Station 46 Project Photo Gallery

April 2024

Throughout April crews completed abutment 1 slab and rebar form work and completed concrete placement. Crews placed concrete on select sections of the bridge deck and continued placing ASCG between bridges and began falsework for the bridge deck.

March 2024

Work on the Station 46 superstructure involved completing form work, rebar, and concrete placement for the upper section of the abutment 1 backwall. Continued form work and rebar for haunch section of span 1 and granular borrow backfill.

Work on Pleasant Cove saw the completed curing and stripping forms for abutment 2. They also completed the rip-rap around abutment 2, the granular borrow backfill, and began the cofferdam removal, and began mobilizing the crane for setting of the beams, and began setting beams.

February 2024

In February, Reed & Reed made significant progress on multiple fronts. At Station 46 Superstructure, they completed the placement, curing, and stripping of forms from the backwall and wingwall, while also finishing form work, rebar installation, and setting the abutment 2 expansion joint. Simultaneously, at Pleasant Cove, the team achieved several milestones, including the completion of excavation within the abutment 2 cofferdam, dynamic load testing, driving of all piles, placement of pile sleeves, and the initiation of rip-rap placement for the channel. Furthermore, they began form work and rebar installation for the breast wall.

January 2024

With no further work expected on the Station 46 superstructure until spring, workers have been continuing with removal of pre-load material and have completed form work and structural steel for the abutment 1 breast wall. Crews stripped forms for the abutment 1 backwall and completed the granular borrow backfill. They also began the cofferdam removal and resetting for phase 2 and began pre-welding pile splices for the abutment 2 piles. Material that washed off the new roadway, from the previous storms, was recovered and replaced.


December 2023

Work throughout December saw the continued formwork and rebar for the first half of the backwall and west wing wall. Workers began tying rebar for the superstructure and placed concrete for section 3 of the deck. Continued excavation at Pleasant Cove to complete setting sheets and frame to design elevations.

November 2023

Throughout November workers on the project completed the T-wall at abutment 1 and finished with the granular backfill. They began formwork and tying rebar. Work on the superstructure has seen the completion of bridge drains, with rebar work scheduled there for late this month. Workers at Pleasant Cove completed the installation of driving sheets and splicing piles.

October 2023

At Abutment 2, Reed & Reed initiated form work and rebar placement for the back wall. As for Structural Steel Span 2, they successfully completed the setting and torquing of beams and diaphragms. Additionally, work at Abutment 1 involved commencing the granular borrow backfill and the completion of the French drain installation, alongside the delivery of T-wall sections. In the superstructure, Reed & Reed accomplished the completion of deck forms for span 4 and continued their efforts on span 3. Reed & Reed began the installation of the T-wall and continued the granular borrow backfill. In the superstructure, they achieved the completion of deck forms for span 3 and advanced their work on span 2.

September 2023

Workers set bearings at pier 1. Work at abutment 1 saw the completed form work, tying rebar, and concrete placement for west wing wall. Completed removing forms of breast wall and east wing wall. Curing of West Wing Wall completed. Began removing cofferdam. At span 2 steel girders were set. At span 3 and 4 workers completed setting all girders, diaphragms, and torqued all connections.

August 2023

Work at Pier 1 saw the placement of concrete for the cap and pedestal forms, then set bearings. Abutment 1 work saw the continued setting of forms and rebar tying for the east half of the breast wall. At pier 2 shim plates were added to the bearings. Grouted in bearing anchor bolts and reset bearings, along with placed rip-rap around west wing wall of abutment 2. Prepping crane pads to begin setting steel for span 4 (pier 3 to abutment 2). Setting steel scheduled to begin 8/29. Mobilized third crane.

July 2023

Work at Pier 1 continued with setting forms and rebar for the cap and bearing pedestals. Work at Pier 2 involved completing the concrete placement, curing, and stripping form work for the cap. Work at abutment 1 saw concrete placed for the footing, began setting forms and tying rebar. At abutment 2 the concrete placement was completed.

June 2023

Work on Pier 1 saw completed form work and rebar for the pier shaft. Work at Pier 3 saw completed form work, rebar, and concrete placement for the pier cap. Workers stripped pier cap and bearing pedestal forms. At Abutment 2 workers completed driving sheets and began excavation. Final vacuuming and cleaning of ledge.

May 2023

Completed form work, rebar, and concrete placement for the footing at pier 1. The concrete has cured and formwork stripped. Continued form work and rebar for pier cap at pier 3. Set frames and began driving sheets for the cofferdam at abutment 2.

April 2023

Completed the form work, rebar, and concrete placement for the pier 3 shaft. Completed pier 2 seal placement. Removed cofferdam and continued placing rip-rap at abutment 2. Began work for pier 1 cofferdam. Repositioned the crane, mobilized sheet piles, and set frame. Completed installation of the Pier 1 cofferdam and began excavation. Completed dewatering and cleaning of the pier 2 seal placement, set forms for footing and began rebar work. Completed majority of rip-rap at abutment 2. Completed demo of crash wall at abutment 1, and next week the crane will be mobilized to that site to begin cofferdam work. Completed dynamic load testing and driving of all piles at Pier 1. Completed form work, rebar, and concrete placement for the shaft at Pier 2. Completed backfill within cofferdam in preparation for removing cofferdam next week at Pier 3.

March 2023

Reed & Reed continued the dynamic load testing at Pier 2 and completed setting & splicing piles. They also continued placing riprap around Abutment 2 and began work on the footing, formwork and rebar at Pier 3 before completing this concrete work. A granular borrow backfill was used at abutment 2, as well as the continued installation of formwork for the remaining bearing pedestals.

Wyman & Simpson and their subcontractor are building the median diversion in preparation for the northbound closure of I-95, which is scheduled to begin in May. Construction of the diversion is about 80% complete. Webb Road is to be closed in early April so that the diversion work can be completed by May. The transition areas to I-95 of the diversion are currently being constructed.

February 2023

Reed & Reed completed the dynamic load testing, pile driving, and seal placement for Pier 3. Work on abutment two has proceeded, including formwork, rebar, and concrete. Granular borrow and French drains were installed at abutment 2. Work also involved excavation and the removal of pay rocks around abutment 2.

JP Carrara and Sons of Middlebury, VT is fabricating five NEBT beams for the Pleasant Cove Bridge. These will be the first stainless steel reinforced and stainless-steel strand beams in Maine and maybe the first in the country.