Tips for Experienced eBird users

The Atlas uses 2 different eBird Portals.  Here is how to know which one to use.

In simple terms…

Choose this link if your checklist was during Migration Season or Winter Atlas Season
Choose this link if your checklist was during Breeding Season

I submitted a checklist to the wrong portal.  What do I do?

It is easy to accidently submit a checklist in the wrong portal.  Luckily, it is a simple process to link a checklist you already submitted to a different portal.  Note that changing which portal a checklist is linked to can only be done on a computer, not through the app.

How to link a checklist to a different portal

How do I keep track of block boundaries?

It is important to keep track of block boundaries when atlasing so that your observations are assigned to the correct atlas block.  Read the blog post by Doug Hitchcox which covers this topic in detail. 

Atlas blog: beware of block boundaries

Checking Safe Dates

Here is a useful tool for quickly looking up safe dates.  (Many thanks to Christine Murray for building this!)

Lookup safe dates