NEO Data System

This system communicates with other existing systems the department uses to produce reports and is also used as a data collection system for other State and Federal Reports.

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Currently, NEO has the following modules:

  • Bomb Threat Reporting - this module collects basic data on bomb threat incident that occur at public and private schools. It is also a tool that superintendents can use to analyze the districts bomb threat history. The district superintendent is the only person who has access to this module.
  • Bullying Reporting System
  • Data Collection & Reporting - this module details all state reporting requirements and due dates
  • Facilities Data Reporting - This module collects basic facilities data that public schools are required to report to the state. It is also a tool that school administrators can use to develop facilities plans and share data with school boards. The district superintendent, business manager and facilities director should have access to NEO Facilities.
  • Graduation & Dropout Data Reporting - any school staff that is charged to validate graduation and dropout data for all high schools should have access to this module. In addition, any staff from elementary schools which contains grades 7 or 8 should also have access to validate any potential dropouts.
  • Maine Schools Infrastructure Reporting - annual infrastructure data for each school administrative unit and school. Superintendents must modify and certify this annually. All schools public and private are required to complete this.  In addition, public schools are also required to complete the annual School Approval section of this module.
  • Nutrition Data Reporting - There are three parts operating currently.
    • The first module is the online documentation to participate in the National School Lunch Programs. The old policy packet is now completely online. This includes all of the beginning of the year paperwork, the “Accepting Policy Statement”, uploading files, and entering data.
    • The second module is the online monthly claim for reimbursement of meals and snacks. This includes the school detail, district financial, and the actually claim. All forms are connected so data flows from one form to the next. The claim form must be approved by the superintendent for payment.
    • The third, is the USDA Food module, this includes the annual order of USDA Foods. Annual orders are made the last week of August and the first week of September. Contact and delivery information and monthly orders are online. This online process is the only way to receive reimbursement and USDA Food.
  • Restraint & Seclusion Incident Reporting (R&S) - This module is for the annual report submissions for the number of physical restraints, seclusions and serious bodily injuries for students throughout the school year.
  • Special Education Data Reporting - This module has three components:
    • Manage Special Education Placements – EFS 01 - When a student is placed out of district to a special purpose private school or a regional program, the sending SAU must notify the Department of this placement by creating an electronic EFS 01.
    • Special Education Tuition Report – EFS 214 - When an SAU expects to pay more than 4 times the statewide EPS special education rate in tuition and board for an individual special education student in an approved out-of-district placement, you must include this student on this report.
    • Request for Subsidy Allocation of Tuition and Board for Students with Disabilities – EFS 07 - SAUs compile and report electronically a list of students and special education tuition and board costs for students who are placed out of district. The future years’ EPS special education allocation calculations will be based on the amount indicated.
  • Staff Data Reporting - The NEO Staff system is an application to record data on all staff members. NEO Staff uses a hierarchy data entry methodology by providing only the necessary options to an end-user for completing the task at hand. Data entered in NEO Staff is used for both EPS and Certification needs as well as providing reports as needed for state and federal programs.
  • Student Data - this module houses all student data needed for reporting.
  • Transportation Data Reporting - This module collects school transportation reports that public schools are required to report to the state. It is also a tool that school administrators can use to develop transportation plans and share data with school boards. The district superintendent, business manager and transportation director should have access to NEO Transportation.