The 2023 Health Premium Credit Program is live as of September 6th, 2022! By participating in the Health Premium Credit Program, active employee plan members receive a 5% discount on their individual health insurance premium starting with the 1st paycheck issued in July 2023. The deadline to meet the 2023 program requirements is 11:59pm on April 30th, 2023.

The requirements for both primary subscriber (e.g. State of Maine employee) and covered spouse/domestic partner are:

  1. Log on to WellStarME and
  2. Complete the Wellness Questionnaire on WellStarME and
  3. Watch the Preventative Health Resource video and take a short quiz on WellStarME (The first question will appear once the video has ended) and Complete one of the following "My Health" options: 
  • Get your numbers from a free-standing lab (Please Note: Your primary care provider must send a lab order to your preferred lab) OR get your numbers from your primary care provider
  • OR Receive a Flu Shot
  • OR Enter a Dental Visit
  • OR Enter a "My Well-Being" Visit
  • OR Participate in a Health Navigation Appointment  


Frequently Asked Questions

To learn more, please feel free to reach out to The Office of Employee Health and Wellness at or WellStarME at