Bidder Info

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Bid Book Inserts

The following documents contain bidding instructions and other important information included in all applicable State and Federal bid solicitations.

Electronic Advertising

In accordance with 23 MRSA  § 753, the Maine Department of Transportation has transitioned to almost 100% electronic advertising on the Internet instead of advertising in newspapers. This saves the Department over $100,000 per year.

The MaineDOT Contracts website provides real time information far beyond solicitations for bids. It also contains bid results, contractor prequalification information, electronic copies of our Standard Specifications and Standard Details, and other information. We also provide a link to our electronic bidding site. If you have any questions, please contact George Macdougall at 207-624-3353 or fax 207-624-3431.

Electronic Bidding, Bid Bonds & Faxed Bid Bonds

Electronic Bidding

MaineDOT supports and encourages electronic bidding by contractors. General information regarding the electronic bidding service used by MaineDOT may be viewed on the Bid Express ® website. To find required files for electronically biddable contracts, select Maine in the above website's list of states and then locate the applicable letting date.

For additional information about our electronic bidding process, please contact Rebecca Snowden / 207-624-3515.

Electronic Bid Bonds & Faxed Bid Bonds

MaineDOT supports and encourages electronic bidding by contractors. We accept electronic bids for those contract proposals posted on the Bid Express ® electronic bidding website.

To facilitate submission of the required bid guaranty when using electronic Bids, the Department will accept either:

  • an electronic bid bond submitted via the Expedite bidding software which will process bonds from agencies utilizing either the SurePath or Surety2000 electronic registry services, or;
  • a fax of a signed Bid Bond (permissible for either electronic or paper Bids) which must be received prior to the Bid Opening. This should be faxed to 207-624-3431. If this is done, the apparent low bidder must then deliver the original Bid Bond to the MaineDOT Contracts Section within 72 hours after the Bid Opening.

* Note that the proposal (contract) identification number used to create the e-bonds must be in the same format as shown on the BidX site. Normally, there are six digits in front of the decimal point with leading zeros, if needed, such as "001234.56". The electronic bonds must use the same proposal number to process correctly. Other contract documents may not show the leading zeros.

Any questions concerning this process may be directed to Rebecca Snowden / 207-624-3515.

Electronic Payroll System

Beginning 1/1/2010 the Department of Transportation required the use of electronic payroll submission on all contracts that utilize Davis-Bacon (federal) wage rates. This requirement is for all payrolls by primes and subcontractors. Paper payrolls will not be allowed.

Beginning 1/1/2011 notification of payments from MDOT to the prime contractors and their subsequent payment to their subcontractors became effective. This is a requirement on all contracts that utilize Davis-Bacon wage rates.

Web based training is offered monthly through Elation Systems. If you are registered with Elation, you will receive an invitation and a reminder. If not, please contact MaineDOT. It will be helpful to everyone if you register with Elation Systems as soon as you know you will be the prime or a subcontractor on a contract utilizing Davis-Bacon (federal) wages.

  1. Go to the website:;
  2. Click on “New Registration”, use the Promo Code: MDOT-2019;
  3. Complete the on-line registration application;
  4. Respond to the 1st of two e-mails by clicking the link in the message, the 2nd e-mail will confirm that your account has been activated;
  5. Log into the system, click on the “Get Started/Help” link located near the upper right corner of the screen. This will provide online instruction on how to get started with the system.

Once these steps are complete, you will be ready to submit electronic certified payrolls. The “Get Started/Help” link also has detailed information on the payroll submittal and payment notification processes and you can contact MDOT to request a copy of the user’s guide furnished by Elation Systems.

Tech support is available from 8AM to 8PM (M-F) at 925-924-0340 x 100. Elation Systems’ help line is the first line for assistance and they should be able to answer most, if not all, of your questions.

If your issue is not resolved or you have ideas to improve the system, please contact the MDOT Contractor Liaison, Angela Latno, at 207-624-3519. She will help coordinate with Elation Systems to resolve the issue.

There is no charge to the contractor to use the system or to request assistance from Elation Systems Support staff.