State Soft drink - Moxie

image of Moxie bottle

Moxie was designated as the official soft drink of the State of Maine in 2005, as signed into law by Gov. John Baldacci. The soda was created in 1884 by Maine native Dr. Augustin Thompson of Union, and is among the first sodas ever to be produced. Moxie has a unique taste that is both sweet and bitter, featuring gentian root extract, and was originally marketed as a medicinal “Moxie Nerve Food,” accompanied by claims to fix a variety of ailments. Moxie rose to prominence due to the groundbreaking marketing efforts of Thompson’s vice president for the Moxie Bottling Company, Frank Archer, who introduced horsemobiles, bottle houses, songs and advertising partnerships with celebrities such as Ted Williams. The drink still has a loyal fan base today, many of whom share their passion for Moxie and its associated memorabilia at the Moxie Festival in Lisbon Falls, Maine on the second weekend in July. The Moxie Museum is located in Union, in the Matthews Museum of Maine Heritage.

Image of the Moxie trademark