the State of Maine’s retiree health insurance and receive the 45% subsidy. Paperwork is required. Effective October 1, 2019, if as a retiree, you transfer your health insurance coverage to your spouse’s health insurance, the 45% subsidy can be applied towards the cost incurred for your portion of the health insurance coverage. 

I am a retired law enforcement officer, but I decided to purchase health insurance coverage on my own, rather than opting to buy into my former employer’s group plan. Can I still get the subsidy? 

No. The subsidy is only available for coverage through the county or municipal employer’s group plan in which you participated as an active employee or the State of Maine's retiree plan, if applicable.

What if my Municipality is not part of the Maine Municipal Employees Health Trust?

If your Municipality is not part of the Maine Municipality Employees Health Trust, the State of Maine’s Office of Employee Health & Wellness will work directly with your employer’s insurance carrier as long as you are enrolled with a participating municipality. If the municipality doesn't have retiree health insurance, then you are eligible to enroll in the State of Maine's retiree health insurance coverage. Please contact your employer or the Office of Employee Health & Wellness for more information.     

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AnchorNew Employees

What benefits programs am I eligible for as a State of Maine employee?
This presentation (PDF) reviews the menu of benefits. For more information about benefits, check out our 2022-2023 Benefits Guide or 2022-2023 Benefits Guide Video.  (Note: If you return to work for the State of Maine once retired, you will be eligible to enroll in the active employee health, dental and vision programs. Benefit elections must be made within 60 days of rehire. You will be eligible to enroll in the Flexible Spending Account and the MaineSaves 457(b) programs. Please contact The Office of Employee Health & Wellness at (207)624-7380 or 1-800-422-4503 if this applies to you. Please note, certain restrictions may apply under MainePERS. For more information, contact MainePERS at 1-800-451-9800 or visit www.MainePERS.org.)

How long do I have to decide which benefits I'd like to enroll in?
You have 60 days from your original date of hire to enroll in the health, dental, vision insurance plans as well as the flexible spending accounts.  Enrollment in the voluntary retirement savings plan (MaineSaves) is done monthly.

When does my insurance become effective?
Your insurance becomes effective the first of the month following one month of employment.  The effective date of coverage may be different for employees of the ancillary employers (e.g. Maine Community College System, MainePERS, etc.).

Are there any waiting periods for certain services on the insurance plans?
No. Once your coverage becomes effective you have access to all services provided.

Where can I find my Anthem PCP ID?
Log on to Anthem's website and select 'Find/rate a doctor.' Enter your doctor's information. The PCP ID is located under the doctor's name.

Who do I call if I have a question?
Your Benefit Specialist at Employee Health & Wellness can assist you with topics such as insurance premium deductions and enrollment questions. For questions regarding a particular plan's coverage and claims, please call the Member Services number located on the back of your plan's identification card.

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Gym Membership Reimbursement Program

How will COVID-19 affect the Gym Membership Reimbursement Program? 

As of April 1st, 2020, the Gym Membership Reimbursement Program was suspended until June 30th, 2020. You may submit reimbursement forms for the months of January, February and March but It may take more time to gather qualifying documentation for the Gym Membership Reimbursement Program. Many facilities have the ability to respond to requests for information through email. For the months of March and April we understand that many facilities allowed their members to put a hold on their membership or receive a prorated reimbursement. Please continue to check back to our COVID-19 Resource Page as we will continue share information/resources when they become available.

When will the Gym Reimbursement Program start back up?

The Gym Reimbursement Program will resume as of July 1st, 2020.

Would virtual fitness classes count towards the Gym Membership Reimbursement Program?

As of April 1st, 2020, the Gym Membership Reimbursement Program was suspended until June 30th, 2020. Due to COVID-19 closures, some gyms may have offered virtual classes in the last weeks of March. These visits may be counted towards gym reimbursement if the employee provides documentation from the facility. Documentation would include an email with the following information: fitness center name, address, phone number, date/time of virtual visits and employee name. Employees that require more time to gather their documentation for the Gym Membership Reimbursement Program should contact their agency's Human Resources/Payroll office.

Who qualifies for the Gym Membership Reimbursement Program?
State of Maine employees eligible for State-paid benefits.  That includes full-time, part-time, intermittent, seasonal, acting capacity and paid intern employees.  (Contract employees are not eligible.) Seasonal employees should contact their own agency’s Human Resources/Payroll office for more information. Note: Employment is required for reimbursement. 

Can I submit for reimbursement when I terminate my employment with the State during a quarter?
You must be employed during the submission period at the end of a quarter in order to submit for reimbursement for that quarter. For example, in order to receive reimbursement for July, August, and/or September, you must be employed at the time you submit for reimbursement between October 1 and October 15.  Note: termination of employment is not the same as going on seasonal leave. Seasonal employees should contact their agency HR/Payroll office for further instruction on submitting for reimbursement. 

Why do I have to go 8 times per month to qualify for gym reimbursement?
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggest regular exercise will help improve overall health while reducing the risk for many chronic diseases. Visit the CDC's website for specific physical activity guidelines.

How do I track visits to ensure I qualify for reimbursement?
You can use the Gym Attendance Verification sheet (MS-Word), an official tracking sheet signed by a gym employee that tracks each visit, or a gym-generated printout of attendance.  All employees must identify the gym, the employee name and the date of every gym visit.  If the gym document does not include the name of the gym and/or employee name, you may write that on the document.

I'm having surgery and will not be able to work out; can I get an exception to the 8 visits per month requirement?
In this new program, you only qualify for reimbursement for those months in which you meet the 8 visit minimum.  Failure to meet the 8 visit minimum does not disqualify you from receiving reimbursement for the other months in that quarter in which you did meet the 8-visit requirement.  Nor does it restrict you from applying for reimbursement in other quarters.

What happens if I do not meet the 8 visits per month requirement?
You do not qualify for reimbursement for that month.

Can I be reimbursed if I buy a family or 2-person gym membership?
Yes, however, the reimbursement is for the employee only.  The employee will be eligible for reimbursement at the individual reimbursement rate of up to $40 per month (not to exceed the total cost of the purchased membership). This program is only available to the State of Maine employees eligible for state-paid benefits; family members are not covered by the Gym Membership Reimbursement Program.  You will need to provide the cost of an individual membership to that gym on your Gym Membership Reimbursement Request Form (MS-Word)

I have another member of my household who is also a state employee.  If we buy a joint or family membership, can we both be reimbursed?
Yes.  If two State employees are on the same gym membership, the total of their combined reimbursement amounts shall not exceed the cost of the membership, the gym’s rate for 2 individual memberships, and the amount of the receipt submitted, up to $40 per month for each.  Each employee must complete their own Gym Membership Reimbursement Request Form (MS-Word) including information about the other state employee(s) in their household who share their membership. 

How do I show proof of payment?
Acceptable forms of proof include a copy of: a receipt from the gym; a canceled check; credit card statement; online purchase receipt.  All forms must include employee name, gym name, amount paid, and date paid.  You must submit proof to cover the quarter for which you are seeking reimbursement. This may require you to submit multiple receipts or the same receipt more than once.  Keep the originals or copies for your records.

Do I have to pay my gym membership fee monthly?
No. You can buy any type of membership you want and will need to indicate that on your Gym Membership Reimbursement Request Form (MS-Word).  You may need to submit the same receipt more than once.

Is my gym membership reimbursement taxed and how is it reimbursed?
The reimbursement is paid in your paycheck, and it is taxed as taxable income.  For more information regarding taxable fringe benefits see IRS Publication 15-B.

Who pays for my gym membership?
You are responsible for paying for your gym membership up front and are responsible for submitting reimbursement quarterly. 

Does the reimbursement cover the gym fees other than the membership?
No, you (the employee) will be responsible for any additional fees charged by the gym such as one-time joiner fees, processing fees, annual fees, class fees, etc.

Does the reimbursement cover the cost for sessions with a personal trainer, physical therapist or classes that have a cost in addition to the gym membership fee?
No. The reimbursement is only for the cost of your gym membership (up to $40 per month).

I occasionally travel and would like to use another gym (other than my primary gym); will this apply towards my 8 visits per month?
If your primary gym offers reciprocity that can be documented or you can properly document visits at another facility, these visits may qualify towards your 8 visit minimum. Gym membership reimbursement is based on your primary gym membership.  For more information or have questions contact Info.Wellness@maine.gov.

What happens if I change my primary gym during a quarter?
You may count all visits at either gym towards your 8 visit minimum.  You may only be reimbursed for the cost of one membership.  You will be reimbursed for the facility where you went for the majority of your visits. If your visits were split equally between the two gyms, you will be reimbursed for the new membership only.

Can I be reimbursed for two gyms?
No. You will only be reimbursed for your one primary gym.

What type of gyms qualify for this program?
A facility primarily focused on physical fitness, such as a YMCA, Planet Fitness, Cross Fit, etc. If you are uncertain if your gym qualifies, please seek confirmation prior to purchasing a membership.  E-mail Info.Wellness@maine.gov.

What types of facilities or memberships would not qualify for reimbursement from this program?
Some examples include yoga studios, martial arts classes, swimming pool membership, class-based facilities, by appointment only facilities, etc.

Who do I contact if I have questions about this Gym Membership Reimbursement Program?
Email Info.Wellness@maine.gov.

I would like to provide feedback regarding this program; who do I contact?
Your input is valuable and could lead to changes in the future. It was employee feedback regarding the prior program that led to the creation of this expanded reimbursement program. Representatives from each of the unions and management worked together to develop the requirements for this Gym Membership Reimbursement Program. You are welcome to provide feedback via e-mail to info.wellness@maine.gov. Please note that you may not receive a response to your input/comments, but feedback will be noted for future discussions.