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Maine Library Jobs
Position Type Library Type Job Title Library Town Deadline
Non-MLS Public Library Associate (Grade 60) PT Special Collections Portland Public Library Portland February 22, 2019
Non-MLS Public Library Technical Assistant (Grade 59) PT Public Computing) Portland Public Library Portland February 22, 2019
Non-MLS Public Senior Library Assistant (Grade 59) Teen/PC Portland Public Library Portland Febraury 26, 2019
Non-MLS School Educational Technician III - Learning Commons Specialization MSAD # 75 Topsham Open until filled
Non-MLS Public Part-Time Library Assistant (20 hrs.) Louis T. Graves Memorial Public Library Kennebunkport February 28, 2019
Non-MLS Public Teen Services Coordinator Norway Memorial Library Norway Open until filled
MLS Preferred Public Youth Services Librarian Louis B. Goodall Memorial Library Sanford February 28, 2019
MLS Preferred Public Youth Services/Technology Librarian Winslow Public Library Winslow Open until filled
Non-MLS Public Saturday Lending Services Assistant Patten Free Bath March 1, 2019
Non-MLS Public Library Assistant, Part-time, Children's and Youth Services Durham (NH) Public Library Durham, New Hampshire Open until filled
MLS Public Children's Librarian Portland Public Library Portland Review begins on March 1, 2019
MLS Public Head of Reference Bangor Public Library Bangor Review begins February 18, 2019 and continues until closed by search committee
Non-MLS Public Library Director Stonington Public Library Stonington Search open until successful candidate found

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