Project Updates

October 2023

New England Infrastructure’s subcontractor continues to excavate and place gravel along the southbound exit ramp in preparation for shifting traffic for the temporary bridge. The contractor also placed concrete barriers to provide a safety barrier for work along the off ramp at this time. The utility work necessary for the installation of the temporary bridge has started. Frazier Signal Tech started on the installation of the electrical duct bank. They crossed both right turn lanes on the southbound exit. The remainder of the duct bank will be completed with the installation of the electrical vault. A new utility pole for the highway lighting has been placed and some of the temporary signals have been installed. By the end of this month, the subcontractor will have removed the raised granite island at the end of the Southbound exit ramp. The contractor continued working on grubbing the area between the southbound roadway and the exit ramp in preparation for the temporary approach and bridge. They are also installing an access road for the equipment to set the temporary retaining wall. Survey has been onsite several times to continue with the layout process. Additionally, the contractor has continued to work on the electrical duct bank and vault. The vault was set this month and is ready for the power company to utilize that portion of the work.

September 2023

In mid-September work began on a multi-year project replacing the bridge that carries Broadway over I-95 in Bangor. A traffic control plan has been implemented. Advance warning signage has been posted, barriers are set, and other signage installed. Survey crews have been onsite and provided layout information for the south-bound exit ramp. Excavation has begun, with activities later in the month focused on the installation of an electrical duct bank and vault.