Program Overview

(For County & Municipal employees only)

 Health Insurance Subsidy Program

For Retired Law Enforcement Officers and Firefighters


Public Law (LD 1674) has made changes to the existing law that established the Retired County and Municipal Law Enforcement Officers and Municipal Firefighters Health Insurance Subsidy Program.  It allows for an Open enrollment for current employees hired prior to 10/1/2019 that may not have enrolled in the program at their date of hire.  Retro monies would be due.  It also allows new employees hired after 10/1/2019 to be able to enroll within 60 days of their date of hire or up to 5 years from their date of hire with retro monies due.  Contact Employee Health & Benefits at 624-7380 for more information.

  This legislation provides for a subsidy (45%) towards health insurance premiums for retired municipal and county law enforcement officers and municipal firefighters who meet eligibility criteria established under the law.  The subsidy is applied to the premiums of the municipalities’ group health insurance plan in which the retiree is enrolled. The subsidy ends upon reaching age 65 or becoming eligible for Medicare.  The subsidy will be increasing to 55% effective July 1, 2021. If the municipality doesn’t have retiree health insurance available, then the State of Maine retiree health insurance will be made available to the retiree if they meet eligibility requirements.  Contact Employee Health and Benefits at 624-7682 for more information.


In order to be eligible for the health insurance subsidy premium at retirement an individual

(1) must be at least 50 years of age,

(2) enrolled in the Health Insurance Subsidy Premium Program and contributing

(3) Eligible for retiree medical coverage from their Municipality or be eligible for the State of Maine retiree insurance coverage

(4) be a participant in the employer-sponsored retirement plan (either the MainePERS or another defined contribution retirement plan other than Social Security).

Individuals must make contributions to a special fund established for this program.  Active firefighters and active law enforcement officers must make contributions and continue to participate until their time of retirement to be eligible for the subsidy.  Contributions are based upon the employee’s monthly gross compensation. 

The retired Count and Municipal law Enforcement and Municipal Firefighters Health Insurance Subsidy Program is administered by the State of Maine’s Division of Employee Health & Benefits.  Questions should be directed to the Division of Employee Health & Benefits at

1-800-422-4503 or 207-624-7380.

*Special provisions are in place for the City of Portland.  Please contact the Office of Employee Health & Benefits for more information.