Home Instruction Student Information

Home Instruction students who may attend public school on a part time basis:

Under 20-A MRSA Section 5021, subsection 8, a school administrative unit is entitled to receive state subsidy for any student who receives instruction through one or more on-site academic courses from a public school but is not a full-time student.

  • The rate of reimbursement must be established in increments of 0.25 full-time equivalent status up to 1.0 full-time equivalent status* based on the average amount of time per day that a student receives on-site academic services from a public school.
  • For more information on Equivalent instruction programs and requirements please refer to 20-A M.R.S.A. Chapter 211, Subchapter 1, Section 5001-A(3)(A)(3) and Subchapter 1-A.

Under 20-A MRSA Section 5021, subsection 3, a student receiving home-school instruction is eligible for special education services, as provided under federal regulations, in accordance with section 5001-A and relevant department procedures and standards.

  • For 1-25% - at least one course to up to 25% of the school day is spent in academic courses in public or private schools approved for tuition.
  • For 26-50% - at least 26% to 50% of the school day.
  • For 51-75% - at least 51% to 75% of the school day.
  • For 76% plus - at least 76% of the school day.

Home Instruction students who are 100% home schooled: