Downtown Improvement Project

In August of 2022, the City of Sanford, and the Maine Department of Transportation (MaineDOT) received a Federal RAISE Grant for infrastructure improvement projects in the Downtown area. The project will make complete streets improvements on approximately 0.7 miles on Cottage Street (Route 202), approximately 0.5 miles on William Oscar Emery Drive, approximately 0.5 miles of Main Street (Route 109), approximately 0.2 miles on Washington Street, and approximately 0.2 miles on School Street in downtown Sanford.

This project will replace and/or construct the street, sidewalks, crosswalk, underground utility ducts, streetlights, upgrade traffic signals, parking spaces, drainage areas, a multi-use pathway, and a Park & Ride facility on Emerson Street serving the Navy base; improve safety aspects of downtown for pedestrians, motorists, and all road users; modernize infrastructure to attract potential employers and commercial and residential development; and meet ADA and MaineDOT standards.