I-395/Route 9 Connector Project

I-395 Connector Map

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The Maine Department of Transportation has developed the I-395/Route 9 Connector project to complete a “missing link” between I-395 and Route 9 in north central Maine. The new road will provide a regional solution to problems of transportation system connection, safety, and mobility. The greater Bangor/Brewer area is the economic and employment center for the north central region of the state. It’s also a hub for the movement of goods because of its proximity to the interstate highway system and Canadian markets.

Latest News

11/15/19: The bridge on the Route 9 Connector project has been delayed due to budgetary challenges.

The bridge is now scheduled to advertise in the spring of 2020 with construction beginning that summer. There will be a public meeting regarding the remainder of the connector in the spring of 2020. After that meeting, the final design and right of way process begins.

2/22/2019: Route 9/I-395 Connector Updates: 02/22/19

Work has continued on developing the design for the connector. Geotech crews have been out gathering information along the alignment. ... read more

6/22/2018: Route 9/I-395 Connector Updates: 06/22/18

A preliminary public meeting with project updates will be held at 6 PM June 27, 2018 at the Eddington Elementary School (440 Main Road). ... read more

Additional Information


MaineDOT held an informational meeting on July 20, 2016, regarding the I-395 / Route 9 Connector and the Federal Highway Administration’s recent decision approving Alternative 2B-2 as the build alternative. MaineDOT staff explained the study background and described the process moving forward.

Disclaimer: The previous study website for the I-395/Route 9 Connector study has been removed. Any historical information is available upon request.