April 2024

Throughout April crews worked on placing ITS conduit, and placing riprap. Gravel was placed during grading operations, with on-site crushing operations completing, and brush cleared along the fence line. Concrete was placed for deck and breastwalls. Comprehensive Land Technologies has completed mulching areas for wildlife fencing. East Coast Signals placed concrete in one lighting pole foundation, installed several other precast foundations, and installed conduit between foundations. They have also begun installing frames and grates on fiber manholes. Northeast Traffic Control Services began installing precast sign foundations.

March 2024

Throughout the month of March, the following progress was made on the Brewer-Holden-Eddington (Route 9 Connector) new construction project. Sargent completed various tasks including excavating for Levenseller Road Bridge abutment 2 footing, conducting on-site crushing operations, cutting brush and blow downs along the fence line, and installing conduit. T Buck placed concrete in forms for upper leveling slabs and footers at abutment 1, as well as commencing similar work at abutment 2. Additionally, Badger Daylighting completed vacuum cleaning the ledge at Levenseller Road abutment 2. As the month progressed, Sargent continued with crushing operations and conduit installation, while T Buck focused on formwork and rebar placement for footers and upper leveling slabs. The project also saw efforts towards preparing subgrades for the upcoming spring. At Levenseller Road Bridge, construction activities included placing forms and rebar for breastwall footers, receiving EFCO forms, and initiating their construction for the breastwall at abutment 1.

February 2024

Throughout February Sargent has been actively engaged in various tasks. They've been focused on riprap under-trench areas and continued excavating down to footer elevations at the Levenseller Road Bridge site. Additionally, they've been dedicated to constructing deer jump outs. Notably, Sargent also provided support to MaineDOT Maintenance by assisting with repairs to the guardrail on Ramps C & D following a recent truck accident. Furthermore, Sargent made progress with the placement of ITS conduit and completed excavating for the Levenseller Road Bridge abutment 1 footing. They also continued the excavation work for abutment 2 footing, on-site crushing operations, and clearing brush and blow downs along the fence line. Moreover, they successfully completed the construction of deer escape jump outs and continued installing conduit.

Meanwhile, T Buck has been actively working on several fronts as well. At the Eaton Brook Bridge site, they completed the installation of overhang brackets and bunks, and work progressed on installing forms for the deck. Notably, they installed shear studs, began placing rebar for the deck, and initiated the placement of forms and rebar for backwalls. Additionally, Badger Daylighting completed cleaning at Levenseller Road Bridge abutment 1 footing. At both the Eaton Brook and Levenseller Road Bridge sites, T Buck continued their efforts with placing rebar for decks, forming backwalls, and other necessary tasks to advance the construction process.

January 2024

Sargent continued placing riprap under-trench areas, excavated down to footer elevations at Levenseller Road Bridge, and constructed deer jump outs. At the Eaton Brook Bridge, T Buck completed installing bolts for girder supports, with structural steel scheduled for arrival.


December 2023

Sargent continued placing lightweight fill on ramp D, placing riprap on under-trench areas, and pressure tested a temporary water line north of Levenseller Road. Sargent also placed spread footer light bases and conduit on edge of Ramp D. T Buck continued work on the Eastern Avenue Bridge, completed rubbing and sealing finished surfaces. The same work was completed on the Clewleyville Road Bridge.

November 2023

Sargent has continued working on digging and preparing new roadway areas and slopes around bridges, placing gravel on approved areas, and managing various tasks like removing overburden gravel and installing pipes. Eastern Avenue was opened to traffic. T Buck worked on finishing surfaces for Clewleyville Road Bridge, Eastern Avenue Bridge, and Lambert Road Bridge, while starting work on Eaton Brook Bridge. Northeast Paving handled pavement tasks, and East Coast Signals worked on conduit installation and light foundations. Heath Hathaway Drilling and Blasting continued blasting operations, and C.A. Newcomb installed snow fence and guardrail at Eastern Avenue Bridge. On the Line added yellow and white lines on Eastern Avenue.

October 2023

Work throughout October has involved the following:

Sargent: Ongoing excavation and subgrade creation, along with gravel placement in approved areas, including the jughandle. Overburden removal from Ramp D and specific sections. Work on LWF subgrade and waterline installation, including new fire hydrants and RCP installations near box culverts. Riprap under-trench areas and fine grading for pavement.

T Buck: Clewleyville Road Bridge saw progress with bridge approach rail and curb transition installation, as well as sealer application to the bridge deck and curbs. Eastern Avenue Bridge work included deck rebar placement, concrete pouring, curb forming, and bridge rail installation. Eaton Brook Bridge preparations for pile caps with concrete jackets on piles. Northeast Paving milled bridge decks for Clewleyville Road and Eastern Avenue Bridges, and base pavement paving for Clewleyville Road Approaches.

East Coast Signals continued conduit installation, light base foundation installations, heat trace electrical service pedestal installation, and awaiting electric meter installation at Eastern Avenue.

September 2023

Sargent continued to move excavation, continued creating subgrade, and placing gravel on the approved areas. They assisted with blasting operations, completed backfilling Eastern Avenue Bridge abutment 2 up to approach slab grade, and Clewleyville Road Bridge abutments up to deck grade. Sargent completed installing end sloped sections of Critter Crossing 1 and Whitetail Crossing box culverts, completed backfilling around Critter Crossing 1, Eaton Tributary, and Whitetail Crossing box culverts, installed membrane on Whitetail Crossing and on Critter Crossing 1, installed temporary drainage under Levenseller Road, created crane pad at Eastern Avenue abutment 1, completed placing lightweight fill in area 4, began installing LWF in this area, began 16” waterline installation on Eastern Avenue Bridge, began excavation on the Jughandle, installed 18” RCP on Jughandle

T Buck performed work on Clewleyville Road Bridge, including placing concrete for deck, curbs, parapets, and approach slabs. Installed bridge rail. Work at Eastern Avenue Bridge saw the placement of concrete for abutment 2 wingwalls, backwall, and approach slab. They Installed bearings, set steel, torqued bolts, installed shear studs, and have begun forming and placing rebar for deck. Heath Hathaway Blasting continued operations north of Levenseller Road. C.A. Newcomb installed snow fence on Clewleyville Road Bridge. East Coast Signals installed conduit and fiber manholes with excavating assistance from Sargent.

August 2023

Sargent continued to move excavation, created subgrade, and added 1st lift of gravel to this area, placed gravel on these areas as well as on top of LWF of Ramp E & F, continued drainage with 36” RCP, completed backfilling Eastern Avenue Bridge abutment 1 up to approach slab grade, completed excavating for and installing bedding stone burrito for Eaton Tributary Box Culvert, began installing box culvert bottom sections, completed excavating Area 4 down to lightweight fill subgrade, and began placing lightweight fill in Area 4.

T Buck: Clewleyville Road Bridge: Continued forming and placing rebar for deck.

Eastern Avenue Bridge: Completed forming and placing rebar for Abutment 2 breastwall, placed concrete. Began forming and placing rebar for abutment 2 wingwalls and abutment 1 approach slab.

July 2023

Sargent continued to move excavation when weather allowed. They installed the waterproofing membrane on Snow Scooter Box Culvert and then began and completed placing lightweight fill over culvert. They completed backfilling Clewleyville Road Bridge abutment 2 up to approach slab grade and continued installing riprap drainage through clay dam. They also built and cast in place 4 (four) spread footing lighting foundations. T Buck: Clewleyville Road Bridge: Continued setting safety hardware and began forming deck. Eastern Avenue Bridge: Began forming and placing rebar for Abutment 2 breastwall. East Coast Signals continued installing conduit with excavating and backfilling assistance from Sargent. HB Flemming completed pile work on Eaton Brook West (abutment 1).

June 2023

Sargent continued box culvert backfilling and applied membrane at Snow Scooter Box Culvert, they also prepped area to receive and began installing Lightweight Fill. Sargent continued installing RCP’s and began removing soil overburden on Ramps E & F to prepare for Lightweight Fill in that area. T Buck worked on Clewleyville Road Bridge: Completed placing forms and rebar for Abutment 2 east wingwall and west wingwall section 1, placed concrete in both areas and Eastern Avenue Bridge: Completed placing forms and rebar for Abutment 1 breastwall and placed concrete. East Coast Signals continued installing the ITS conduit (with digging and backfilling assistance from Sargent). HB Fleming completed driving piles at Eaton Brook East and has moved to Eaton Brook West.

May 2023

Sargent has continued to work throughout the winter. They currently have closed Clewleyville Road and Eastern Avenue. Excavation has been removed from both of these roads and bridge abutment footers have been started on both. Sargent has also begun installing four box culverts between Levenseller Road and the Route 9 end of the project. T Buck has worked on the Clewleyville Road Bridge to include placing concrete for both abutment footers and abutment 1 breastwall and east wingwall section 2 and they have also placed concrete for abutment 2 at the Eastern Avenue Bridge and have begun form work for abutment 1. Heath Hathaway Blasting has continued drilling and blasting.