Urgent Need Grant Program

The Urgent need Grant (UN) Program provides funding to communities to address serious and immediate threats to health and welfare which are declared state or federal disasters.

  1. Project Eligibility: Pursuant to Section 104 (b) 3 of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974, as amended (see 24 CFR Section 570.483(d)), the applicant must address a community development need which meets all four criteria listed below:

(a) poses a serious and immediate threat to the health or welfare of the community;

(b) originated or became a direct threat to public health and safety no more than 18 months prior to submission of the application;

(c) is a project the applicant cannot finance on its own. “Cannot finance on its own” means, that the town’s tax burden, regulatory structure, utility user fees, bonding capacity, or previous or existing budgetary commitments, precludes it from assuming the additional financial obligation needed for this project; and

(d) cannot be addressed with other sources of funding.

  1. Program Requirements:

(a) Necessary Documentation: The emergency situation must require immediate action to alleviate the serious and imminent threat of injury or loss of life resulting from a natural or man-made cause.

(b) State or Federal Declaration of Disaster: The applicant must submit documentation that the project to be assisted with UN funds will take place in an area that has received a state or federal declaration of disaster. In addition, the activities to be assisted must be a direct result of the event leading to the declaration. This requirement may be waived by the Director of OCD with just cause.

(c) Application Submittal: Applicants must submit a complete UN application that includes all required information and documentation.

Please see the current Program Statement for further program information.