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The Maine State Library houses a unique collection of vertical files on Maine-related subjects; these folders and clipping books include not only newspaper clippings, but also magazine articles, pamphlets, and ephemera. The materials must be used at the State Library, and may be photocopied. Be prepared to wear gloves when using the files.

The amount of material in any particular file varies.  Some contain extensive material; others contain only one or two items.  You may contact the reference department to discuss the contents of any particular file.

This list is a work in progress. Less than half the files owned by the library are listed here. Expect changes to the content and format of this site as more data is added and edited.

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Numerous Maine Newspapers Clippings by Title
Title Subject Material Type Coverage Years Location Code
"As Maine Goes" Political Slogan Political Barometer, Dictionary Meaning Newspaper, Photocopy 1932 - VF
Abbe, James Photojournalist born in Alfred, Me 1883-1975 Newspaper 1936 BIO
Abbott, Bernice Photographer 1898-1991 resident of Monson, ME Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine BIO
Abbott, Jacob Maine Writer 1803-1879 Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1940-1961 BIO
Abloom in Maine Flowers, Gardening, J.H.Lovell Brochure, Newspaper 1928 - 1929 B1
Abromson, Linda & Joel Republican legislator representing District Twenty-Seven, and his wife from Portland Maine, 1938-2002 Newspaper 1995 BIO
Academies Schools, Seminary Newspaper, Photocopy 1928 - 1952 B2
Academies & Private Schools 1 Prep Schools, Land Grants, Oldest Private Academy Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy 1927 - 1976 VF
Academies & Private Schools 2 Financial, Prep Schools, Mergers, Parental Involvement, Skakel Trial, Maine School of Science and Mathematics, Brochure, Map, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1912 - VF
Acadia National Park 1 Legislation, Lafayette Park, Carriage Roads, Granite Bridges, George Buchnam Dorr Brochure, Map, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1929 - 1989 VF
Acadia National Park 2 Air Quality, Flora & Fauna, Services, Schoodic, Rockefeller Roads, Hiking, Biking, Annual Report Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1991 - VF
Acadians Settlement of Acadian, Culture Centers Newspaper, Magazine 1993 - VF
Achorn, Edgar Oakes Attorney, born in Newcastle Maine, 1859-1931 Newspaper 1931-1933 BIO
Actors, Compsers, Musicians, Poets, Singers, Writers - Newspaper, Photocopy 1925 - 1960 B3
Adams, Eustace Author from Saco Maine, 1891-1963 Newspaper 1938 BIO
Adams, Jonathan Edwards Reverend and missionary, 1822-1901 Newspaper 1933 BIO
Agrafiotis, Peter Maine writer and painter, 1947- Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy 1977-1978 BIO
Agriculture Cooperatives in Maine, Lumberman's Frontier, Lucie Carl, Albert S. Carlson, Pickles Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1920- VF
Agriculture 2 County Offices, Farming, Sustainable Agriculture, Organic, Genetic Engineering, MOFGA Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1992- VF
Airports - Newspaper, Photocopy 1934 - 1940 B4
Airports World War II Military Weather Station Newspaper, Photocopy 1940 - 1945 B5
Akers, Benjamin Paul Maine sculptor, 1825-1861 Brochure, Photocopy 1927-1966 BIO
Akers, Elizabeth Maine poet, 1832-1911, author of the poem Rock Me to Sleep Newspaper, Photocopy 1932-1946 BIO
Akers, Vivian Maine artist from Norway Maine, 1886-1966 Newspaper 1927-1966 BIO
Albee, Edward F. A central figure in the world of vaudeville, born in Machias Maine, 1857-1930 Newspaper 1928- BIO
Albee, Fred H. Surgeon best known for his contributions to bone grafting and rehabilitation medicine, born in Alna Maine, 1876-1945 Newspaper 1933-1999 BIO
Albion, Robert G. History professor and author from South Portland Maine, 1896-1983 Newspaper 1937-1964 BIO
Aldridge, Richard Poet, lived in Phippsburg Maine, 1930-1994 Newspaper, Photocopy 1972-1994 BIO
Alewives Damariscotta Mills, Sebasticook River, St. Croix River, Kennebec Turkeys, Orland's Alewife Fishery Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1944- VF
Alfond, Harold Maine Notable 1914 ? 2007 Business, philanthropist Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1994- BIO
Allagash Region Jobs, Lawsuit, Conservation, Schools, Michael A. Bond, Letters, Water Way, John's Bridge, Winter, Brochures Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1929 - VF
Allagash Region, Vol. 1 Cross Rock Dam, 101st Legislature bills LD 115 & 874, Maine Power Authority Newspaper, Photocopy 1960 - 1966 B6
Allagash Region, Vol. 2 Dickey Bill, Dickey-Lincoln School Hydroelectric Project Map, Newspaper, Photocopy 1959 - 1969 B7
Allen, Charles Edwin Dresden Maine historian Newspaper 1931 BIO
Allen, Edward C. Publisher, born in Manchester Maine, 1849-1925 Newspaper, Photocopy 1943-1999 BIO
Allen, Tom Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Maine's First District, in office 1997-2009 Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy 1992-2009 BIO
Alley, Major Ronald E. Army major from Bar Harbor Maine, convicted of wartime collaboration with the enemy while imprisoned in Korea Newspaper 1955-1959 BIO
Allinson, Anne Crosby Emery Scholar and first female dean of Pembroke College, the Women's College at Brown Univesity, born in Hancock Point Maine, 1871-1932 Photocopy 1929-1933 BIO
Ames, Adelbert Army general during the Civil War and Spanish-American War, from Rockport Maine, 1835-1933 Newspaper, Photocopy 1973-2011 BIO
Amish Smyrna, Community Growing Newspaper, Magazine 2002 - VF
Amons, Susan Maine artist Newspaper 2003 BIO
Amos, Diane Maine author Photocopy 2003 BIO
Amsbury Family One of Rockport Maine's first families Magazine 1981 BIO
Anderson, Dougal Artist, lived in Eastport Maine, 1854-1921 Photocopy 1930 BIO
Anderson, F. Whitehouse Soldier, teacher, policeman and mailman - BIO
Anderson, Hayden Recieved one of the first honorary degrees from the University of Maine at Farmington Photocopy 1972 BIO
Anderson, Hugh Maine's twelfth governor, 1801-1881 Magazine - BIO
Anderson, Leon Artist, lived in Whitefeld Maine Newspaper - BIO
Anderson, Patricia Wrote a book titled All of Us: Americans Talk About the Meaning of Death, features input from several Maine residents Newspaper 1996 BIO
Anderson, Richard E. Director of the Maine Audbon Society 1971-1977 Newspaper 1971 Bio
Anderson, Robert Radio DJ in Portland Maine, 1963-2003 Newspaper 2003 Bio
Anderson, Robert Army major, commander of Fort Preble in Maine between 1848-1853 1973 BIO
Anderson, Will Maine writer, resident of Bath Maine, 1940- Newspaper, Photocopy 1993-2010 BIO
Andrew, John Twenty-fifth governor of Massachusetts, from South Windham Maine, 1818-1867 Newspaper - BIO
Andrews, A. Carleton Maine novelist and poet Newspaper 1935 BIO
Andrews, Harold Taylor Soldier during WWI, from Portland Maine, 1893-1917 - BIO
Andrews, Nancy Maine artist Magazine 2007 BIO
Andrews, Ryan Maine writer Newspaper 2001 BIO
Andrews, Zephie Maine woods guide Newspaper 1947 BIO
Androscoggin County Vol. 2 - Newspaper, Photocopy 1930 - 1970 BC
Androscoggin County Vol. 1 - Newspaper, Photocopy 1938 - 1970 BC
Animals Small and Large Game Newspaper, Photocopy 1927 - 1948 B8
Animals (see also Wildlife) Mountain Lion, Donkeys, Humane Agents, Northern Woods, Nocturnal Animals, Bats, Wild Kingdom, Snapping Turtles, Animal Tracks, Gray Animal Farm, Llamas, Mount Desert, Sasquatch, Animal Shelter, Exotic Pets, Lynx, Pet Adoption Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1970 - VF
Animals Endangered Endangered Species Act, Mountain Lions Newspaper 1997 - VF
Animals Extinct Mammoth Tusk, Sea Mink, Maine State Museum, Great Auk Newspaper, Photocopy 1929 - VF
Animals Treatment Animal Abuse Law, Animal Welfare Reform, Maine Animal Coalition, Animal Activist, Shelters, Bill-LD 57, Euthanasia Law, Puppy Mill Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1973 - VF
Annance, Louis Chief of St. Francis Indian tribe in Quebec, resided in Maine, 1794-1875 Magazine - BIO
Anne, Lois Maine artist, from Rockland Maine Photocopy 2001 BIO
Ansel, Will Maine artist Brochure 2001-2003 Bio
Anstead, Alicia From Castine Maine, was awarded the Nieman Foundation's fellowship in arts and culture in 2007 Newspaper 2007 Bio
Anthony, Janice Maine artist Brochure 2004-2009 Bio
Anton, Christo Maine's first lottery director Newspaper 2001 BIO
Apollonio, Spencer Former director, commissioner and consultant to the New England Fisheries Management Council and the Maine Department of Marine Resources Newspaper 1993 BIO
Appalachain Trail Part 2 Mt. Katahdin, Hikers, Georgia, Saddleback, Extend Trail, Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1989 - VF
Appalachian Trail Part 1 Suspension Bridge, Lean-to, Mt. Bigelow, Saddleback, Wilson Falls, The Silver Aisle, Hiking, Chronicles, Meeting Minutes Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1921 - VF
Apples 1 Planting, Chick Orchards, Cider, Early Freeze, Migrant Workers, McIntosh Apples, Bulk Bins, Festivals, Apple Shipping, Insects, Pomolgical Society Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1953 - VF
Apples 2 Letter, Apple Annie, Blossom Time, Varieties, Crops Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1949 - VF
Appleton, Jesse Second president of Bowdoin College, 1772-1819 Newspaper 1972 BIO
Appleton, Samantha Maine photographer Newspaper 2012 BIO
Appleton, Samuel Boston merchant, gifted a bell to the Baptist Church in Appleton Maine in 1843, the town of Appleton was named after Nathaniel Appleton, a relative of Samuel Appleton Newspaper - BIO
Aquaculture Salmon Farms, Hatcheries, Legislator, Development Conference, Biological Laboratory, Moratorium, Lobster, Sea Farming, Marine Organisms Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1968 - VF
Archaeology Prehistoric Fish, Paleo-Indian, Digs, Casco Bay, Castine, Early American, Letter, Project Defence, Diving, Pemaquid, Wilson Museum, Fox Island, Mount Desert, Oxford County, Prehistoric Burial Places Brochure, Map, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1946 - VF
Architecture Schools, Outhouse, Library, Domes, David Kolb, Cottages, Homes, Doorways, Designs, Alternative, Letter, Samuel Melcher Brochure, Map, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1952 - VF
Architecture - Historic American Buildings Porteous Building, Wedding Cake House, Historic American Building Survey, Expedition Historical Society Newspaper, Photocopy 1937 - VF
Armories New Armory at Waterville Newspaper 1961 - VF
Arnold Trail Arnold Trail Markers, Arnold Trail Highway, Hallowell, Skowhegan, Arnold Expedition Historical Society Brochure, Map, Newspaper, Photocopy 1928 - VF
Arnold's Expedition to Quebec Historical Society, Charles J. Nichols, Frank A. Getchell, Personal Narratives, Bibliographies, March to Disaster, Dedication Paper, Canadians Film, AEQ-75, Poem Brochure, Map, Newspaper, Photocopy 1930 - VF
Arnold, Benedict Maine notable, 1741 - 1801 Politcal figure Photograph, Newspaper, Photocopy 1974- BIO
Art 1 Bowdoin Art Museum, Artist, Bates College, Art Exhibits, Colby College, Galleries Newspaper, Magazine 1962 - VF
Art 2 Art Center, Artist, Art Exhibits, Brush Strokes, Sculptor, Portraits Owned, Painted Before 1850, Awards, Galleries Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1936 - VF
Art Museum 1 The Commonwealth Assoc. Colony, Museum of Fine Arts, Farnsworth, Bowdoin college, Galleries, Portland Museum of Art, Colby College, Artist, Postcard, Maine Library Bulletin, Mall Show, Art School, Museum Director, Curator Photograph, Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1928 - VF
Art Museum 2 List of Museums, Restoring Architecture, Annual Reports, Colby College, Bates College, Portland Museum of Art, University of Maine, Bowdoin College, Ogunquit Museum Brochure, Map, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1991 - VF
Art Museums Art Festivals, Studios Newspaper, Photocopy 1937 - 1964 B9
Artist Art Museums Newspaper, Photocopy 1928 - 1963 B10
Artist (work of) 2 Artist, Grants & Funding Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1965 - VF
Artist (work of) 1 Artist, Alice Frost Lord, Postcard, Maine Library Bulletin Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1927 - VF
Arts and Sciences Knox Academy & Arboretum Academy, Museum Newspaper, Photocopy 1927 - 1956 B11
Audubon Society Referendum, Environmental Advocates, Nuclear Waste, Environmental Center Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1978 - VF
Augusta Cony Circle, Great Sidney Bog, 2007 Comprehensive Plan, Bridges, Developers, Fort Western, Jobs, Edgar Allen Beem, Libraries, Fire Department, Harrington, Preservation, Warehouse, Churches Brochure, Map, Newspaper, Photocopy 1946 - VF
Augusta - Buildings & Monuments Theater, Civic Center, Historial Homes, Churches, Cemeteries, Post Office, Fire Station, Businesses, Mills, Hospital, Education Center Brochure, Map, Newspaper, Photocopy 1937 - VF
Augusta - Education Bus Dispute, Richard Healy, St Augustine, St Michael, Closure Hodgkins & Hussey, Positions Cut Brochure, Newspaper 1951 - VF
Augusta - History Civil War, History Timeline, Water Street, Jane Howard, Centennial, Sesquicentennial, Bicentennial, Jonathan Ballard, Post Cards, Portland/Augusta Battle, Slavery, Edwards Dam & Mill, Island Park, Fredrick Douglas, 1800s, 1865 Fire, Mills, 1790s, Newspaper, Photocopy 1962 - VF
Augusta Civic Center Annual Report 1989, Chamber of Commerce, Fall Review 1974, Open House 1980, 10th Anniversary Brochure, Map, Newspaper 1976 VF
Augusta House Razing of, Legislative Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy 1939 - VF
Automobile Industry Dealers, Mobile Campers, Clean Car Stickers, Canadian used Cars, Chrysler Newspaper 1972 - VF
Automobiles The First, Solar & Electric, First Women, Top Sellers, Seat Belts, Auto Shows, Emission Testing, Collection of Cars, Toll Road, Hydroplaning, Legislative, Licenses, Blue Book, Auto Racing, Glenn Richmond, Vanity Plates, Car Pooling, Hybrid Car, Car Inspection Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1952 - VF
Avery, Myron Maine Notable, 1899 - 1952 Naturalist, Appalachian Trail pioneer Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1948- BIO
Aviation Air Taxi, Milliken Special, Flying Club, Harry M. Jones, Seymour Flew, Aerial Exploring, Caruso, Old Orchard Beach, Northeast Airlines, Air Fair, Portland Municipal Airport, Pemaquid Point, Aviation Dates, Trans-Canada, Planning Board Report 1934-1935 Brochure, Map, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1935 - VF
Bangor Mental Health Institute In-service Training, Close Hospital, Commissionor William Kearns, Jr., Funding, Patient Census, Wards, Gardening, Criminal-Pass Policy, Adult Education Program, Legislator Newspaper, Photocopy 1967 - VF
Bath Iron Works People, Ships Built, Shipbuilders Newspaper, Photocopy 1929 - 1942 B12
Bath Iron Works 1 Annual Report 1960 & 1962, Commercial Shipbuilding, Ships' Contract, Sen. Muskie, Stockholders, Expansion Program, Gov. Curtis, Artic Ice Breaker, Employment, Bids, Strike, Sen. Smith, Ship Launching, Women Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1965 - VF
Bath Iron Works 2 Bids, William Haggett, Defence Cuts, Union, Launching, Sen. Cohen, Military Police, Strike, Layoff, Accident, Lawsuit, Contracts Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1991 - VF
Bath Marine Museum Opening of, Wooden Boats, Sea Chanteys Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1974 - VF
Battlefields Revisited 103rd Field Artillery, T. Howard Kelly Newspaper, Photocopy 1930 - 1930 B13
Battleship Maine Crew Roster, Samual Carter,3rd, 260 Lives Lost, Silver Service, Proclamation, Havanna Harbor Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1947 - VF
Baxter State Park Percival P. Baxter, Fire, Hunters, Ranger(s), Fishing, Buzz Caverly, Connie Baxter, Mount Katahdin, Native America, Camping, Hiking, Skiing, Mott Brothers, L.D.565, Cabins, Pollution, Ponds,Peaks, Appalachian Trail, Forest, Director Brochure, Map, Newspaper, Photocopy 1965 - VF
Beaches Sand Beaches, Coastal Beaches, Department of Parks & Recreation, Hiking, Erosion, Lifeguards, Acadia National Park, Colonial Laws, Shoreline Treasures Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1928 - VF
Belgrade Lakes Mailboat, Great Pond, Ernest Thompson, On Golden Pond, Loon Calling Contest Brochure, Map, Newspaper, Magazine 1930- VF
Bingham Land, See also BIO William Bingham Land Deal Newspaper 1930 - VF
Biographies A - L Substantial articles on Maine residents Newspaper, Photocopy 1927 -1950 B14
Biographies M - Z Substantial articles on Maine residents Newspaper, Photocopy 1927 - 1950 B15
Bird - State Chickadee, Mrs. Carl E Kelly, 83rd Legislature, State Song Photograph, Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy 1926 - VF
Bird Lore - Maine Bird Watching, R. Manley Grindle Newspaper, Photocopy 1941 - 1942 B16
Bird Sanctuaries Bird Refuge, Stanton Bird Club, Waterfowl Preserve, Birdbath Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1937 - VF
Birds 1 Katahdin Region, Goose Nesting, Audubon Society, Species LIst, Housing & Feeders, Herbert K. Job, Howard L. Mendall, Acadia National Park Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1902 - VF
Birds 2 Merrymeeting Bay, Naturalists, Ann Fuller, John H. Mitchell, State Bird, Bird Watching, Hunters, Bird Seed, UMO Study, Bird Baths, Feeders, Winter, Lake Acidification, Songbirds, Biologists Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1966 - VF
Birds - Wild Bird Watching & Hunting Newspaper, Photocopy 1927 - 1941 B17
Blaine Bust Library Bulletin, Letter Brochure 1930 - VF
Blaine House 1 Holiday, Donations, Groundskeeper, History & Guide, Garden, Construction, Birthday of, Sea Captain's Home, Postcard Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1966 - VF
Blaine House 2 National Landmark, Library Bulletin, Historical Project, Blaine House Teas, First Lady, Number of Rooms, Postcard, Library, Letter Photograph, Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1929 - VF
Blaine Memorial Letter, Grave Newspaper, Photocopy 1922 - VF
Blueberries 1 Pesticides, Harvest, Parasite, Economy, Inez Grant, Factories, Booklist, Fact Sheet, Canning-Freezing, Netting, Fertilize Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1946 - VF
Blueberries 2 Crops, New Market, Pesticide, Burning, Global Appeal, Fact Sheets, Motorized, Health Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1963 - VF
Boatbuilding Hodgdon Yachts, Sailing Ships, Apprenticeshop, Wood, School, Employment, Shops, Captain Ed Ames, Fire, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1976 - VF
Boats and Boating 1 Pulling Boat, Chartering, Taxi Service, Lobsterboat Race, Outboard Hydraulic, Schooner, Boat Yards, Fiberglass, Women, Winjammers, Boycott Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1959 - VF
Boats and Boating 2 Sailing, Lobsterboat, Races, Historians, Alcohol, Boat Yards, Letter, Accidents Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1953 - VF
Boundaries Boader, Webster-Ashburton Treaty, North American DMZ, Engineers, Legislative Document 850, Border Patrol, Security, New Law Photograph, Map, Newspaper, Photocopy 1943 - VF
Boundary Post or Monument Downeast Road, St. Croix, Letter 1921 Newspaper 1921 - VF
Bowdoin - State Ship Voyage, Maine Maritime Academy Newspaper, Photocopy 1990 - VF
Bradbury Mountain State Park Ranger's History, Dr. & Mrs. Bowman, Hiking Brochure, Newspaper 1942 - VF
Bridge - 1949 Toll Augusta Newspaper, Photocopy 1949 B18
Bridges 1 Augusta, Postcard, Suspension, Fool Bridge, Bangor-Brewer, Construction, Portland Draw, International Bridge, Hallowell Bridge, Maine New Hampshire, York River, Chebeague Island, Lottery Funds, Toll Bridge Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1890 - VF
Bridges 2 Wire Bridge, Fire & Ice, Tolls, Cost, Load Limit, Bypass, Construction, Timber Technology Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1961 - VF
Bridges 3 Inspections, Dedications, Postcard, Deer Isle, Bypass, Construction, Restoring, Million Dollar Bridge, Financing, Ceremonies, Gateway Bridge, Fencing Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1932 - VF
Bridges - Highway Construction Newspaper, Photocopy 1928 - 1940 B19
Bridges, Covered 1 Library Bulletin, Letters, List Of, Poetry, Kenduskeag Newspaper, Photocopy 1936 - VF
Bridges, Covered 2 Bangor, Preservation, Legislators, Restoration, Fire Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy 1960 - VF
Business 1 Train, Gift Shop, Pioneers, Scents, SCORE, Fuller Brush, Insurance, Avionics, Inn, Stocking, Gov. John McKernan, Strikers, Printers, Markets, Cards, Pawn Shops, Knitwear Newspaper, Photocopy 1960 - VF
Business 2 Christmas, Video-rental, Credit Card, Stocks, Gov. John McKernan, Stores & Shops, Textile, Bakeries Newspaper, Photocopy 1996 - VF
Business 3 Maine Times, Gov. John McKernan, Trade Exchange, Work Placement, Resession, Sunday Telegram Business Section, Drugstore, Gov. King Newspaper, Photocopy 1992 - VF
Business 4 Business in Maine, Sunday Telegram Business Newspaper, Photocopy 1992 - VF
Calumet Club Augusta Presidents, Letter, 40th Year, 50th Year, Open House, $1 Million, Le Festival, Hightest Honor Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy 1948 - VF
Camden Hills State Park Hiking Newspaper, Magazine 1994 - VF
Camps & Camping (By Name) A - L Silver Lake, Gardner Lake, Camp CaPella, Chewonki, Eastern Music Camp, Camp Fessenden, Pine Tree Camp, Belgrade Camp, Camp Bearnstow, Audubon Camp, Beaver Pond, Camp Solo, Camp Main STAY, Camp Susan Curtis, Wassanki Springs, Bear Pond, Camp Kieve, Elliott P Joslin, Katahdin, Camp Jorden, Eagle Hill, Echo Lake, A.M.C. Camp, King & Bartlett, Camp Caribou, camp Kippewa, Children's Camp List, Maine Fiddle, Agassiz Village, Hermitage Camps, Ka-Ve Brochure, Map, Newspaper 1930 - VF
Camps & Camping (By Name) M - Z Sunset Pass, Maine Golf & Tennis Academy, Camp Tanglewood, Camp Wyonegonic, Camp Tall Pines, Camp Wayaka, YMCA Camp, Camp Menatoma, Isabe Currier, Packard's Camp, Snow Campings, Camp Manitou, Seed of Peace, New England Music Camp, Cobb's Camp, Pine Island, Camp Runoia, Rangeley Camps, Camp Mecuwana, MainSTAY, Maine-Matagamon, Wilderness Base, Camp Neofa, Camp Mitigwa, SJCT Camp, Camp Meeting, Family Y's Blazing Trail, Wild Goose, Wassookeag Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy 1944 - VF
Canada & Maine Tourism Corridor, Business, olf Orchard Beach, Grand Pre, Peace Step, Gov. Kenneth M. Curtis, Money, Seal Island, Strike, Shopping, Gov. Angus King, Maritimes, Border, Citizenship Technology, Economy Towns, Partership, Bridge, Boarder Station, Gov. Baldacci Brochure, Map, Newspaper, Photocopy 1931 - VF
Canals Sprague's Journal, Cumberland & Oxford, Kennebec 1825-1832, Telos, Knox, Ice-breaking, Lewiston, Norridgewock-Bond Brook, Georges River, Songo Lock, Portland & Long Lake Map, Newspaper, Photocopy 1922 - VF
Canoes & Canoeing Letter, Old Town Canoe, Canoemakers, Trips, Allagash, Washington County, Collections, Races, Indian Birch Bark, Bog Trotting, Waterfowl, Hunters, Buying, Tidewater, Pete Macridis & Tim Black Brochure, Map, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1895 - VF
Capital Punishment Death Sentence, Clifton Harris, 19th Cenury, Homicides 1860-1954, Fifteenth Legislature 1835, State Prison Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1835 - VF
Capitol 1 History, Design, Renovations & Map, Deed, Women, Song Book, Legislature Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1827 - VF
Capitol 2 Charles Bulfinch, Tourist, Jim Henderson, 100th Anniversary, Guide Girls, Renovation, Security, State Museum, Historic Site Photograph, Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy 1852 - VF
Capitol - Parks & Grounds Deed Abstract, Frederick Law Olmsted, Draft of Plan, Trees, Parking Project, Capital Park, Arbor Day, Higgins-Grove Memorial, Burial Ground, Emiliano Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy 1931 - VF
Capitol - Plans History, Furniture, Architect's Plans, Charles Bulfinch Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy 1930 - box
Capitol - Portraits, Paintings, Ect. Restoring, Collection List, Correspondence of Ownership, Catalog of Portraits Newspaper, Photocopy 1929 - VF
Capitol - State House Office Building & Other Buildings Report of Commission 1911, Referendum Question 102nd Legislature, Proclamation, Funds, Press Kit, Buildings, Fossils Photograph, Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy 1932 - VF
Capitol - Statue on the Dome W. Clark Noble Newspaper, Photocopy 1927 - VF
Caribou (Animal) Description, Candian Imports, Maine Caribou Project, Law, Katahdin Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1963 - VF
Carlton Bridge Cost, Bridge Shows Age, History Newspaper, Magazine 1927 - VF
Carson, Rachel [Maine Writer]( Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1962- BIO
CCC Camps Civilian Conservation Corp Newspaper, Photocopy 1934 - 1941 B20
Central Maine Power Company 1 Steam Station, Century of Service 1899-1999, Dirty Power Souces, Ratepayers, $18 Million Undertaking, Projects, Power Purchases, Richard Silkman, Utility Regulators, Private-power Pacts, Collect Fees, Inflation, Sears Island, Culf Island, Educational Aid, Wyman Station, Computer Center, Outage Brochure, Map, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1962 - VF
Central Maine Power Company 2 Electicity Rates, Grid Upgrade, Stockholders, Qualtiy Service, CMP Sale, David Flanagan, Carbon Diozide, Emmissions, 100 years, Money, Cut and Spray Policy, Tax, Flagstaff Land, Linework, Copper, Storms Map, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1976 - VF
Children's Home Grants, Mission Work, Letter, Opportunity Farm, Townlist Newspaper 1999 - VF
Children's Summer Recreation Playgrounds, Camping, Campgrounds, Newspaper, Photocopy 1940 - 1956 B21
Churches 1 Old South Church, Church Shopping, Chestnut Street Baptist, Blue Hill Congregational & First Baptist, Pownalborough-Episcopal, Buckfield, Bangor First Christian, Marshfield Congregational, Booklist, Churches, Dr. Kenyon L. Butterfield, Boothbay Harbor, Cathedral, Lewiston, Lisbon Falls, Otisfield, East Wintrop, Freeport, Moose River, Meetinghouses, St, Patricks, Old German Church, Postcard, Livermore Falls, Bruswick, Yarmouth Brochure, Map, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1894 - VF
Churches 2 St. Peter & Paul, Fires, Portland, Volunteers, Seafaring Minister, Faith, Women Bishop, Latin, Thomaston,Mechanic Falls, Preservation, Lee, Meeting House, Inquiry, Christmas Fairs, First Radio Parish Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1927 - VF
Churches A - E - Newspaper, Photocopy 1930 - 1968 B22
Churches F - M - Newspaper, Photocopy 1937 - 1968 B23
Churches N - Z - Newspaper, Photocopy 1930 - 1968 B24
Cities Downtown Dying, Roy A. Whitcomb, Jr., Nicknames, Clean Award, Pegional Marking Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1968 - VF
Cities & Towns Maps, Plantations, Districts Map B25
Climate Earth Warming, Temperatures, Changing, Drought Patterns, Greenhouse Effect, Impact, CO2 Effect, Paul Mayewski, Mosquito Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1933 - VF
Clothing Industry Clean Clothes Campaign, Distinctly Different, Hathaway Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 2000 - VF
Clubs Seamen's Club, Federation of Music Clubs, China Club, Women's Club, White Mountain Club, Portland Club, Alpine Club, Federation of Business & Professional, Three-Quarter Century Club, Libon Lobster Club, Rockland Golf Club, Weary Club, Letter, Kiwanis, Wickyup Club, Natural History Club, Saltiest Club, Lion's, Outdoor Adventure, YWCA, Liars Club, Community Mothers Club, 1918 Club, Augusta Area List of Clubs 1970, Cunner Club, Shorthand Pen Pal, Cecillis Club, Social Clubs, Riverside Neighborhood Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1933 - VF
Coast Guide - Newspaper, Photocopy 1930 - 1947 B26
Coast of Maine 1 Costal Management, Sprague's Journal, Industry, East Coast, Hearings, Save the Coast, Surf, State Planning Director, Glaciers, Northeat Wetlands, Rock Walking, Coastal Courier, Samual Eliot Morison, Development Moratorium Plan, Radar Station, booklist, Gov. Curtis, Flotilla 103, Cutler Hydrographic Survey Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy 1958 - VF
Coast of Maine 2 Landsides, Grants, Development, Dunes, Housing Crunch, Colonization, Bays, Working Coast, Industry, Preservation, Book, Planning Program, Coastline, Donald MacMillan, National Geographic, Atlantic Coast Brochure, Map, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1985 - VF
Coin, State Pemaquid, Ruined Image, Coin Design Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1998 - VF
Colcord, Lincoln Maine Writer 1883-1947 Composer Stein song Photograph, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1922- BIO
Colcord, Roswell K Political figure 1839-1939 Newspaper, Photocopy 1939- BIO
Cole, Charles O Artist 1817-1858 Newspaper 1927- BIO
Cole, John Maine Writer 1923 - 2003 Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1973- BIO
Cole, Warren Child abuse Newspaper, Photocopy 1992- BIO
Coleman, Loren Maine Writer 1947- Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1985- BIO
College Libraries Fogler Library, Bates College, Bowdoin College, Colby College, MVTI, Westbrook College, Robert B. Stone, Mainesasa Collection, Kellogg Collection, Special Collections, Ricker Library Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1965 - VF
Colleges Including Junior Colleges Newspaper, Photocopy 1924 - 1947 B27
Colleges (By Name) Individual Files of Maine Colleges Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1930 - VF
Colleges (General) Colby, Bates, Bowdoin, Maine Maritime, University of Maine, Portland School of Law, Mid-State, KVCC, Abenaki, College Bound '98, Outreach Program, Private Colleges, Donald R. McNeil, Student Aid, Tuition, Pamela MacBraye, Budget, Two Year Colleges, Chatholic Colleges, Commuter College, Teacher's College, On-line College, HEP Report, Legislation Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1961 - VF
Colleges Medical College of Physicians, Regional Medical Program, Maine Medic School Newspaper 1970 - VF
Colleges Normal Schools Washington State, Legislature, Maine Teacher Newspaper 1930 - VF
Collins, Susan Political figure Maine Notable 1952- Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1994- BIO
Colson, Everett A Political Figure Ethiopia 1887-1937 Newspaper, Photocopy 1935- BIO
Colwell, Miriam Maine Writer 1917- Newspaper, Magazine 1945- BIO
Comfort Magazine William H. Gannett, Letter Newspaper, Photocopy 1894 - VF
Conkling, Mabel Artist Sculpture 1871-1966 Newspaper, Photocopy 1931- BIO
Connaway, Jay Artist 1893-1970 Photocopy, Magazine 1965- BIO
Conservation 1 River Association, Youth Corps, Northeast Harbor Developers, Lobbyist, Nature Conservancy, Coast Guard Base, John C. Malley, KV Conservation, River Plan, Farm Ponds, Education Programs, DDT Insecticide, White Pine Weevil, Wildlife Restoration, Horace A. Hildreth, Jr., Southern Maine Project Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1939 - VF
Conservation 2 Nature Conservancy, Birds Disappearing, Damariscotta River Association, Ecology Bill of Rights, Sulo Tani, Diseased Fish, Pine Tree Conservation School, Salt Marshes, Laws, West Branch Project, Land Protection, Leavitt Plantation, Kennebec Highland, Tumbledown Mountain, Plum Creek, Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1961 - VF
Constitution Letter, Amendments, Dates of Conventions Brochure, Newspaper 1969 - VF
Cony High School New Cony, Virtual Classes, Accreditation, Cony High Extra, Land Sale, Razing Cony, Hannaford, Lawsiut, Flatiron Map, Newspaper, Photocopy 1961 - VF
Corporations Irving, Lobbying, Portland Harbor, Industrial Kingpins, Hannaford, EnvisioNet Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1968 - VF
Cost of Living Cost More or Less, Livable Wage Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1993 - VF
Cotton Mills Yarmouth, 1938 Cotton Mills Newspaper, Photocopy 1940 - VF
Counties History, Abolish, Uniform Standards, Origin Map, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1920 - VF
Courts Maine District, Reorganization, Earlier Eras, Cameras, Supreme Court, Court Equipment, Federal Budget, Gov. Curtis, County Attorney, Legislature, Miranda Rights, Women, Russians Observe, Jury Duty, Ankle Bracelet, Online, Court Reporters Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1927 - VF
Coyotes Suburbs, Killing, Legislature, Coy-dog, Foxes, Controlling, Hunting, Game Warden, Acadia, Coyote Thesis, Eastern Coyote Map, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1950 - VF
Crabs Horseshoe Crab, European Green Crab Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy 1976 - VF
Cranberries Market, Cherryfield Foods, Organic, Harvest, Washington County, Wetlands Newspaper, Photocopy 1968 - VF
Crime & Criminals 1 Sex Offenders, Lowest Rate, Identity Theft, Hate Crimes, Violence, Hunger Strike, Robbery, Murder, Overcrowding, Unjustly Jailed, Conspiracy, Law Student, DNA Database, Drug Dealers, Missing, Hospice House, Abandonment, Forensic Artist, Bar Association, Escapees, Stalking Law, School Bomb Threats, Legislature, Online Registry Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1906 - VF
Crime & Criminals 2 Home Invasions, Drug Trafficking, Hate Crimes Newspaper, Photocopy 2008 - VF
Cumberland County Vol. 2 - Newspaper, Photocopy 1935 - 1971 BC
Cumberland County Vol. 1 - Newspaper, Photocopy 1922 - 1968 BC
Dams 1 Activists, Fish Passages, Dam Removal, Building Dams, Tragedies, Hydro Development,Ancient Dam, Great Northern, Future of, Dam Hearings, Power, Relicensing, Kennebec Development, Salmon, Fishing, Legal Issues, Preservation, Map, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1927 - VF
Dams 2 Removal, Abenakis, Fishery, Activists, River Revival, Great Northern, License, Power, River Restoration Project, Map, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1996 - VF
Deer Hunting, Deer Meat, Deer Farming, Hunters, Snow, Deer Population, Deer Herd, Season Cut, Poachers, Culling, Wasting Disease, Map, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1941 - VF
Democratic Party Gov. Joseph Brennan, Candidates, New Leadership 1994, State Primary, Dickey-Lincoln, Vote for Pease, Platform & Rules 1984, Unite, Security, Legislative Seats, Newsletters Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1929 - VF
Desert Desert of Maine Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1925 - 1937 B28
Desert of Maine Sand Farm, History Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy 1934 - VF
Dickey-Lincoln School Dam Project Funds, Senator Muskie, Benefits, Audubon Society, Economic Impact, Environmental Quality Act, Rep. Willaim D. Hathaway, Power Authority Act, Fact Sheet, Map, Newspaper, Photocopy 1971 - VF
Disaster Gardiner, Augusta, The "Don", Federal Emergency Management Agency, Maine Mall, Medical Disasters, Homeland Security, Flu Pandemic, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1975 - VF
Domestic Violence Victims, Workplace, T-shirt, Court Order, New Law, Newspaper, Photocopy 2002 - VF
Doughnuts Recycling, Dunkers' Convention, Doughnut Hole Cutter Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1941 - VF
Down East Definitions & Examples Excerpts from Photocopy 1957 - VF
Eagles Survey, Newsletters, Survival, Audubon Society, Shooting, Nesting, Dioxin Contamination, Reproduce, Feeding, Eagle Recovery Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1968 - VF
Economic Conditions Economy, Indicators, Job Growth, Outlook, Maine Center for Women, Work and Community Annual Report, Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1977- VF
Economic Development Directory of Maine Economists, Department of Economic and Community Development, Job Bond, Department of Development of Industry & Commerce Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy 1956- VF
Economic Development 2 Institute for a Strong Maine Economy, Local Growth Limit, Pine Tree Zone Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1975- VF
Economic History The Great Depression, Mainely Facts, Office of Economic Opportunity, Maine Development Association Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1918- VF
Education 1 Tuition, Budget Cuts, Renewal, New Law, Study Groups, Freesom-Waterhouse Campus, Commissioner, Dang Xuan Khai, Creative Play, Illiteracy, Reorganization, Reform, Open Classroom, Mainstreaming, Minority, Textbook, Truancy, Nutrition Education, Superintendents Newspaper, Photocopy 1969 - VF
Education 2 Upgrading of Schools, High School, Drop-outs, John L. Easton, Jr., Sex Ed, Gov. Horace Hildreth, Warren G. Hill, PTA, Diplomas, Curriculum, School Year, Accountability, Maine Vets, Parochial, Maine Insight, Cadet Teacher Newspaper, Photocopy 1943 - VF
Education 3 Tracking, MEA, SAT, Classrooms Overflowing, Home Schooling, Gender Gap, Funds, Cutbacks, Learning Results, Vouchers, All-Day K, No Child Left, Learning-Disabled, Akiko Saito, Gardiner-Hyde Newspaper, Photocopy 1992 - VF
Education 4 Molding Children, Linking Schools/Workplace, Top Students, Gender, MEA, SAT, Guidelines, School Reform, Learning Results, Year-round School, Fund-raisers, Insight, Restructuring, Consolidation, Virtual Classes, Subsidy Checks Newspaper, Photocopy 1991 - VF
Education - Consolidation Local Control, District Plan, Educators Challenge, heavy, Legislators, Hearings, Cost, Assets, Laptop Plan, Susan Gendron, Sinclair Act, Transportation Bill, Newspaper, Photocopy 1956 - VF
Education - History Education Directory 1964-65, Nine O'Clock Scholar, Maine Lyceum, Brunswick First Maine Nursery School, Province of Maine Teaching, Educational Facts 1934, Lewiston Domestic Science 1910, The Schoolmaster of Bagaduce, Century of Teacher Education in New England, State School Bulletin 1938, Chautauqua, Century Old Maine Schoolbooks, 150 Years of Education in Maine Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy 1914- VF
Education - School Adinistrative District Sinclair Law, Reorganization 57-63, Consolidation, Guide for Municipalities 1963, Assessment Project Brochure, Newspaper, Magazine 1956 - VF
Education- Finance School Funding, MELMAC, School Budgets, College Financial Aid, State Aid, Governor's Advisory Committee on Education, Maine School Statistics 1964 & 1965 Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy 1964- VF
Educators - Newspaper, Photocopy 1927 - 1941 B29
Election - Candidates 2000- Jane Amero, Tom Allen,Jonathan Carter, Bond Issues 2002, John Baldacci, Michael Michaud, Kevin Raye, Susan Collins, Chellie Pingree, Ralph Nader, Brian Hamel, Charlie Summers, John Kerry, George W. Bush, Patricia Lamarche, Chris Miller, Jean Hay Bright, Chandler Woodcock, David Emery, Philip Morris NaPier, Barbara Merrill, Darlene Curley, Dexter Kamilewicz, L. Scott D'Amboise, Olympia Snowe, Bill Slavick, John Edwards, Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, John McCain, Michael Brennan, Dean Scontras, John Frary, Steve Meister, Ethan Strimling, Adam Cote, Mark Lawrence, Tom Ledue Newspaper, Photocopy 2000- VF
Emblems Floral, Bird, Tartan, State Dog Brochure, Newspaper, Magazine 1929 - VF
Employment Unemployed Workers Fund, Temporary Employment, Moonlighting, CETA, Summer Job Market, Record Maine Civilian Work Force 1967, Emergency Employment Act, Maine State Federation of Labor, Teenager/Child Labor Laws, PINECAP, Manpower Training, Management Training, Consultation, Manufacturing Wages, Home Labor, Telecommuting Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy 1968- VF
Employment 2 The Teacher Explosion, Women, Work and Maine, Maine Employment Patterns 1950-91, Native Sons & Daughters Program, Maine Economic Growth Council, Portsmouth Shipyard, Internship, Worker's Comp Newspaper, Photocopy 1958- VF
Employment 3 Call Center Industry, Life After Layoff, Social Skills, State of Disparity, Employment Trends in Maine 1992, Central Maine Power CMP layoff 1994, Unemployment Compensation Record High 1958, Reference Checks, National Workplace Study Ranking 2005, Central Maine Works, State Jobless Rate Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1958- VF
Endangered & Threatened Species Blanding's Turtle, Lady's Slippers, Black Gum Tree, Northern Right Whale, Wood Turtle, Golden Eagle, List of Endangered Species 1993-94 & 1997-98, Harlequin Duck, Furbish Lousewort, Bald Eagle, Piping Plover, Wildlife Protection, Lynx Debate, Sandbar Willow, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1979- VF
Energy Gasification Plant, Exporter, Plants, Carbon Tax, Wood, Environmental Impact, Policy, Alternative, LNG Port, Blackouts, Businesses, Technology, Athens Mill, Underground Energy, Lobstermen, Winter Aid Newspaper, Photocopy 1973 - VF
Energy Conservation Insulation Costs, Oil, John Rowe, Pratt & Whitney, Green, Directory 1981, Environmentally Friendly, Incentives, Conference Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1978 - VF
Environment Testing Lab, Toxic Metals, Plants & Animals, Wetlands, Fisheries, Earth Day, Ecological Station, North Woods, Regulations, Greenwash, Daily Waste, Globel Warming, Septic Systems, Supreme Court, Edmund S. Muskie Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1970 - VF
Exports Foreign Markets for Maine products, Global Challenge, John McKernan, Bath Iron Works, Maine Poultry Federation, GATT, NAFTA, Coalition of Service Industries, Angus King, Governor's Advisory Council on International Trade, John Baldacci Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1972- VF
Fairs Agricultural Fairs Newspaper, Photocopy 1937 - 1956 B30
Farming, Fur Trade, Trapping - Newspaper, Photocopy 1927 - 1947 B45
Farms Salt Water Marsh Hay Stables, Broadacres, Grange Herald, FHA, Cedar Grove Farming, Back-to-the-Land, One-Man Farm, Sod Farm, Aroostook Harvest, Old Family Farms in Maine, Maine Farm Project, Hydroponics, Saltwater Farm, Chickens, Turkeys, Cattle, Farmland, Sharecropping, Farm Problems, Kelmscott Farms, Open Farm Day, Belted Galloways, Tomatoes, Alpacas, Farm Day Camp, Maine Farmer, Maine Farmland Trust Farmlink Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1936- VF
Farms & Farming White Animal Farm, Farm Apprentice Program, Family Farming, Backyard Farming, Early Methods of Farming, Haymaking, Farm Operations, Salt Marsh Haying, Winthrop Goat Farm Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1939- VF
Farms 2 Urban Farmer, Winter Bounty, Rare Livestock, Maine Farmland Trust, Entertainment Farming, Western Maine Farm Fund, Northern Aroostook Homesteaders, Maine Fiber Frolic, Organic Farming, Historic Farms, Hog Farm Regulation, Tourism, Libra Foundation, Tide Mill Organic Farm, Rutabagas, Backyard Beauty, Maine Harvest Day, Community Supported Agriculture, Fuel Costs and Farming, Farmer's Markets, Highmoor Farm Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1993- VF
Farms- Dairy Milk War, Holstein Production Record 1968, Milk Dumping, Dairy Industry, One of Nation's Top Dairy Areas 1961, Decline of Dairy Farming, Family Dairy Farms, Oakhurst Dairy, Maine Relief Milker System, Disappearance of Dairy Farms, Northeast Dairy Compact, Milk Tax, Monsanto Lawsuit, Veterinarian Shortage, Northeast Interstate Dairy Compact, Milk Prices, Maine Micro-Dairy Cooperative, Maine Cheese Guild, Roaming Cows, Distinguished Dairy Cattle Breeder Award Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1953- VF
Ferries - Newspaper, Photocopy 1928 - 1960 B31
Firemen & Firemen's Musters - Newspaper, Photocopy 1922 - 1948 B32
Fish Hatcheries - Newspaper, Photocopy 1931 - 1943 B33
Fish House - Uncle Dave's - Newspaper, Photocopy 1966 - 1967 B41
Fisheries - Ground Fish, Vol. 1 - Newspaper, Photocopy 1930 - 1947 B34
Fisheries - Ground Fish, Vol. 2 - Newspaper, Photocopy 1931 - 1943 B35
Fisheries - Ground Fish, Vol. 3 - Newspaper, Photocopy 1928 - 1948 B36
Fisheries - Industrial Products - Newspaper, Photocopy 1927 - 1950 B37
Fisheries - Sardines - Newspaper, Photocopy 1934 - 1950 B38
Fisheries - Shellfish, Vol. 1 - Newspaper, Photocopy 1930 - 1950 B39
Fisheries Shellfish, Vol. 2 - Newspaper, Photocopy 1928 - 1948 B40
Flag - State Bulletin, David Martucci Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy 1937 - VF
Floods - Eastern Maine, Vol. 1 Eastern Maine Newspaper, Photocopy 1927 - 1940 B42
Floods - Western Maine, Vol. 2 Western Maine Newspaper, Photocopy 1927 - 1936 B43
Food Processing Industries - Newspaper, Photocopy 1927 - 1966 B44
Franklin County - Newspaper, Photocopy 1928 - 1969 BC
Granite Industry - Newspaper, Photocopy 1930 - 1950 B46
Hancock County - Newspaper, Photocopy 1928 - 1970 BC
Handcrafts, Vol. 1 Quilts, Rugs, Silversmiths, Dolls, Toys, Instruments, Weaving, Woodcarving Newspaper, Photocopy 1930 - 1964 B47
Handcrafts, Vol. 2 Pottery, Ceramics, Wood, Ironwork, Models, General Items Newspaper, Photocopy 1928 - 1971 B48
Handweaving - Newspaper, Photocopy 1928 - 1950 B49
Hartley, Marsden Maine Notable 1877 ? 1943 Artist Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1944- BIO
Hawthorne, Nathaniel Maine Notable, Maine Writer 1804 ? 1864 Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1932- BIO
Historic Maine Houses Vol. 1 Intro, Listed by Towns A - B Newspaper, Photocopy 1927 - 1970 B50
Historic Maine Houses Vol. 2 C - H Newspaper, Photocopy 1931 - 1970 B51
Historic Maine Houses Vol. 3 K - Po Newspaper, Photocopy 1931 - 1968 B52
Historic Maine Houses Vol. 4 Po - Su Newspaper, Photocopy 1945 - 1970 B53
Historic Maine Houses Vol. 5 Sw - Y & misc articles Newspaper, Photocopy 1928 - 1964 B54
Hoffman, Leslie Artist Newspaper, Magazine 1990 BIO
Holman, Abigail Legislator 1962-2007 Newspaper 1993- BIO
Holmes, John Senator 1773-1843 Photograph, Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1947- BIO
Holmquist, Brita Artist Brochure, Newspaper 1990- BIO
Homer, Winslow Artist, Maine Notable, 1836 - 1910 Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1931- BIO
Homes - Maine Estates Newspaper, Photocopy 1932 - 1950 B55
Hooper, John Poet 1905- Newspaper 1931- BIO
Hoose, Phillip Maine Writer 1947- Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1999- BIO
Hopkins, Eric Artist 1951- Brochure, Newspaper, Magazine 1994- BIO
Hospitals - Newspaper, Photocopy 1956 - 1962 B56
Inventors - Newspaper, Photocopy 1927 - 1981 B60
Islands A - G Newspaper, Photocopy 1929 - 1965 B61
Islands H - M Newspaper, Photocopy 1927 - 1965 B62
Islands O - Z Newspaper, Photocopy 1927 - 1967 B63
Katahdin 1 Finding Help, Trails, Emmie B. Whitney, 88th Legislature, Walter Prichard Eaton, Sprague's Journal, Missing Searches, Governor Baxter, Climbing, Public Park, Postcard Brochure, Map, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1918 - VF
Katahdin 2 Artist, Sporting Camps, Hiking, Trails Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1997 - VF
Katahdin - Ascents Rescue Effort, Climbing Newspaper, Photocopy 1923 - VF
Katahdin - Iron Works Restoring, Allied Chemical Corp., Sara Green, Letters Newspaper, Magazine 1844 - VF
Katahdin - State Park Gov. Baxter, Congressional Record, Baxter State Park Newspaper, Magazine 1918 - VF
Katahdin Bibliography Myron Avery Brochure, Photocopy, Magazine 1920-1940 VF
Kennebec County Trew Plan Newspaper, Photocopy 1761 - 1975 BC
Knox County Poetry, Maine Library Bulletin Newspaper, Photocopy 1896 - 1972 BC
Lakes - Newspaper, Photocopy 1927 - 1944 B64
Lime Industry - Newspaper, Photocopy 1851 - 1950 B66
Lincoln County - Newspaper, Photocopy 1920 - 1975 BC
Lobsters 1 Bill Foster, Production & Imports, Festivals, Tagging, J.L. Rogers, Vanishing, Lobstermen, Boundaries, Dredging, Traps, Lobster Bill, Prices Brochure, Newspaper 1913 - VF
Lobsters 2 Business, Exhibits, Lobstermen, Saltwater Farm, Festival, Mating, Tagging, Scientists, Blue Lobster, Industry, Dead River Co., Prices, Bait, Piracy, Lew Dietz Newspaper, Magazine 1936 - VF
Lobsters 3 Clambake, Recipes, Lobster Harvest, Stalking, Overfished, Traps, Dredge, Feud, Festival, Industry, Prices, Frozen Lobster, Lobstermen vs Fishermen Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1954 - VF
Lovell, John Harvey Naturalist and Author, Waldoboro 1860-1939 Newspaper 1928- BIO
Lowell, Edith Author, Portland 1862-1902 Newspaper 1931 BIO
Lowell, Mary C Doctor, lawyer and historian Dover Foxcroft, 1853-1949 Newspaper 1941- BIO
Lumbering - Newspaper, Photocopy 1920 - 1950 B67
Maine - General 1 Delegation, Pictures, Jane & Michael Stern, Elinor Stevens Walker, Snowshoe Troop, Peanuts Trade, Acadia, Clean America, Sen. Muskie, The Sacred Yankee, Economics, Films, Nicholas Dean, New England Mag., Lumber Camps Photograph, Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1895 - VF
Maine - General 2 History, Films, William S. Ellis, Name Usage, Letter, Pathfinders, Pictures Photograph, Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1942 - VF
Maine - General 3 Outpost, Best of, Islands, Warren, Kessler, History, Living Here, 25 Things, Pollution Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1937 - VF
Maine Manners & Customs (old) - Newspaper, Photocopy 1931 - 1945 B68
Manufacturing Industry Vol. 1 B - G - Barrels - Glass Newspaper, Photocopy 1927 - 1963 B69
Manufacturing Industry Vol. 2 H - Z Hosiery - Vinegar Newspaper, Photocopy 1926 - 1966 B70
Maritime Academy - Newspaper, Photocopy 1941 - 1958 B71
Maritime History Book List, Ships, Loren E. Haskell, Kennebec, Preservation, Richmond Island, Wars, Winterport, Raider, Families, North-West Passage, West Point, Bath, Museum Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1932 - VF
Maritime History - Bath Dirigo, Iron Works, List of Ships, Letter, Accidents, Annual Reports, Richard B. Noble, John Paul Heffernan, William R. Donnell, Loren E. Haskell Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1918 - VF
Maritime History - Belfast History of Navigation Newspaper 1929 - VF
Maritime History - Bibliography Maine Library Bulletin 1931 - VF
Maritime History - Blue Hill Ship - Building 1798-1891 1935 - VF
Maritime History - Boothbay James P. Stevens, Jr., East Boothbay Newspaper, Magazine 1967 - VF
Maritime History - Casco Bay Clipper Ships Newspaper, Photocopy 1930 - VF
Maritime History - Clippers Ship Building 1833-1858 Newspaper 1937 - VF
Maritime History - Lightships Sophia, "74" Newspaper 1936 - VF
Maritime History - Lincoln Vessels 1937 - VF
Maritime History - Logs & Letters Mrs. Annie Hill, Chinese Ports Newspaper 1928 - VF
Maritime History - Narratives Rockland Boy, Eastport Girl, Capt. Omar J. Humphrey, E.M. Blanding, Christmas Wreak Newspaper 1930 - VF
Maritime History - Naval History Nuclear Sub, Flying Dutchman Newspaper 1955 - VF
Maritime History - Penobscot Bay Castine, Letter Newspaper 1967 - VF
Maritime History - Phippsburg Ada Miott Haggett Magazine 1966 - VF
Maritime History - Privateers Dash Magazine - VF
Maritime History - Rockland Ship's List, Letter, Robert C. Snow, Richard B. Noble Newspaper, Magazine 1936 - VF
Maritime History - Searsport Shipyards, Children Born, Ships & Captains 1834-1906 Map, Newspaper 1906 - VF
Maritime History - Ship Models Fisher Craft, Hobbyist Newspaper, Magazine 1933 - VF
Maritime History - Shipbuilders Georgia, J.J. Wardwell Newspaper, Magazine 1904 - VF
Maritime History - Ships Merchant Marine Project, Palmer Fleet, Data, Red Jacket Newspaper 1933 - VF
Maritime History - Ships List of Ships, Letter Photograph 1904 - VF
Maritime History - Shipwrecks Annie C. Maguire, Ballad, Letter, Meryie B. Crowley, Hanover Newspaper, Magazine 1935 - VF
Maritime History - Steamboats Rapidan, City of Bangor, Cambridge Newspaper 1939 - VF
Maritime History - Thomaston Sea Captains, Ships Built 1848-1869, Ships 1787-1865, Norman W. Drinkwater, Jr. Newspaper, Magazine 1936 - VF
Maritime History - Washington County & Environs Ship's Built 1939 - VF
Maritime History - WWI Period Shipbuilding & Where - VF
Maritime History - York Ships Built, Shipmasters Newspaper 1937 - VF
McCloskey, Robert Maine Notable, Maine Writer 1914 ? 2003 Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1965- BIO
Mental Hospitals Augusta, Bangor, Togus Newspaper, Photocopy 1935 - 1961 B72
Military History - Aroostook War 1812 Fred Humiston, Book List, Cannon Newspaper, Magazine 1965 - VF
Military History - Civil War 1861-1865 1 Book List, Re-enactment, War Memorials, Tacony Affair, Diary, Civil War Widows, Muster Rolls, Joh J. Pullen, Cannons, Stone Fleet, 5th Regiment, Gen. Saggett, 27th Regiment, Commanders, Flags Map, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1938 - VF
Military History - Civil War 1861-1865 2 Widows, Postcard, Civil War Ladies, Bowdion Alumnus, 27th Regiment, Roster of Honor, Chamberlain, Portland Harbor, Richard Hebert, Book List Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1863 - VF
Military History - French & Indian War Lovewell's Fight Magazine 1975 - VF
Military History - General Info Korean War Vets, Maine at War, Limestone, 103rd Co. E., Union Hall, War Casualties. Desert Storm, King Philip's, Camp Keyes, Soldiers-Dead Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1863 - VF
Military History - Iraq 1 Company C, Soldier-Died, 133rd Co., Suicide Bomb, Home Life, Refugee Village, 152nd Co., Convoy, Iraq Vets, 94th Military Police, Oppose War, Medals, Snowe Newspaper, Photocopy 2003 - VF
Military History - Iraq 2 Collins, Military Constactor, Solders-Died, Returning Soldiers, 619th Co. Newspaper, Photocopy 2008 - VF
Military History - Kuwait Veterans, Welcome Home, Food, Mainer Killed, Families Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1991 - VF
Military History - Mexican War 1846-1848 3rd Cavalry, Franklin Pierce Newspaper 1920 - VF
Military History - Revolutionary War Penobscot Bay, Operation Fiasco, Re-enactments, Machias, Anne Molloy, Torrey A. Sylvester, Saratogo, Richard Bell, War Veterans, Ships, York Soldiers, Castine, B. Arnold, Burning of Falmouth Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1929 - VF
Military History - Spanish American War Splended Little War, Remember the Maine Photocopy, Magazine 1979 - VF
Military History - Vietnam War Peace Marchers, Rally, Saigon, Sanctuary for Scientist, Draft, Vets, Prisoners' Newspaper, Photocopy 1967 - VF
Military History - War of 1812 Saturday Cove, Norwood Cove, Squire Prince's Fort, Graves, Cannon, Princetown Prison Newspaper, Magazine 1961 - VF
Military History - WWI 1917-1918 Pearl Harbor, Tires, Rationing, Aviator, Elizabeth Armstrong Low, Veterans, Federal Fuel, 103rd Infantry Unit, French Cemeteries, Employed in Manufacturing Newspaper, Photocopy 1929 - VF
Military History - WWII 1940-1945 V-E Day, War Agencies, Nazi Spy, Normandy, 89th Legislature, WACS, German Submarine, Medal of Honor, Soldiers that Died, 103rd Infantry, Kennebunk Roaster, Atomic Bomb, Barges, POW, Military Bases Map, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1942 - VF
Military Installations & Bases 1 Radar Base, Winter Harbor, Loring, Cutler, Dow Air Force Base, Presque Isle Air Force Base Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1958 - VF
Military Installations & Bases 2 Loring, Cutler Station, Chilcothians (WAC's), Topsham Base, Dow Air Base, Snark Missile, Pease Air Force Base Map, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1946 - VF
Minerals & Mines - Newspaper, Photocopy 1918 - 1966 B73
Mountains Including a list of mountains, Explorers Newspaper, Photocopy 1927 - 1968 B74
Museums - Newspaper, Photocopy 1920 - 1962 B75
Music in Maine Libraries Maine Composers - B76
Music Schools - Newspaper, Photocopy 1927 - 1952 B77
Names - Geographical Liberty Trail, Townships, Names & Former Names Brochure, Photocopy, Magazine 1911 - VF
Names - Geographical - Name of Maine Who Named Maine, The Colonial Society 1908-1909 Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1923 - VF
National Youth Administration Job Training, New Deal Agencies Newspaper, Photocopy 1936 - 1944 B80
Native Americans 1 Sovereignty, Letter, Culture, Invisible, Sixty-ninth Annual Meeting, Register 1911/12, Gov. Curtis, Indians of Maine, Penobscot Reservation, Algonquin, Abenaki,Convention Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy 1907 - VF
Native Americans 2 Jobs, Frank G. Speck, European Contacts, Government, Census, Resources Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy 1965 - VF
Native Americans 3 Work, Ferry, Eastern Seaboard, National Indian Assoc., Indian Island, New Wealth, Great Falls, Citizenship, Revolution, Chiefs Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy 1887 - VF
Native Americans 4 USM Workshop, Housing, 1980 Indian Land Claims, Bibliography of Material, Casino, Cultural Site Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy 1979 - VF
Native Americans - Antiquities Wm. Brown & Earl Weston, Warren, Cumberland County, Pottery, Red Paint People, Old Point, Aziscohos Newspaper, Photocopy 1933 - VF
Native Americans - Archaeology Indian Remains, Campsite, Shell Heaps, Aborigine, Burial Ground, Village, Frenchman Bay, Picture Rocks Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1920 - VF
Native Americans - Aroostook Letter 1940 - VF
Native Americans - Bibliography Red Paint, Book List, Archaeological, Bulletin, Indian Movement Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1918 - VF
Native Americans - Biographies Old Town, Princess, Famous Indians, Metallak, Congress Seat, Bunny McBride Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1937 - VF
Native Americans - Customs Abbe Museum, Red Road, Dance Newspaper, Magazine 1958 - VF
Native Americans - Education Penobscot Tribe, School Closing, Tuition, Advisory Committee, Buildings, Day Care, Bermuda North Project, Vista Project, Denise Altvater, Bulletin Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1967 - VF
Native Americans - Employment Job Training, Dangerous Job, Newspaper, Photocopy 1970 - VF
Native Americans - Food Horticulture, Material Life, Food Newspaper, Magazine 1940 - VF
Native Americans - Handcrafts Passamaquoddy, Basket-making, Weaving, Mary Mitchell Gabriel, Bulletin Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1970 - VF
Native Americans - History York County, AAUW, Tobacco Shop Sign, Androscoggin, Red Paint People, Sprague's Journal, Indian Raid, Laws, Dawn People, Woodland Indians, Book List Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1880 - VF
Native Americans - Inscriptions 10th Annual Report 1888/89, Carvings, Letter Newspaper 1888 - VF
Native Americans - Kennebec Bashaba, Cobbosseecontee Newspaper 1937 - VF
Native Americans - Lands Great Northern Paper, L.D.2037, Legislaative Record, Agreement, Settlement, Court, Federal, Litigation, Treaties, Tribal Court Map, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1977 - VF
Native Americans - Language 1 Abenaki, Books, Journal 1968 - VF
Native Americans - Language 2 Passamaquoddy, Saving Language, Unpublished Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 2000 - VF
Native Americans - Legends Mt. Katahdin, White Blossom, Poem, Mt. Kineo, Father Rasle, Robert P. Tristram Coffin, St. Aspenquid Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1929 - VF
Native Americans - Maliseet Federal Recognition, 13th Algonquian Conference Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1981 - VF
Native Americans - Medicine Health Survey, Eastern Maine Medical, Bulletin, Natural Healing Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1964 - VF
Native Americans - Micmac Legislation, Basket-making, Loring Water, Leader, Federal Housing, Employment Laws Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1986 - VF
Native Americans - Monuments & Memorials Deering Oaks, Letters Newspaper 1973 - VF
Native Americans - Music Letters, Song, Native Chants, Drum Newspaper 1929 - VF
Native Americans - Pageants Letter, Ceremonial, Peace Pipe Newspaper 1931 - VF
Native Americans - Passamaquoddy 1 History, Living Conditions, Travel-Pageants, Waterways, Factory, Murder, Methodist, Tidal Project, Legislative Research 1941-1942, Indian Bureau Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1921 - VF
Native Americans - Passamaquoddy 2 Dance, Homes, Business, Tidal Project, Loggers, Agent, Communication, Ancient Treaties Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1892 - VF
Native Americans - Passamaquoddy 3 Economic Development 1973, Computers, Trust Fund, Gordon Island, Casino, LNG, Carvings, Tribal Leader Newspaper, Photocopy 1973 - VF
Native Americans - Penobscot 1 Barry Dana, Indians Live, History, Conference 1988, History, Preserving, Laws 1796, Tribal Assets Newspaper, Photocopy 1882 - VF
Native Americans - Penobscot 2 John Banks, Barry Dana, Wayne Mitchell, Indian Island, History, Heroes, Leaders, Church, New Bridge, Removal of Children Newspaper, Photocopy 1938 - VF
Native Americans - Place Names Towns Rivers, Lakes, Mountains, Bulletin Map, Newspaper, Photocopy 1920 - VF
Native Americans - Red Paint Artifacts List, History, Bulletin Newspaper, Photocopy 1955 - VF
Native Americans - Relics - Newspaper, Photocopy 1928 - 1948 B57
Native Americans - Trails Letter, Water Trail Map, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1924 - VF
Native Americans - Treaties Survey, List of Documents, Thomas Pownal Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1920 - VF
Native Americans - Tribes Algonquin Nation, Town Register 1907, American Ethnology 1925-1926, Paris, Maine Map, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1880 - VF
Native Americans - Vol. 2 Few recipes Newspaper, Photocopy 1927 - 1970 B59
Native Americans - Vol. 1 - Newspaper, Photocopy 1928 - 1965 B58
Native Americans - Wabanaki Basket, Dance, History, Northern Lights Photocopy, Magazine 1960 - VF
Neal, John Maine Writer 1793 - 1876 Brochure, Newspaper, Magazine 1920- BIO
Nearing, Helen Maine Writer 1904 - 1995 Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1972 - BIO
Nearing, Scott Maine Writer 1883 - 1983 Brochure, Newspaper, Magazine 1972- BIO
Nelligan, Emily Artist 1925- Brochure, Newspaper 2000- BIO
Nelson, Charles P Member of Congress 1907-1962 Newspaper 1946- BIO
Nelson, James L. Maine Writer 1962- Newspaper, Magazine 2000- BIO
Nelson, John E Political figure 1874-1955 Newspaper, Magazine 1931- BIO
Nelson, Judd A Actor 1959- Newspaper 1987- BIO
Nelson, Judd A Actor 1959- Newspaper 1987- BIO
Newspapers - Newspaper, Photocopy 1932 - 1949 B78
Normal Schools Colleges Newspaper, Photocopy 1929 - 1939 B79
Oddities - Newspaper, Photocopy 1930 - 1940 B81
Ogilvie, Elisabeth M Maine Notable, Maine Writer, 1917 ? 2006 Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1951- BIO
Oxford County - Newspaper, Photocopy 1928 - 1970 BC
Paper & Pulp 1 Paper Mills, Paper Industry, Manufacturing, Great Northern Paper Company, Richard A. Hebert, St. Regis, Senator Muskie, Trucking, Georgia-Pacific, Firms 1860-1900, Work Horses, Glenn Richmond Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1926 - VF
Paper & Pulp 2 Great Northern Paper, Bowater Inc., Dard Hunter, Recycling, Dioxin, University of Maine, Mummy Wrapping, Paper Mills, Paper Industry, Manufacturing, Strike, Ralph H. McKee, Allagash, Ralph Nader Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1962 - VF
Paper & Pulp 3 Manufacturing, Jobs, Mills, Disputes, Dioxin, Chlorine-free Paper, Albert Dunlap, Waste Paper, University of Maine Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1902 - VF
Parks - Newspaper, Photocopy 1928 - 1950 B82
Passamaquoddy Tidal Power Project Chronology of project Newspaper, Photocopy 1928 - 1937 B83
Peat - Newspaper, Photocopy 1937 - 1943 B84
Pemaquid Lighthouse, Winter, Fishing, Excavations, Restoration, Attack, Pictures Brochure, Map, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1920 - VF
Penobscot County - Newspaper, Photocopy 1929 - 1972 BC
Pineland Program Initiated, Legislature, Massive Evacuation, Volunteers, SAD 15, School, Daycare, Inadequate Pay Raise, Research, Sexual Promiscuity, Training Center, Children's Hospital Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1950 - VF
Pirates Memories, Stories Newspaper, Photocopy 1932 - 1940 B85
Piscataquis County - Newspaper, Photocopy 1904 - 1961 BC
Plant Marvels J. H. Lovell Newspaper, Photocopy 1931 - 1932 B86
Pollution Vol. 1 General articles to Androscoggin River Newspaper, Photocopy 1953 - 1970 B87
Pollution Vol. 2 Androscoggin to Worthly Brook Newspaper, Photocopy 1964 - 1970 B88
Porgy Fish - Newspaper, Photocopy 1938 - 1940 B89
Portland Cement Co. Books 1 to 4 Newspaper, Photocopy 1929 B65
Potato 1 Politics, Recipes, Agricultural Statistics 1985-1986, Vine Killing, Farming & Soil Erosion 1972-1978, Kennebec Potato, Congressional Hearing 1929, McDonald's, Inspection, Potato Variety 1962, Alvah Perry, Festival, Exports, Fuel Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1929 - VF
Potato 2 Surplus, Processing Plant, Factory, Composting, Jobs, John Thorne, Trademark, Paper Bags, Potato Cooperative, Potato Licensing Act, University of Maine, Plants, Flea Bugs, Mashed Potato, Automated, Harvest Time, Seaweed Brochure, Map, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1937 - VF
Potato 3 Industry, Festival, Irving, Maine Growers, Spoiled Spuds, Beetles, Blight, Harvest Workers, Kids, Research, Peas Brochure, Map, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1958 - VF
Pulp, Paper & Pulp Products Vol. 1 Including Report on Great Northern '59 Newspaper, Photocopy 1927 - 1964 B90
Pulp, Paper & Pulp Products Vol. 2 _ Newspaper, Photocopy 1927 - 1965 B91
Quoddy Project Lincoln Smith Newspaper, Photocopy 1940 B92
Railroads - Newspaper, Photocopy 1928 - 1954 B93
Railroads - Newspaper, Photocopy 1953 - 1990 B93a
Railroads 1 Passenger Service, Portland-Boston, Declining Railroads, Clinton F. Thurlow, Junctions, First Steam Railroad, Shortest Railroad, Frank H. Burt, Booklist, Amtrak, Federal Program, Stations Map, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1957 - VF
Railroads 2 Walter M. Macdougal, Cease Passenger Runs, Northern Maine, Postcard, Piggy-back, Bankrupt, Trolley, Annual Report 1961, Roger B. Buettell, Barbara Dunn Hitchuer, Congress, Stations, Derailment, Museum Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1946 - VF
Railroads 3 First Trains, Barbara Dunn Hitchuer, Frank P. Schmidt, Richard H. Lee, Linwood W. Moody, Glenn Richmond, Albert O. Porter, Jim Shaughnessy, Nelson Hussey, Bud Yallalee, William C. Gove, Covered Bridges, Passenger Trains, Manufacturing Firm, Jobs, Federal Government, Portland-Boston, Derailment, Two Footer, Horse Railroad, Annual Report 1958 & 1978 Brochure, Map, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1958 - VF
Railroads 4 Depots, Amtrak, Augusta, Downeaster, Guilford Rail System, History, Rockland, Irving, Trolley, Booklist, Lawmakers, Museum Brochure, Map, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1952 - VF
Railroads - Electric - Newspaper, Photocopy 1928 - 1947 B94
Red Jacket Old & New - Newspaper, Photocopy 1939 - 1940 B95
Rivers A - K Newspaper, Photocopy 1930 - 1968 B96
Rivers M - Z Newspaper, Photocopy 1931 - 1965 B97
Riverview Psychiatric Center ASH Panelists, Lack of Training, Garden Project, Security Unit, Job Barriers, Durham Rule, School, Patients' Rights, Legislator, Fire, Closing, New Hospital, AMHI(Augusta Mental Health Institute) Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1965 - VF
Roads - Newspaper, Photocopy 1931 - 1965 B98
Rugs Handmade Newspaper, Photocopy 1927 - 1948 B99
Rural Schools Ancient & Modern Crossroad Schools Newspaper, Photocopy 1931 - 1949 B100
Sagadahoc County - Newspaper, Photocopy 1913 - 1950 BC
Sailing Ships - Steamboats Vol. 1 - Newspaper, Photocopy 1930 - 1949 B101
Sailing Ships - Steamboats Vol. 2 Index of ships names Newspaper, Photocopy 1930 - 1970 B102
Sailors' Stories - Newspaper, Photocopy 1937 - 1944 B103
Salmon 1 Genetic Studies, Fish Farming, Kendall Warner, Budget, Management, Commission, Phil Harriman, Kennebec Salmon, Fishing, Douglas Blanchard, Disease, Egg Removal, H.W.Lanier, Hatchery, Stocking Brochure, Map, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1938 - VF
Salmon 2 Virus, Endangered Species Act, Kennebec Fish, Greenland, Decline, Genetics, Dam Owner Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1959 - VF
Seacoast Mission - Newspaper, Photocopy 1927 - 1944 B104
Seal - Maine Flag, Bulletin, History, Letter, Maine Song, Seal Revised, Arms of the States, Artist, Christina Crandell, Symbolism, Pictures Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1820 - VF
Shakers 1 Male Converts, Shakers' Ingenuity, Sabbathday Lake, Mystique, Museum, Colony tour, Songs, History, Gloria Hutchinson, Traditions, Mary Carpenter Kelley Brochure, Map, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1901 - VF
Shakers 2 Colonies Dwindling, Sister Bertha Lindsay, Herb Business, Booklist, Fire, Mary Carpenter Kelley, Legislature, Sister Mildred Barker, Sister Gertrude Soule, Rebuilding, Furniture, Shaker Hill, Shaker Theology Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1937 - VF
Shakers 3 Four Members, Sister Frances Burgess, Sister Minnie E. Greene, Thanksgiving, Volunteers, Architecture, $3.5M Deal Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1996 - VF
Shell Heaps - Newspaper, Photocopy 1928 - 1940 B105
Shiloh Durham, Holy Ghost and Us Society, Holman F. Day, Coronet, Louise Dickinson Rich, Lillian L. Trott, Newspaper Reference List, TV Documentary, Frank Sandford Newspaper, Photocopy 1929 - VF
Shipbuilding 1 Tyler & Rice Shipyard, Senator Mitchell, Five Famous Maine Ships, Launching of, Nineteenth Century Schooner, Governor Curtis, Shipyard Sale, Yachts, Clippers, Schooners, Shipyards, Caulkers, Census of Manufacturies-1905 Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1958 - VF
Shipbuilding 2 Taylor Allen, Threat of Closure, Wooden Boats, Early Shipyard Work, Kenneth R. Mantin Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1994 - VF
Shipyards WWII - Small - Newspaper, Photocopy 1941 - 1943 B106
Shoe Industry August I. Wieners, Richard A. Hebert, Bass Shoe, Shoe Training, Shoe Plants, Bruce MacDonald, Strike, New Technology Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1948 - VF
Smith, Samantha Maine Notable 1972-1985 Peace activist Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1982- BIO
Sockalexis, Louis Maine Notable 1871 - 1913 Athlete Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1959- BIO
Soldiers in Pacific Jungle Warfare 103rd Infantry Newspaper, Photocopy 1947 B107
Somerset County - Newspaper, Photocopy 1920 - 1969 BC
Songs - State of Maine - Song By Snow Maine Song, Copyright Newspaper, Photocopy 1931 - VF
State Institutions - Newspaper, Photocopy 1928 - 1957 B108
State Officials Biographies Substantial articles on Maine residents Newspaper, Photocopy 1940 - 1970 B109
State Symbols Maine Library Bulletin, Pine Cone and Tassel, Letter Photograph, Newspaper, Photocopy 1929 - VF
Steamboat Yarns & Penobscot's Men of Steam John M. Richardson Newspaper, Photocopy 1952 - 1959 B110
Steamboating - Newspaper, Photocopy 1920 - 1943 B111
Stookey, Noel Paul Maine Notable 1937 - Newspaper 1977- BIO
Stowe, Harriet Beecher Maine Notable Maine Writer 1811 ? 1896 Photograph, Newspaper, Magazine 1938- BIO
Strater, Henry 1896-1987 Artist and Philanthropist Newspaper, Magazine 1936 - BIO
Strider, Robert E. L. 1917-2010 Academic Colby College President Newspaper, Photocopy 1960- BIO
Strunk, Judd 1936-1981 Entertainer, musician, humorist Newspaper, Photocopy 1968- BIO
Stuart, Theresa Cyrstal 1885-1965 Maine State Librarian 1941 * 1947 Newspaper, Photocopy 1941- BIO
Stubbs, Marion B. 1888-1967 Maine State Librarian 1947-1958 Newspaper, Magazine 1947- BIO
Stucki, Margaret 1928 - Artist Brochure, Newspaper, Magazine 1972 - BIO
Sturges, Dwight Artist 1874-1940 Newspaper 1972- BIO
Sturgis, Guy H Maine Justice Newspaper 1948 BIO
Sturgis, Margaret E Artist- Newspaper 1950- BIO
Sukeforth, Clyde Baseball player 1901-2000 Newspaper 1949- BIO
Sullivan, James Politician 1744-1808 Newspaper, Magazine 1920 BIO
Taverns - Old Maine - Newspaper, Photocopy 1922 - 1952 B112
Tefft, Charles A Sculpture, Bangor 1874-1951 Brochure, Photograph, Newspaper, Photocopy 1932- BIO
Textile Manufacturing Sanford Mill Newspaper, Photocopy 1930 - 1949 B114
Textile Manufacturing - Newspaper, Photocopy 1907 - 1967 B113
Thaxter, Celia Author 1835 - 1894 Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1938- BIO
Thayer, Cynthia Author Gouldsboro 1944- Newspaper 1998- BIO
Theaters - Newspaper, Photocopy 1925 - 1949 B115
Thomaston Scrapbook Knox County, Lee Morse Newspaper, Photocopy 1953 - 1969 BC
Togus/Veterans Administration Home - Newspaper, Photocopy 1928 - 1951 B116
Town Meeting Time Again John J. Pullen, John T. Gould, Franklin Wright Newspaper, Photocopy 1936 - 1940 B117
Trails 1 Rail Trail, East Coast Greenway, Kennebec Chaudiere International Corridor, Appalachia, Historic, Water Trail, Bridle Trail, Hunt Trail, Acadian Trail, Coos Trail, Turtle Ridge Trail, Heritage Trail Brochure, Map, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1922 - VF
Trails 2 Land Trust, Highland Trail, Listing of Trails Map, Newspaper, Photocopy 1999 - VF
Trees 1 Chestnut, Birch Bark, Maple, Balsam Fir, Birches, Elm, Pines, Spruce, Hemlock, Forest Trees-1968, Street Trees, Tree Farm, Seedlings, Fungus, Snow Fence, Dutch Elm Disease, New York, Christmas Trees, Lloyd Ferriss, Foliage, Forest Planting, L.M.Eastman, Poachers Brochure, Map, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1938 - VF
Trees 2 White Pine, Autumn, Conifers of Maine, Planting, Elephant Tree, Chestnut Tree, Hemlock Tree Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1995 - VF
Trees - Notable - Newspaper, Photocopy 1927 - 1961 B118
University of Maine 75th Anniversary Newspaper, Photocopy 1940 B119
Valle, Rudy Maine Notable 1901 ? 1986 Entertainer, singer actor Photograph, Newspaper, Photocopy 1930- BIO
Vehicles - Newspaper, Photocopy 1930 - 1948 B120
Waldo County - Newspaper, Photocopy 1922 - 1970 BC
Washington County - Newspaper, Photocopy 1922 - 1970 BC
Welliver, Neil Artist, Resident Linconville, 1929-2005 Brochure, Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1975- BIO
West, Austin Poet Bridgton Brochure, Newspaper 1961- BIO
Westcott, Seth Athlete, Olympic gold medal winner, Snowboard, Newspaper, Magazine 2006- BIO
Weston, Christine Writer, Novelist, Brewer 1904-1989 Brochure, Newspaper, Magazine BIO
White, E.B. Maine Notable, Maine writer 1899 - 1985 Newspaper, Photocopy 1969- BIO
Wind Power Letter, Kenetech Wind Project, Sugarloaf, Tiny Endless Energy Company, Land Use Regulation Commission, Boundary Mountain, U.S. Windpower, Mars Hill Wind Power Project, SAD #3, Kibby Mountain, Redington, Gov. Baldacci, Black Nubble Project, Walker's Point Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1982 - VF
Winter Carnival - Newspaper, Photocopy 1935 - 1941 B121
Winter Sports - Newspaper, Photocopy 1926 - 1951 B122
Women - Newspaper, Photocopy 1927 - 1956 B123
Wood - Using Industries Gregory Baker, Wiscasset Mill, Col. Thomas Westbrook, Corncob Pipe Manufactured, Metcalf Wood Products Co., Particleboard Plant, Penley's Pins, Bill Keoskie, Bessie Weymouth White, Bethel Furniture Stock, Wooden Barrels, Clothes Pins, Sawmills, Dowel Makers, Dry-Ki, Caskets, Sen. Muskie, Wood Industries-1942, Archery Sets, Locke Mills, Wooden Handles, The Saco Company Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1951 - VF
Wood Util. Industry - Newspaper, Photocopy 1927 - 1966 B124
Woods Guides - Newspaper, Photocopy 1932 - 1948 B125
Woolen Mills Carleton Mill, Eastland Woolen Mill, International Woolen Co., American Woolen Company Mills, Lincolnsfield Mill, Farnsworth Woolen Mill, Mayall Mill, Mill Fire, Pittsfield Woolen Yarns Newspaper, Photocopy, Magazine 1949 - VF
York County - Newspaper, Photocopy 1927 - 1970 BC