Maine Wildfire Arson Reward Program

Between 2006 and 2010, 316 wildfires were intentionally set by arsonists in Maine. In an effort to reduce this serious criminal activity which threatens our States’ vital natural resources, the Maine Forest Service, in cooperation with the Maine Federation of Firefighters and numerous other interested groups established the Maine Wildland Arson Reward Program in 1996.

Under the direction of the Maine Forest Service – Forest Protection Division, a committee has been formed to review all wildland arson cases and determine whether information leading to an arrest, conviction, or both, warrants consideration for a monetary reward. Rewards range from @250.00 to $1,000.00. To date, this committee is represented by Large Industrial Landowners, Small Woodlot Owners Association of Maine, Federal Lands, State Public Lands, the Maine Federation of Firefighters, the Maine Fire Chief’s Association, and the Maine Forest Service.

A number of organizations have already donated funds to kick off this important program, with many others expressing interest in supporting this wildfire prevention initiative. Should your organization or company be interested in contributing to the Maine Wildland Arson Reward Program or wish additional information, please contact Maine Forest Service’s Forest Fire Supervisor at (207) 287-4990 or Maine Forest Service’s Fire Prevention Specialist at (207) 287-4989. You may also write to the Maine Forest Service, 22 State House Station, Harlow Building, Augusta ME 04333. All contributions should be made out to the Maine Wildand Arson Reward Program and sent to: Maine Federation of Fire Fighters, Jeff Maker, 89 Lafayette Street, Calais, ME 04619. All reward contributions must come from sources other than the General Fund of the State of Maine. All contributions will be used entirely for arson reward purposes only.

Thank you,
The Maine Wildland Arson Reward Committee

Informational Poster (pdf format)