Continuum of Engagement

Student engagement is front and center of many educators' minds these days.  In this module, hear what current research on engagement says and learn practical strategies for improving student engagement.

students working with teachers

Research on Engagement
There is a lot a great research about student engagement.  In this video, we briefly cover the psychological model of engagement.  Then we review five enemies of engagement and five ways to counteract them.  This is based on the research by Dennis Shirley and Andy Hargreaves.  A link to their book is listed below.

The Continuum of Engagement

Although we often talk about students as either being engaged or disengaged, the Continuum of Engagement breaks it down even further.  By taking a more nuanced look at engagement, we can discover more ways to improve student engagement.   A link to the 

Engagement Questions -

This Google Doc links the continuum and questions covered in the video.  You will be asked to make a copy.

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