Home Repair Network

The Home Repair Network Program (HRN) provides funding statewide to address housing problems of low- and moderate-income persons. This program will provide housing rehabilitation services administered on a regional basis throughout Maine, as stated below.

  1. Special Threshold Criteria and Certifications: HRN Program funds will be distributed through a set aside of CDBG funds provided to the City of Rockland as the lead community. The lead community will establish a legally binding contract with each of the participating Maine Community Action Agencies (or other approved entity) to provide Housing Rehabilitation Services in the region. Participation in the HRN delivery system is subject to the approval of the Director of the OCD.

  2. Eligible Activities: Eligible activities under the HRN Program are rehabilitation of occupied or vacant single-family or multi-family housing units, demolition, same site replacement housing, provision of potable water and sewer, energy conservation, removal/mitigation of lead-based paint, asbestos, radon, or other hazardous material, removal of architectural barriers and the Critical Access Ramp Program (via Alpha One).

  3. Housing units ineligible for Home Repair Network assistance: Housing units located in communities that have current CDBG Housing Rehabilitation programs or the entitlement communities of Auburn, Bangor, Biddeford, Lewiston, Portland and all of Cumberland County with the exception of Brunswick and Frye Island are not eligible for financial assistance under the HRN program.

  4. Maximum HRN Grant Amount: $1,700,000. Allocations to each of the established regions will be determined by the Office of Community Development.

  5. Maximum Administrative Costs: The HRN Program allows expenditures for general and rehabilitation administration. The total general and rehabilitation administration expenditures may not exceed 20% of the grant amount. The City of Rockland is allowed a maximum of $5,000 in administrative funding.

Please see the current Program Statement for further program information.