Domestic Trade

Data Reports

The Domestic Trade Program at DECD’s Office of Business Development is committed to measurement and outcomes for the impact of Maine’s sales of goods and services  to the US economy.

DECD’s Data Reports are centered around three major themes: 

  • Annual Baseline studies, including comparisons from year to year
  • Industry Profiles that are highlighting Maine’s pandemic-impacted industries
  • Special initiatives that identify opportunities to grow Maine’s domestic trade.

Annual Domestic Trade Baseline studies and comparisons

Industry Profiles

Agriculture – Food and Beverage

Clean Energy

Construction and Trades

Fishing, Seafood and Aquaculture

Forestry and Forest Products

  • Forestry & Forest Products: Industry Profile (PDF) (May 2023)
  • Maine Wood Pellets Market Profile (PDF) (2022) - Maine has several companies that manufacture wood pellets, which are biofuels made from compressed wood fiber. Wood pellets are primarily made from the residuals left over from the sawmilling process when logs are converted into lumber and other high-value wood-products and are then used in residential and industrial applications. Read more about growing market for this product.
  • Pulp and Paper Mill Products Market Profile (PDF) (2022) - This profile is intended to provide an overview of Maine's Pulp, Paper and Paperboard Mills industry (NAICS 3221), including the current presence of the industry in the state, its markets and products, and the outlook for industry products.
  • Maine Mass Timber / CLT Market Profile (PDF) (2021) - Mass timber is a category of framing styles typically characterized by the use of large solid wood panels for wall, floor, and roof construction. The strength and dimensional stability of mass timber offers a low-carbon alternative to steel, concrete, and masonry for many applications. Cross-laminated timber is a key mass timber product. Maine is well situated to support the manufacture of mass timber/CLT products.

Information Technology

Logistics - Transportation and Warehousing


Outdoor Recreation