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Red Flag

On an average year, Maine experiences 2 – 3 Red Flag Warnings due to high fire danger. These warnings are different than the daily fire danger rating.

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Fire Spread

Larger recreational fires are more likely to escape. Keep your fires small so they are easier to put out if the weather conditions change.

Burning in Maine? New law about fire size is now in effect in Maine

A new law came into effect in October 2023. Burn permits are now required for all fires larger than 3’ high and 3’ wide.

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  • Advice for burning brush (MP3 | 1.01 MB)
    During this time of year, forest fires and grass fires have been known to threaten homes in Maine. For that reason, Maine’s Forest Rangers urge citizens to use extreme caution when burning brush piles. Always obtain a burn permit, follow the guidelines, and make sure the fire is completely out before you leave. For more information, visit
  • Proper disposal of wood ash (MP3 | 1.01 MB)
    Each year, many wildland fires in Maine are started by careless disposal of woodstove ashes.  Maine’s Forest Rangers urge homeowners to use caution when disposing ash. As the air temperature gets warmer and the ground cover dries out, the likelihood of a wildfire increases significantly. Maine’s Forest Rangers: protecting homes from wildfire for over 100 years.

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