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2/28/2022: Station 46 (Route 1) Bridge Replacement in Woolwich


News Release for February 28, 2022

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WOOLWICH - The Maine Department of Transportation is replacing the Station 46 Bridge, which carries Route 1 over the Back River Creek Marsh and Rockland Branch of the Maine Central Railroad in Woolwich. The work area begins at the Taste of Maine Restaurant and extends north past the intersection of Route 1 and George Wright Road. The reconstruction of Route 1 will raise the roadway by approximately five feet to address flooding concerns and sea level rise. This project also involves the construction of an 85-foot-long bridge (the Pleasant Cove Bridge) to replace two culverts near George Wright Road; this work is being done to protect Route 1 and to eventually help restore tidal flow to the marsh.

The existing Station 46 Bridge was built in 1933. It is an aging structure with areas of significant deterioration. In 2019, the Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) on the bridge was nearly 19,000 vehicles.

MaineDOT Project Manager Devan Eaton said, "Route 1 is one of the most important roadways in our state. Maintaining safe and efficient passage through this area is extremely important to the economy. Our work to replace this bridge was designed to minimize traffic impacts. This project will also increase resiliency on a key piece of coastal infrastructure."

The contractor is Reed & Reed, Inc. of Woolwich. The construction contract amount is $33,547,697.

Jackson Parker, Chairman & CEO of Woolwich-based Reed & Reed, Inc. said, "We are pleased to build this key project right in our backyard. Reed & Reed widened and rehabilitated that same bridge in 1980, so we are happy to upgrade it once again. Some of our employees who worked on that 1980 project are still with us, and I'm sure they will be back on the project this time."

On-site work began in January. Right now, the contractor is building a temporary detour roadway to maintain one lane of traffic in each direction on Route 1 throughout construction. All work is expected to be finished by the end of 2024.

MaineDOT estimates that the total cost of this project (including engineering and construction) will be close to $40 million.

This project received a 2019 Better Utilizing Investments to Leverage Development (BUILD) grant award from the U.S. Department of Transportation in the amount of $25 million.




Reed & Reed completed all work on the temporary Station 46 bridge including completing all steel work, setting all of the precast concrete deck panels, installing concrete barriers, and paving the roadway approaches leading up to the bridge. With the temporary roadway 100% complete, all Route 1 traffic was shifted onto the temporary roadway on 9/6/22. The approaches to the temporary Pleasant Cove Br. were shimmed to address the settlement around the structure and smooth out the transition onto the temp. bridge. Reed & Reed’s subcontractor Keller North America Inc. continues to work on installation of wick drains, which are part of the soil preloading operation for the existing US Route 1 roadway areas north of Station 46 Bridge.


Reed & Reed continued construction on the temporary station 46 bridge. The pile bent pier installations around the railroad tracks were completed with the steel beams spanning over the tracks to be installed soon. Work on the southernmost abutment for the temporary bridge began and has continued during this timeframe as well. Steel beams and concrete deck panels continue to be installed, connecting the completed pier bents, as the temporary bridge construction continues south towards the Taste of Maine Restaurant end of the project.


Reed & Reed completed the construction of the temporary pleasant cove bridge and continued construction on the temporary Station 46 bridge. Reed & Reed fine graded and is working on paving the temporary detour roadway between the existing Station 46 bridge, across the temporary Pleasant Cove bridge, to where it connects back to US Route 1 on the north end of the project. US Route 1 north of Station 46 bridge will be preloaded with up to 11 feet of material to force the roadway to settle, due to soft clays, in advance of permanently raising the finished grade of US Route 1 by up to 5 feet. This process is done to remove as much settlement on US Route 1 as possible, due to the additional weight of the permanently raised roadway, before it is opened back up to traffic. The temporary detour, north of Station 46 bridge is anticipated to be opened the first week of June so that work on the preloading can commence.


Reed & Reed completed the pipe pile driving and setting the cap for the Pleasant Cove south abutments, activated the lights at the Nequasset intersection, closed the south intersection of the George Wright Road and Route 1, and continued bringing gravel up to grade connecting the approach road to the south abutment of the Pleasant cove temporary (over the George Wright Road). Construction of the temporary Station 46 bridge continues towards the railroad with structural steel and concrete deck panels being installed.


Reed & Reed completed installation of temporary utility pad areas for the temporary relocation of the utility poles/lines. Temporary utility poles were installed in preparation for the first phase of the temporary utility line move. Reed & Reed continued installing temporary piling for the substructures of the temporary bridges. Construction of the pre-cast concrete deck slabs for the temporary bridges was completed, with a total of 212 slabs constructed. The installation of these slabs has begun on the temporary Pleasant Cove bridge. Construction of the temporary roadway continues to move south towards Station 46 Bridge and the railroad tracks.


Reed & Reed continued to pre-cast deck slabs for the temporary bridges and continued construction on the north abutment approach for the temporary Pleasant Cove bridge. Construction on the temporary roadway included an extension of the 96” reinforced concrete pipe under US Route 1, and pile driving for the temporary pile bent pier #2. The temporary traffic signals at the intersection of US Route 1 and Nequasset Rd. were also installed and covered to prepare for their use when traffic is eventually shifted onto the temporary roadway.

1/31/22 – 2/11/22

Reed & Reed is working on base gravel installation for the temporary roadway that will carry US Route 1 traffic through the area during construction. The temporary roadway will be located to the east of existing US Route 1. They are also working on constructing temporary deck panels for the temporary bridges included within the temporary roadway. Reed & Reed mobilized a crane to the project site to begin driving pile for the substructure of the temporary Pleasant Cove Bridge located through the ponded area near George Wright Rd.