Pre K For ME

The Maine DOE is pleased to provide an open-source curriculum for preschool classrooms.

This research-based, whole child curriculum meets the requirements of Chapter 124: Public Preschool Program Standards and is developmentally appropriate for four-year old children. Adapted from the Boston Public Schools’ Focus on K1 curriculum, Pre K for ME is intended to support any preschool teacher in providing a rich, play-based, intentional curriculum that is aligned to Maine’s Early Learning and Development Standards as well as the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework. When implemented with fidelity, Pre K for ME builds social-emotional, executive function, language, literacy, math, and vocabulary skills. In addition, students’ conceptual knowledge around a variety of topics is enhanced—an important component for school success.

If you’re considering implementing Pre K for ME in your classroom, it’s important to first review the guiding documents. These resources provide information about the curriculum components and help teachers identify the various environmental, scheduling, and material requirements necessary to fully implement the curriculum.
To access the guiding documents, resources and individually themed units, simply select the corresponding link below. *

Access the Pre K For ME Curriculum Guiding Documents here.

Additional curriculum resources:

School year pacing calendar (suggested)          School year pacing calendar (blank)

Sample Daily Schedules (full and half-day)        Thinking and Feedback-Visual Aids

Visual book inventory for units 1-6                      Material & Book Lists

Additional math resources:

Rational Counting Concepts & Skills Observation Tool     

Rote Counting Concepts & Skills Observation Tool

Communicating With Families (sample)          Workshop Group Observation Tool

Resources for additional math information & activities

Additional technology resources:

Technology Supplement Statement   Unit Guide to Technology Supplements   Technology Resources

Unit 1: Family
                   Unit 1: Family
Unit 2 Friends
                   Unit 2: Friends
wind and water
            Unit 3: Wind and Water
            Unit 4: World of Color







 Unit 5: Shadows & Reflections     Unit 6: Things That Grow

      Unit 5: Shadows & Reflections                      Unit 6: Things That Grow






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