Forms and Materials

This section has been created to guide grantees through the Project Development Phase to the final closeout of the grant. These sections are divided into the following categories:

  • Civil Rights - documents for community awareness and assuring compliance with Federal requirements.
  • Contracting and Labor Standards - Forms and guidebooks for assuring proper procurement and labor standards compliance.
  • Environmental Review - Guidebook and forms for the successful completion of the Environmental Review as required by HUD and the National Environmental Policy Act.
  • Financial Management - Forms and guides to assure proper record keeping and disbursement/expenditure of project funds.
  • Housing - Forms and guidebooks detailing proper management of low income housing programs and project benefit.
  • Monitoring Packages - Tools to assist in the required monitoring procedures for all CDBG programs.
  • Section 3  - Business Registry and forms for assuring proper compliance with Section 3 requirements
  • Slum & Blight - Documents for declaring spot blight and area-wide blight to comply with HUD and State regulations.
  • Surveys & Income Information - Section 8 Income Limits, County-wide income survey forms for Community and Economic Development Programs, and the Survey Methodology Handbook.