Outdoor Ethics Course

Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife offers a remedial outdoor ethics course for those who receive a mandatory revocation of a hunting, fishing, trapping, or guide license. This also applies to the revocation of privileges of registering an ATV or snowmobile.

The course fee is $100.00. For more information about the outdoor ethics course, contact the Safety Office at (207) 287-5220.

Goals of the Outdoor Ethics Course

The goal of this course is to build trust and gain a better understanding of how ethics plays into the role of the outdoors person. There will be time spent discussing various scenarios and situations where we’ll break each down to explore decision making and considerations pertaining to ethics, laws, and safety concerns.

We often have guest speakers such as a game warden, biologist, department representative, or landowner to share their knowledge and perspectives. The course is designed to be an interactive workshop and we hope that you will leave with a new-found appreciation for all that goes into Maine’s conservation model. Maine is an amazing state with a diverse landscape in which to recreate. We hope that you will continue to be a steward of the outdoors and a positive role model for the next generation of hunters, fishing enthusiasts, trappers, and riders.

Enrolling in the Course

You must attend this course PRIOR to license re-instatement. Attempting to purchase a license without previously attending an ethics class is in violation of legally acquiring a license. (see below)

§10757. Fraudulently obtaining or possessing license, permit or registration

A person may not obtain or possess a paper or electronic license, permit or registration authorized in this Part through fraud, misstatement, or misrepresentation. A person who violates this section commits a Class E crime.  

The Recreational Safety Unit mails an information packet to everyone who has received a mandatory license revocation. This packet will include information on the course and will include further details on the home study materials and other information.

When a person decides that they are ready to take the course, they need to fill out the registration form and return it with the $100.00 payment. Once you are registered for a course, it is important that you let the office know if you will be unable to attend. No-shows may place your name on a stand-by list, as the goal is to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to register for the class that works best for them, and limited spaces are available at each session.

MDIFW is committed to helping those who need to meet this legal requirement. Help us help you by registering as quickly as possible for one of these courses. The sooner we can schedule you for your course, the sooner you will be on your way to regaining your license and registrations.

Upcoming Courses

Once you sign up, please contact the Recreational Safety Office at (207) 287-5220 to pay via credit card or make payment arrangements.

County Location Contact Date/Time Info
Cumberland Gray - Inland Fisheries & Wildlife Regional Office Steve Barr - (207) 446-4173 or Stephen.L.Barr@maine.gov for questions/information September 14, 9am-1pm

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