Professional Practice Models

The menu below outlines the approved professional practice models for teachers and principals. 
Professional Practice Models for Teachers
Professional Practice Models for Principals
Digital Observation Tools for Approved Models 

Digital observation tools, such as those identified below, are powerful, but optional, elements of a PE/PG system.  The Department neither requires nor regulates the use of this technology, but SAUs should be aware of the *proprietary rights. Proprietary rights prohibit users from uploading the model product into any but the digital platform designated by the creator of the model.  Many digital tools are available, including Great Schools Partnerships’  iWalkthrough, and a free version developed in a Google Docs platform

  • Marzano— Exclusive proprietary rights granted to iObservation
  • Danielson, 2011 and 2013 ed.—Exclusive proprietary rights granted to Teachscape
  • MSFE TPEG and LPEG Rubrics—Tower
  • MPA model—No designated tool; if desired, SAUs may purchase any digital engine they choose.