Inquiry-Based Instruction & Multilingual Learners

Multilingual learners (ML) replaces the term English-language learners (ELL or EL).  

Inquiry-based instruction provides a rich learning environment for multilingual learners.  In this learning experiences, MLs encounter both content and language learning opportunities.  In this way, they learn appropriately-level content while working on their English skills in real-world, meaningful contexts.  Watch the videos and explore the resources below to learn more about how to use inquiry-based practices with your multilingual learners.

Using Inquiry with Multilingual Learners


Using the 5Es with Multilingual Learners


Multilingual Learner Resources

 Lexicool - online translation tool

Using Sentence Frames with ELLs (Colorín Colorado) 

Scaffolds to Support English Language Learners in Writing and Discussion (Achieve the Core)

Vocabulary Slideshow Template

  • Collins COBUILD - online student dictionary with images, videos, pronunciations
For more information about multilingual learners and the WIDA English language development standards framework, please contact: