Maine Learning Results Social Studies

The Maine Learning Results, which include the History/Social Studies component of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for English Language Arts (ELA) & Literacy, are the Maine social studies standards.

Local schools make decisions about the identification of resources that will support teachers and students in their learning and understanding in social studies. The Maine Department of Education offers materials on this page to assist schools in their local efforts.

Maine Learning Results - Social Studies

  • Social Studies Standards: PDF (99KB) | RTF (434KB)
  • Comprehensive: PDF (252KB)

Note: The Maine Learning Results for all subject areas, as well as the associated glossary, are available online.

Supporting Materials Specific to Social Studies

History/Social Studies in CCSS for ELA & Literacy

The Maine Learning Results have been updated to include a History/Social Studies component in the CCSS for ELA & Literacy. The CCSS support a shared responsibility for students’ literacy development and emphasize that, while students learn to read and write in ELA, they apply and develop specific literacy skills through engagement in social studies content.

Social studies is incorporated in the K-5 ELA Standards with expectations for reading, writing, speaking, listening and language applicable to a range of subjects with an emphasis on informational texts.

CCSS for Literacy in History/Social Studies parallel the 6-12 ELA Standards. Both use the same College Career Ready Anchor Standards and include grade span standards particular to the discipline(s).

Additional CCSS Resources for Consideration