Proposed Rules & Rule Changes

As a state agency, the Maine Department of Education is charged with adopting rules to implement laws passed by the Maine Legislature. This page lists the rule chapters to which the Department is proposing changes and the rule chapters the Department is proposing for the first time.

This page also contains rule changes proposed by the State Board of Education. All proposed rules and rule changes below have been filed by the Maine DOE unless otherwise specified.

The Department adopts all rules in accordance with Maine's Administrative Procedure Act, which requires public and legislative notice of rulemaking and the submission of all major substantive rules to the Legislature for review and approval.

Note: A provisionally adopted rule is the version of the rule the Maine DOE sends to the Legislature for final adoption. A provisionally adopted rule has gone through a process that offers the public an opportunity to comment.

The Department has developed an infographic to outline the rulemaking process the Department follows.

    Chapter 40

    • Rule Title: Rule for Medication Administration in Maine Schools
    • Filing Agency: This is a rule of the Department of Education
    • Action Proposed: Rule Revision Pursuant to PL 2019 Chapter 32
    • Notice:  Chapter 40 Notice posted October 9, 2019
    • Public Hearing Date: October 28, 2019
    • Comment Deadline: November 22, 2019
    • Provisional Adoption Rule Language January 9, 2020:  Chapter 40 provisional language with Legislative Format
    • Summary of Comments and Responses before Provisional Adoption:  Summary

        Chapter 112

        • Rule Title: Professional Standards Board
        • Filing Agency: This is a rule of the State Board of Education
        • Action Proposed: New Rule
        • Notice:  Chapter 112 Notice posted 
        • Public Hearing Date: None
        • Comment Deadline: April 24, 2020
        • Proposed Rule Language March 13, 2020: Chapter 112 proposed language

            Chapter 115

            Chapter 125

            • Rule Title: Basic School Approval Standards: Public Schools and School Administrative Units
            • Filing Agency: This is a joint rule of the Maine Department of Education and the State Board of Education
            • Action: Rule Revised
            • Notice:  Chapter 125 Notice posted November 22, 2019
            • Public Hearing: December 16, 2019
            • Effective Date of Revised Rule:  May 23, 2020
            • Final Adoption of Rule:   Chapter 125 effective May 23, 2020

            Chapter 132


              Chapter 180

              • Rule Title: Performance Evaluation and Professional Growth Systems
              • Filing Agency: This is a Department of Education rule
              • Action Proposed: Rule Revision Pursuant to PL 2019 Chapter 27
              • Notice:  Chapter 180 Notice posted October 9, 2019
              • Public Hearing: October 28, 2019
              • Comment Deadline:  November 22, 2019
              • Provisional Adoption Rule Language January 9, 2020:  Chapter 180 provisional language with Legislative Format
              • Summary of Comments and Responses before Provisional Adoption:  Summary

              View all Maine DOE rule chapters on the Secretary of State's website.

              Regulatory Agenda

              The Regulatory Agenda describes all of the Maine Department of Education's expected rulemaking activity for the time period of October 2019 - August 2020.  This listing of the Regulatory Agenda is prepared to comply with the Maine Administrative Procedures Act.  



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              Director of Policy and Government Affairs

              Karen Kusiak
              Legislative Affairs

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              Federal and State Legislative Liaison