High School Completion/HiSET™

The Maine adult education system offers assistance to those seeking to earn their HiSET™ or Adult High School Diploma. 



If you're an adult without a high school diploma, the High School Equivalency Test (HiSET™) could be your route to improved career prospects, further education, and increased earnings potential. HiSET™ replaces the GED in Maine.


HiSET™ provides adults with the opportunity to obtain a high school equivalency certification with the same legal standing as a high school diploma. Through a pre-testing, preparation, and testing program, it allows test-takers to demonstrate proficiency of the academic skills and knowledge expected by employers and post-secondary institutions. HiSET™ consists of five subtests and is aligned with OCTAE’s College and Career Readiness Standards for Adults:

  • Language arts- Reading
  • Language Arts- Writing
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies

To learn more about the HiSET™ and how to prepare, contact your local Maine adult education program and visit the links below.

  • Test at a Glance: This HiSET™ Information Brief provides a description of each subject area, including content and process categories. 
  • Prepare for the HiSET™ Test: Get the HiSET™ experience by taking these free, 30–45-minute practice tests.

Adult High School Completion


Adult High School Diploma programs are secondary educational offerings that lead to an adult high school diploma awarded by the local school district. Because programs vary from location to location, please contact your local Maine Adult Education program for more information.


Request GED Transcripts/ Adult High School Diplomas

If you earned a GED or HiSET™ in Maine, you can request GED and HiSET transcripts using the DiplomaSender website. DiplomaSender provides a single-source, internet-based service to accurately manage all high school equivalency testing and diploma data in an environment that is secure and accessible.


If you need a transcript for an Adult High School Diploma, please contact the Maine adult education program where you earned the diploma.