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A list of Nonfiction, Fiction, Poetry and Children/YA Books by Maine Authors
Author Title Category Description Publisher Publication Year
Nelson, James L. The French Prize Fiction

In 1797 Jack Biddlecomb is the first-time captain of the merchant vessel Abigail. The voyage from Philadelphia to Barbados should be routine, but the French are targeting American merchantmen and the crew is not prepared for naval war. The author lives in Harpswell.

Thomas Dunne Books/ St.Martin's Press 2015
Lannin, Joanne Finding a Way to Play: The Pioneering Spirit of Women in Basketball Non-fiction

Stories of women who found a way to play over the last 125 years. The author was a sports and feature writer for the Maine Sunday Telegram for 22 years and still finds her own place on the court.

Portlandia Press 2015
Potter, Ellen Piper Green and the Fairy Tree Fiction Children/YA

Piper's class is taking a pretend trip to China, but when Piper is chosen to be the flight attendant she has no idea what to do. Could the Fairy Tree help? Fourth in the chapter book series set on a Maine island.

Alfred A. Knopf/Yearling 2017
Rooks, Douglas Rise, Decline and Renewal: the Democratic Party in Maine Non-fiction

History of the Maine Democratic Party since the election of Governor Ed Muskie in 1954. The author was an editor for the Kennebec Journal and Maine Times.

Hamilton Books 2018
Graves, Sarah Death by Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake Fiction

Jacobia Tiptree and her friend Ellie plan to open a waterfront bakery in Eastport just in time for the 4th of July weekend. When the health inspector is found dead in the kitchen of The Chocolate Moose, all baking is off.

Kensington books 2018
Steele, Lisa Let's Hatch Chicks! Non-fiction Children/YA

Follow Violet the chicken as she lays eggs and cares for for her chicks until they are grown. Glossary included. The real Violet lives with the author. a fifth generation chicken keeper, on a farm in Maine.

Young Voyager 2018
French, Gillian The Lies They Tell Fiction Children/YA

A tragic fire at the Garrison estate leaves Pearl's father disgraced and unemployed. Pearl befriends the surviving son of the family and learns that his world of privilege is full of dangerous lies. The author is a Maine native and lives in Hermon.

Harper Teen 2018
Hurt, Sandy Shapiro Sylvia Rose and the Cherry Tree Fiction Children/YA

Sylvia Rose enlists her forest animal friends to help her uproot a cherry tree that dreams of seeing great wide world. This is the author's first children's book. She lives in Maine.

Tilbury House 2018
Magras, Diane The Mad Wolf's Daughter Fiction Children/YA

In 13th century Scotland twelve-year-old Drest sets off to rescue her father and brothers from invading knights. She finds aid in unexpected places, but a bandit is close behind. The author grew up on Mount Desert. This is her debut novel.

Kathy Dawson Books/ Penguin Random House 2018
Heinrich, Bernd A Naturalist at Large Non-fiction

Heinrich selected essays written over several decades "that depict the interconnectedness of all of life." He is Professor Emeritus of Biology at the University of Vermont and lives in the woods of western Maine.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 2018
White, Christopher The Last Lobster: boom or Bust for Maine's Greatest Fishery? Non-fiction

After spending a year with three captains from Stonington, White examines the current state of the lobster industry and the possible consequences of the changing climate.

St. Martin's Press 2018
Hardacker, Vaughn C. Wendigo Fiction

John Bear thought that the Wendigo was an evil spirit found only in scary tales. A butchered body surrounded my enormous footprints triggers fear that the Wendigo is not a legend. The author lives in Stockholm.

Skyhorse 2017
Cass, Richard J. In Solo Time Fiction

Elder Darrow buys a seedy Boston bar with a dream of making it a jazz nightclub. All plans are off when a local guitar player is found stabbed to death on the small stage of the bar. This is the prequel to Solo Act. The author lives in Cape Elizabeth.

Encircle Publications 2017
Dunnett, Kaitlyn Crime & Punctuation Fiction

A freelance editor returns to her childhood home for retirement, but the little Catskill village has changed. Mikki Lincoln is editing a murder mystery for a local author who dies just like the victim in the manuscript. Is Mikki next? Dunnett lives in the mountains of western Maine.

Kensington Books 2018
Bouwsma, Julia Work by Bloodlight Poetry

The poet is is also the Director of the Webster Library in Kingfield, Maine

Cider Press Review 2017
Walsh, Liza Gardner Do Fairies Bring the Spring? Children/YA

Rhyming picture book suggests tiny fairies might encourage the blooms of spring in this follow-up to Where Do Fairies Go When it Snows? The author lives in Camden and illustrator Hazel Mitchell lives in Detroit, Maine.

Down East 2017
Connolly, John The Woman in the Woods Fiction

A young woman's body is found in the Maine woods. She had given birth shortly before her death. PI Charlie Parker is hired to find out what happened to the infant, but he is not the only one on the search.

Emily Bestler/Atria 2018
King, Stephen The Outsider Fiction

An eleven-year-old boy is murdered and fingerprints, witnesses and DNA all lead to one of Flint City's most popular citizens. But Terry Maitland has an alibi and powerful evidence refuting the accusation. How could he possibly be the killer?

Scribner 2018
Kidd, Cornelia Death and a Pot of Chowder Fiction

Anna's Quarry Island life changes abruptly by the news that she has a younger sister and that her husband's lobster boat is abandoned and adrift. Cornelia Kidd also writes as Lea Wait. She lives in Edgecomb.

Crooked Lane 2018
Kelley, Scott I am Birch Children/YA

A birch tree reassures the forest animals as they worry about the coming winter. Picture book inspired by the Gluskap stories passed down by the Wabanaki. The author/illustrator lives on a Maine island.

Islandport Press 2018
Valente, Catherynne M. Space Opera Fiction

Galactic civilizations that survived the devastating Sentience Wars now gather to compete in song and dance, but failure still ends in extermination. Valente lives on a Maine island.

Saga Press 2018
Standish, Marjorie Cooking Maine Style Non-fiction

Food historian Sandra Oliver collected the very best recipes from the Standish cookbooks and offers notes and anecdotes that connect Mrs. Standish to "now cookery." Oliver lives on Islesboro.

DownEast Books 2018
Davis, Joshua, Bruno Tropeano and Cynthia F. Simonds Gelato Fiasco: recipes and stories from America's best gelato makers Non-fiction

The creators of Gelato Fiasco tell the story of how the Italian treat came to Maine. Includes 100 recipes from the GF vault for making gelato at home. The authors live in mid-coast Maine.

DownEast Books 2018
Dowd, Mary, M.D. The Heroin Diaries: little stories to understand why: a book of poems Poetry The Permanente Press 2018
Robbins, Judith The Bookbinder's Wife: and more poems from the North End Poetry North Country Press 2018
Hildebrandt, Leonore Where You Happen to Be: Poems Poetry Deerbrook Editions 2018
Omlor, Elizabeth Stevens Walk Your Dog Children/YA

A little girl spends a day taking care of her dog. Watercolor and colored pencil illustrations by Neesa Hudson who lives on the Maine coast.

Putnam 2018
O'Brien, Anne Sibley Someone New Children/YA

There are new kids from foreign places at school. Who will try to be a friend? Author illustrator O'Brien understands the challenges. She moved to New England from South Korea when she was seven and now lives in the Portland area.

Hunter, Anne Possum and the Summer Storm Children/YA

Forest friends help the possum family create a new home after their brush pile is swept away in a storm. The illustrations were done in watercolor and ink. The writer artist is a Maine native.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 2018
Higgins, Ryan T. We Don't Eat Our Classmates Children/YA

Little T Rex Penelope has trouble making friends at school. They are just so delicious! The author, who has never eaten classmates, lives in southern Maine.

Disney Hyperion 2018
Rosenfelt, David Rescued Fiction

A truck delivering rescue dogs arrives in New Jersey, but the driver has been murdered. Andy Carpenter wants to help the dogs, but must reluctantly take the case when his wife's ex-husband is accused of the crime. The author and his many rescue dogs live in Maine.

Minotaur 2018
Doiron, Paul Stay Hidden Fiction

Mike Bowditch is investigating a death on Maquoit Island. When the weekly ferry arrives the woman believed to have been shot by a local hunter is one of the passengers. This is the ninth Bowditch mystery by Maine native Doiron.

MInotaur Books 2018
Voigt, Cynthia Toaff's Way Children/YA

Toaff is a young squirrel looking for answers beyond his pine tree boundary. This is the story of his year in the wider world. Cynthia Voigt lives on a Maine island.

Alfred A. Knopf 2018
Potter, Ellen Big Foot and Little Feet Children/YA

A young Sasquatch named Hugo wants to meet a human. A young boy named Boone wants to meet any mysterious creature. Both are destined for friendship and adventure. First of new chapter book series.

Amulet Books 2018
Falatko, Julie Two Dogs in a Trench Coat Go to School Children/YA

Waldo and Sassy dress themselves in a coat to search for their boy Stewart. Why would he go to a scary place called school? The author lives in Maine with two dogs named Cosmo and Marlo.

Scholastic Press 2018
Ford, Elaine This Time Might Be Different: Stories of Maine Fiction

Collection of fifteen short stories involving characters who must make difficult choices. Ford taught creative writing and literature at the University of Maine. She lived and wrote in Millbridge, Bangor and Harpswell.

Islandport Press 2017
Greenlaw, Linda Bimini Twist Fiction

Jane Bunker takes on a missing person case when a foreign exchange student working at the Bar Harbor Inn disappears. Linda Greenlaw is a bestselling author and a lobster boat captain from Isle au Haut.

Minotaur Books 2018
Ryan, Jeffrey H. Blazing Ahead: Benton Mackaye, Myron Avery, and the Rivalry that Built the Appalachian Trail Non-fiction

Ryan traces the development of the Appalachian Trail through the lives of "the dreamer and the doer." Myron Avery, the doer, was a Lubec native who made certain the trail extended to Katahdin. Author Jeff Ryan and a childhood friend hiked the entire AT over two decades.

Appalachian Mountain Club Books 2017