Graduation Reporting Instructions

Graduation and Dropout reporting has been split into three separate reporting cycles:

  • Pre-graduation reporting
  • Graduation certification
  • Dropout certification

Pre-graduation reporting

For the next few cohort years, schools are asked to validate the first three years of the student’s graduation data in April/May time frame. This will allow schools to correct and start codes or exit codes for their students in order to account for accurate Transfer-Ins and Transfer-Outs for all student enrollments.

In addition, schools will have a current year end-of-year certification for all students validating the start codes and exit codes for all students. In a few years, this April/May validation will no longer be needed and schools will only need to certify end-of-year data.

This will allow the Maine Department of Education to provide more timely graduation rate data which can be used for the State’s Accountability System.

Graduation Certification

Once the pre-graduation reporting has been completed, all a school need do is to ensure the start and exit codes for students in the current school year are accurate. Once that has been completed, the data in the NEO Graduation module should be good with minimal changes that need to be made.

Graduation Rate Reporting Instructions

Dropout Certification

Because dropouts can not be calculated until after the October 1 enrollments have been completed, it was necessary to remove the dropout rate reporting out of the graduation rate reporting process.

Dropout Rate Reporting Instructions (updated instructions coming soon)