Maine Office of Outdoor Recreation


The Maine Office of Outdoor Recreation leverages Maine’s assets and outdoor recreation heritage to grow the outdoor recreation economy and build Maine’s outdoor recreation brand as part of a coordinated effort with partners from the public and private sectors.

  • Build Maine’s outdoor recreation brand with private & public-sector partners.
  • Assist with rural economic and destination development initiatives.
  • Facilitate coordination of outdoor recreation marketing and research efforts with state agencies.
  • Promote health benefits by encouraging active lifestyles.
  • Serve as central point of contact for outdoor recreation industry for trends & issues.

“Time and time again, when leaders invest in outdoor recreation the result is healthier communities and healthier economies.”   The Outdoor Recreation Economy, Outdoor Industry Association


The concept for this office is based on the realization that Maine needed to better coordinate efforts and enhance its presence in the United States as an Outdoor Recreation State. The Office of Outdoor Recreation was created in September 2018 with a limited period position through June 2019.In 2017, a group of Maine outdoor product companies came together to establish Maine Outdoor Brands (MOB), a non-profit alliance whose goal it is to help drive the success of its member brands. In less than 18 months, MOB has grown to nearly 90 members whose combined annual sales exceed $2B. MOB worked with Maine’s Department of Economic & Community Development to encourage creation of the Office to advance the Maine’s outdoor recreation economy. 

Generating over $8.2 billion in annual consumer spending, $548M in state and local taxes and sustaining 76,000 jobs statewide, the outdoor recreation industry is an essential element of Maine’s economy. 

The Outdoor Recreation Economy, Outdoor Industry Association

Contact – Carolann Ouellette, Director, 207-624-9824