Find a shooting range near you!

Are you brand new to shooting? Have a firearm you want to sight it in for hunting? Looking to try one of the various shooting sports? Need a place to shoot your bow?

There are several options for you to try out! MDIFW has two shooting facilities that are designed for a wide range of users, from the novice to highly experienced. These ranges are safe, family-friendly and we have a dedicated staff of Range Safety Officers that may be able to provide some advice if you need it. Summerhaven Range is located in Augusta and Fryeburg Range is located just outside of Fryeburg in the western mountains.

If you want to find a range closer to you, or you are looking to be part of a club, check out our Shooting Range Locator and look for a range that suites your needs. 

What's New

We are currently seeking volunteer Range Safety Officers. Learn more.

What can you expect at a shooting range?

All ranges differ, but most of ranges have some basic rules that guide users to what type of equipment and activities are allowed.  It is important to check out that ranges’ website or reach out directly before coming to a range and find out if there are specific rules or guidance.  Most ranges have a bench or platform for you to shoot from and will have designated distances or places where targets must be placed.  In most circumstances range users are expected to bring their own targets, ear and eye protection, and ammunition.   If you are just starting your journey into shooting, there are some ranges that rent firearms and have ammunition and targets for sale.  Whichever option you choose it is important to do some pre-planning and research the range before you head out.

Do you operate a local shooting range?

If you are a range operator or are looking for technical assistance, please contact MDIFW Shooting Range Coordinator Craig Gerry at or call 207-287-5212 or 207-446-4249.

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