Maine Library Advisory Council

The Purpose of the Council shall be to:
1. Communicate regional needs and opportunities for enhanced services and training
2. Represent the needs of Maine libraries to the Maine Library Commission and the Maine State Librarian and the Director of Library Development.
3. Provide a communications network between the Maine State Library, the Maine Library Commission and the libraries in each region

The Council shall be composed of 13 representatives, one from each region (9) - one of these nine representatives will be a member of the Maine Library Commission; one member who is a public library patron (1), plus three (3) At-Large representatives to ensure that the council reflects all Maine library types (public, school, academic and special).

Ex-Officio to the council will be the State Librarian, Director of Library Development, and MSL Regional Liaisons.

Representatives from ARRC libraries, Maine InfoNet, MLA, MASL, HSLIC, Trustees, and library patrons are invited to all meetings to ensure wide communication.

Council Members

Region Name Library Email Three year terms 
1 Lee Perkins Rice Public Library September 2023 - September 2026
2 Michael Dignan Paris Public Library September 2022 - September 2025
3 Brandon Dyer Auburn Public Library September 2022 - September 2024
4 Vacancy     Vacant
5 Michelle Dyer-Fagan Thompson Free Library September 2022 - September 2025
6 Sue McClintock Carver Memorial Library September 2022 - September 2025
7 Sarah Lesko Ellsworth Public Library

September 2022 - September 2025
8 Heidi Hinckley Peabody Memorial Library September 2022 - September 2024
9 Ann Morrison Spinney  Northern Maine Community College  Interim
At Large (maine Library Commission) Darby Kathleen Ray Bates College September 2022 - September 2026
At Large (Academic) Carin Dunay Southern Maine Community College September 2019 - September 2025
At Large - Schools(MASL) Beth Anderson Dyer Elementary School Appointed by MASL
To be selected Public Library Patron No nominees
MSL-Ex officio Lori Fisher Maine State Library
MSL-Ex officio Marijke Visser Maine State Library
MSL-Regional Liaisons
Region Name Email
1 Deb Clark Maine State Library -PPL
2 Kara Reiman Maine State Library -MSL
3 Jenna Blake Davis Maine State Library -MSL
4, 7 Jared Leadbetter Maine State Library -MSL
5 Chris Dorman Maine State Library -MSL
6 Jenny Melvin Maine State Library -BPL
8,9 Lisa Shaw Maine State Library -BPL

Maine Library Advisory Council By-Laws [PDF]

2020-2021 Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Report presented at the October 2, 2017 District Council meeting at MLA [PDF]

Working group members [PDF]