Economic Evaluation Study for Commuter and Passenger Train Service Between Portland and the Lewiston and Auburn Area


MaineDOT recognizes that passenger rail is an important part of the statewide transportation network and affects how people decide to travel as well as where to work and live. Following the Lewiston-Auburn Passenger Rail Service Plan published in 2019, L.D. 991 requires MaineDOT to conduct an economic evaluation study for passenger service along two alternatives identified in that study to understand potential development around stations and the economic impact of commuter rail service in this corridor. The goal of this evaluation is to further the project with regards to alternatives evaluation, station planning, and economic impacts.

Supporting Documents

Advisory Council

  • Lincoln Jeffers
    Director of Economic and Community Development, City of Lewiston
  • Michael Murray
    Assistant Director of Public Works, City of Portland
  • Jack Clifford
    Lewiston and Auburn Railroad Company