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  1. Anthoensen Press
  2. The Anthoensen Press of Portland, Maine was nationally renowned as a creator of fine books. In 1990, the State Library acquired the collection of Anthoensen Press library of retained copies of books and pamphlets printed by it between 1925 and 1988. The nearly complete collection is housed off site. To access the collection please contact the reference staff

  3. Aroostook Oral History - Recordings Made in 1971 and 1972
  4. In 1971 the Aroostook County libraries received a federal grant for the development of an oral history of the county. The project was completed in 1972 and resulted in over 100 audio cassettes, some in French and Swedish. The cultural life and history of Aroostook County are presented through personal reminiscences of senior citizens, folk songs, and folk tales. These tapes have been copied on to CDs which are available The index can be found in Digital Maine

  5. Avery Collection - Photographs and Resources collected by Myron Avery
  6. The Avery Collection is an outstanding collection of materials, gathered by the late Captain Myron H. Avery, relating to the Appalachian Trail, the Katahdin area and lumbering in northern Maine. The collection consists of paintings by George Hallowell along with pamphlets, slides, negatives and photographs covering the years 1876-1936. Among those contributing photographs to the collection were Fannie Hardy Eckstorm, Edward Draper, George Hallowell and the National Park Service. The collection also includes a large number of maps of the Katahdin and northern Maine area, and a chronological arrangement of Avery's correspondence. The Index to Articles, Books and Manuscripts in the Myron Avery Collection can be viewed online.

    Captain Myron Avery (1899-1952) was born in Lubec, Maine. He followed a career in the U.S. Navy, but his true avocation was the out-of-doors and mountain climbing. He was the first president of the Appalachian Trail Conference and an enthusiastic developer of the Appalachian Trail in Maine.

  7. Ballard Diary - The personal diary of an 18th century midwife
  8. Martha Ballard was a midwife who lived in Hallowell, Maine 1734/35 to 1812. She kept diaries throughout her life chronicling her work. These diaries became the basis for the book and film A Midwife?s Tale. Although the original handwritten diaries are extremely fragile and not available for public use, print and microfilm facsimiles can be viewed.

  9. Baxter Collection - Papers from Percival Baxter, Governor of Maine from 1921- 1925
  10. The Baxter Collection includes the personal papers, letters, and scrapbooks left to the Maine State Library by former Governor Percival Proctor Baxter (1876-1969). Subjects emphasized are Maine state government, conservation, and the history and development of Baxter State Park. The collection has its own special catalog as well as a printed guide that can be viewed online.

    Percival Proctor Baxter was the Governor of Maine (1921-1925), a conservationist, and a preserver of Maine?s mountains and forests through his gifts of the lands which now comprise Baxter State Park.

  11. Digital Maine
  12. The DigitalMaine Repository is a partnership of the Maine State Library, Maine State Archives and community institutions around the state. Together, we are committed to providing access to Maine history, ensuring transparency in government, and sharing the stories of the people and places of the Pine Tree State.

    As Maine's service hub for the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA), the DigitalMaine Repository is working to make digital collections from all Maine cultural institutions freely accessible to the world.

  13. Genealogy Resources available at MSL
  14. The State Library's Genealogy Collection spans a large geographical area. It emphasizes Maine, of course, but also provides coverage for New England and other northeastern states. In addition, the Library houses a growing collection of materials relating to Quebec Province and the Maritimes.

  15. Historic American Buildings Survey Drawings and Blueprints
  16. Collection of architectural drawings and blueprints of old houses and buildings from the Historic American Buildings Survey. Produced by a project of the Works Progress Administration from 1933-1937. An index of the material can be viewed online.

  17. Kennebec Journal Index - 1972-1994 Card Index
  18. From 1972 through 1994, the Library created an index to significant Maine news and obituaries in the Augusta newspaper, the Kennebec Journal. This card catalog index is available in the Library.

  19. Maine Author Collection - Books by Maine Writers
  20. The Maine Author Collection contains more than 10,000 volumes. Included is an outstanding representation of works, including those of Madame Sarah Wood (1759-1853), Maine's first woman novelist; the complete works of Jacob Abbott (1803-1879), a pioneer writer of books for children; the historical writings of Jacob's brother John S.C. Abbott (1805-1877), as well as the fiction of two prolific writers of stories for boys, Elijah Kellogg (1813-1901) and James Otis Kaler (1848-1912). Also included are the works of contemporary authors such as Stephen King and Carolyn Chute. Works in the collection may be found in the Catalog .

    The idea of a Maine Author Collection originated with Henry Dunnack, a former State Librarian, who in the 1920's began to collect the literary works of Maine authors. For the purpose of this collection, a Maine author is broadly defined to include not only Maine natives, but also those who have become Maine residents, part-time residents, and authors writing about Maine. A unique file of correspondence with many of the authors adds to the value and interest of the collection, as do inscriptions in many of the books. Correspondence related to the collection organized by individual author is in Digital Maine

    In addition, the State Library offers the Maine Writers Database.

  21. Maine In Print - Recent Maine Publications
  22. Published quarterly, Maine in print is an annotated selected bibliography of titles about Maine or by Maine authors.

  23. Maine Newspapers - Print and Microfilm
  24. The cities and towns of Maine are well-represented in the Maine State Library's collection of current newspapers. Prior years of the principal Maine newspapers are available on microfilm, including such important early newspapers as the Bangor Daily Whig and Courier (1836-1900); Eastern Argus (1803-1921); and Le Messager (1880-1968), a French newspaper published in Lewiston. The library also has originals of some older Maine newspapers. An inventory is housed in Digital Maine. The 1999 Maine Newspaper Project listing newspapers of Maine held across the state is also available.

  25. Maine Notable Individuals
  26. Maine Notables is an informational database of people with Maine connections who have gained fame or notoriety.

  27. Maine State Government Documents - Official Depository Collection
  28. The State Library is the official repository for State agency publications. See State Government Documents with the Government Publications Checklist.

    Digital versions of many state documents both contemproary and historical may be found in Digital Maine

  29. Maine Town Annual Reports
  30. In 1892 the State Librarian wrote to every town in Maine and requested a complete file of the town's financial reports. This was the beginning of an extensive collection maintained by the Library. Maine law now requires that reports be filed with the Library annually. The Library also has substantial holdings of city directories and a complete collection of Maine Registers dating back to 1820.

    Holdings for specific towns are listed in the Library Catalog Some Maine town reports are now online through Maine Town Reports Digital Pilot Project: in collaboration with Fogler Library, University of Maine. Town Reports in Digital Maine can be found by searching the subject town report

  31. Maine Vertical File - Clippings on Maine Topics
  32. In 1927, the Maine State Library started a clipping file of newspaper and magazine articles about Maine history, people and many other aspects of life in Maine. These clippings, along with pamphlets about Maine, are arranged by subject in the Maine Vertical File. There is also a set of scrapbooks on various Maine topics. Although the files themselves are not available electronically, there is an online finding aid which includes nearly half of the subects covered.

  33. Maine Writers
  34. The Maine Writers Index is a searchable database of writers with a relationship to the State of Maine. The connection may be birth, residency, employment or works that are set in Maine.

  35. Maine's Name - History of the State Name
  36. There continues to be much interest in the origin of the name of our state, a likely reason being the fact that there is no one, definitive answer.

  37. Manuscripts - Original Documents from Maine History
  38. The State Library has several hundred manuscripts, including Maine history, biography, personal papers, genealogies, and diaries. The majority of the manuscripts are listed in the library catalog. They may be examined in the library. The Library plans to digitize these manuscripts as time allows. Completed items will be housed in Digital Maine If you are interested in a specific document please contact the library to see if it can be digitized.

  39. Maps - State, Counties, Cities, Historic, Topographical and Contemporary
  40. The map collection includes state, county, city and town, regional, and special maps of Maine. Among these are an 1802 map of Maine by Osgood Carleton, the Moses Greenleaf (1777-1834) maps of Maine, maps of counties circa 1860, and a set of maps of the Northeastern Boundary controversy. Maps in the collection may be found in the library catalog. A digital repository of the maps is being created at Digital Maine

  41. Northeast Boundary Dispute
  42. The precise boundary line between Maine and New Brunswick remained a matter of often-heated argument for years after the close of the Revolutionary War. It culminated in the Bloodless Aroostook War of 1839 and the Webster-Ashburton Treaty

    The State Library maintains a collections of documents, maps, manuscripts and correspondence related to the controversy.

  43. Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps - Microfilm Collection of Historic Maps
  44. Daniel Alfred Sanborn, a surveyor from Somerville, Mass., began producing fire insurance maps in 1867. Eventually the company produced maps covering approximately 12,000 U.S. towns and cities. We are fortunate to have these detailed, diagrammatic maps of select towns and cities in Maine on microfilm, from 1878 up to the mid-1900s. Buildings are outlined with windows and doors, type of construction and purpose, street names, property boundaries and features, proximity to fire hydrants, etc. These maps are useful for historical research, particularly genealogy and urban planning. A more specific guide is available at the Reference Desk.

  45. Thomas Bird Mosher Publications - Complete Set of Publications 1894 to 1926
  46. From 1894 to 1926, the internationally known publisher Thomas Bird Mosher (1852-1923) of Portland collected and published poetry and prose selections representing little known masterpieces from world literature. The publications of the Mosher Press were distinguished by their fine quality imported paper, typography, and layout. The State Library has a complete set of the Mosher Series. The titles are listed in Thomas Bird Mosher: pirate prince of publishers by Philip R. Bishop.

  47. Vaughan Collection - Historic Medical Collection
  48. Approximately 250 medical texts from the collection of Dr. Benjamin Vaughan, who lived in Hallowell, Maine (1796-1835). English and American imprints (a few French) from the late 18th to early 19th centuries. Items are stored in off-site, but can be retrieved for use in the Library. A list of the titles is available