Public Service Grant Program

The Public Service Grant (PSG) Program addresses community and business resource needs by providing funding for operating expenses, equipment, and program materials for activities which will benefit low/moderate income (LMI) persons.

  1. Eligible Activities: Eligible activities include but are not limited to, operating and program material expenses for the purpose of providing workforce training and skills development, child care, health care, recreation programs, education programs, public safety services, fair housing activities, senior citizen services, homeless services, drug abuse/mental health counseling and treatment.

  2. Project Benefit: Eligible PSG projects must provide benefits to one of the groups of persons listed below and be in support of an identified business or non-profit entity:

(a) Participants in a program where 51% or greater of the persons receiving benefit from PSG activities are determined to be LMI.

(b) Persons who are members of the following groups that are currently presumed by HUD to meet benefit requirements. The presumption may be challenged if there is substantial evidence the group served by the project is most likely not comprised of principally LMI persons;

• Abused Children (Does not include “at-risk” youth) • Battered Spouses (Does not include all victims of domestic violence) • Elderly Persons (62 years +, or 55 years + for housing) • Severely Disabled Adults • Homeless Persons • Illiterate Adults • Migrant Farm Workers • Persons Living with AIDS

  1. All communities applying for PSG funds must certify that: The activity represents a new service to the community; or a quantifiable increase in the level of an existing service;

  2. Maximum PSG Amount: $50,000

Please see the current Program Statement for further program information.