Commissioner's Staff

Timothy E. Peabody, Deputy Commissioner

Tim began working for the Department as a Game Warden in 1983. He worked in several capacities, being promoted to a Game Warden Investigator, then a Sergeant and finally worked his last 6 years in the Maine Warden Service as the Colonel until his retirement in 2004. Tim went to work in the private sector as the Associate Professor of the Conservation Law Program at Unity College for 10 years. At Unity College he also became the Center Director for the Center for Natural Resource Management and Protection which carried various administrative responsibilities until he retired in 2014.

In 2015 he was appointed to Deputy Commissioner and in this capacity he assists the Commissioner with managing the agency budget, personnel evaluations and oversight for all Bureaus of the agency, collaborates with other agencies on joint projects, oversees policy and procedures, manages legislative matters, is involved in the rulemaking process and communicates with the Governor's office on constituent concerns.

Christl Theriault, Assistant to the Commissioner

Christl began working for the Department as a Game Warden in 1998 until 2005. She worked in the private sector until returning to the Department in this capacity in 2012. She acts as the liaison with the Legislative Fish and Wildlife Committee and the Legislature as a whole – tracking bills, providing constituent services, and acting as liaison with the Governor's Office; assisting with the agency's rulemaking process; assisting with publications (providing information i.e., law changes); updating Title 12; interacting with the Commissioner's Advisory Council; Freedom of Access Act Coordinator for the Department, assisting the Commissioner with special projects and processes; and assisting Department staff and the public with law and rule questions.

Becky Orff, Secretary Specialist

Becky has worked for the Department in various capacities since 1990, and has worked in the Commissioner's Office since 2004. She is responsible for secretarial duties for the Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner and the Assistant to the Commissioner.

Becky is the Clerk of the Board for the Commissioner's Advisory Council. Becky also schedules meetings of the Disabled Hunter, Trapper and Angler Advisory Board and maintains the records for permits for those with permanent physical disabilities.