Project-Based Learning Modules

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Designing curriculum to be Interdisciplinary Project-Based Learning (PBL) is an idea advanced by John Dewey many decades ago. In the modern era, technology advances in work, school, and life make the PBL approach not just a good idea, but a necessity. We call on learning from multiple disciplines as we evaluate a situation, determine problems to solve, design solutions, and share both knowledge and work with others. Understanding how to design PBL curriculum is the goal of the Maine DOE Interdisciplinary Instruction team. 

The Project-Based Learning Modules are not scheduled for specific days and times, but rather available when you need them and have time. Some of the modules are recorded videos and some are a combination of videos, articles, information, and activities. Some modules are able to be completed in one sitting, while others may require you to access the components over several sessions.


Project-Based Learning Essentials
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