Final 2021 Protocols Released

Maine EMS and the MDPB have released the final version of the 2021 Protocols.  These protocols

  • Are NOT for use until December 1, 2021
  • Require protocol update education

The protocols can be found on the MDPB Resource Page

Education is being finalized for the updates.  The anticipated plan is that: 

  • There will be a live zoom meeting for each of the six Maine EMS regions. anyone can attend any of these meetings - you do not need to be from that region specifically.
  • The education will also be on MEMSEd, so individuals can do the update 24/7 at their convenience, with the ability to stop and resume where ever you leave off.
  • You only need to do either the live session or the MEMSEd session but are welcome to do both, as the live session will allow for Q&A.

The dates and zoom access info will be published and shared widely in the coming weeks.

Again, these protocols are for use AFTER December 1, 2021.