Fundraising Resources - Capital Campaigns

Unfortunately for libraries, money doesn't grow on trees. Even in good economic times, few libraries have all the resources they need or want to serve their communities. This page offers tools and help finding funding resources with a focus on capital campaigns.

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Capital Campaigns

Once you have done a feasibility study and it looks like there is support in your community for a library capital campaign, the committee needs to ask themselves these important questions below because the answers will be critical to the success or failure of this project:

Thinking about a Capital Campaign:

  • Do we want to raise less than a half a million dollars?
  • Do we have a clear vision of what we want to do and how we want to do it?
  • Do members of our organization have the skills to assess the giving potential for our project in the community?
  • Do we know who will lead us and are we confident that he/she can manage the campaign?
  • Can we train our volunteers to be highly effective solicitors?
  • Can we count on every member of the board to be committed to the project?
  • Can we recruit people to help is sell our vision to others in a way that will raise money?
  • Do we have the skills and resources within our organization to develop quality written materials to support our project?
  • Can we write and produce a persuasive, polished case statement?

When your capital committee takes the time and effort to answer these questions the real process of building ownership begins.

Resources to help with Capital Campaigns

Donor Brochure Samples

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