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5/17/2019: Madawaska Environmental Evaluation Updates: 05-17-2019

During the Public Hearing held on December 12, 2018, the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), Federal Highway Administration, and MaineDOT provided a timeline for the availability of the FSEIS / Programmatic Section 4(f) Evaluation. At the time, it was anticipated that this would be available in the April timeframe. Due to the complexity of the overall project, it was not possible to complete this portion of the process as initially projected. In order to ensure a thorough and complete evaluation of all aspects of the project are taken into account, the new estimated availability of the FSEIS / Programmatic Section 4(f) Evaluation, which will identify the preferred alternative for the Land Port of Entry (LPOE) and the new International Bridge, is targeted for late summer 2019.

News Releases

7/28/2019: Traffic Restored to Madawaska Bridge


News Release for July 28, 2019

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Paul Merrill, Public Information Officer - 207-624-3355 or 207-215-9297

MADAWASKA - Bridge inspection work on the Madawaska International Bridge necessitating full bridge and lane closures has concluded earlier then expected, and while the inspection will continue until complete, MaineDOT anticipates little to no impact to the traveling public through the remainder of the inspection process.

The structure has known deficiencies, structural concerns, and a rapid rate of deterioration that need to be properly evaluated annually to allow for continued safe use. It is currently posted at a five-ton weight limit. The bridge was constructed in 1920.

Construction of a new international bridge connection Madawaska and Edmonston, New Brunswick is expected to begin late next year with completion in 2023.