Licensing & Registration Division

The responsibilities of the Division include, but are not limited to:

  • Administration of approximately 470,000 licenses per year. These licenses include hunting, fishing, trapping, guide, taxidermy, and a number of other commercial licenses.
  • Administration of approximately 270,000 recreational vehicle (watercraft, snowmobile, and ATV) registrations per year.
  • Administration of approximately 54,000 Moose permit applications and 75,000 antlerless deer permit applications per year.
  • Management of approximately 800 license and registrations agents. This includes training, support, inventory distribution, and financial management for these agents.
  • Continuously work with state OIT resources as well as Informe to enhance and refine our licensing and registration computer systems.
  • Manage the data generated as a result of over 900,000 yearly transactions with our customers. This includes responding to numerous requests for data from the public and other government agencies.

MOSES System

  • All licenses and registration are sold through the MOSES web based system.
  • The MOSES system keeps track of all the licenses and registrations held by customers.
  • The MOSES system also keeps track of all the inventory (stickers and licenses) that agents have as well as all of their sales.

Licenses and Registrations

  • Customers can purchase their licenses on the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, directly from their homes. Currently, 40% of licenses sold annually are done so by this method.
  • The division currently has approximately 450 MOSES agents throughout the state that are selling roughly 50% of annual licenses and registrations. The number of MOSES agents continues to grow.
  • The division currently has approximately 350 manual agents throughout the state. These agents sell licenses and registrations manually and then mail them into the main office where they are manually entered into the MOSES system. Approximately 10% of licenses and registrations sales are still done in this manner, but it is continually decreasing as more MOSES agents are brought on-line.
  • The division also sells licenses and registrations at the Department's headquarters in Augusta for walk-in customers as well as through the mail. This includes 16 different types of miscellaneous licenses such as trapping, guides, taxidermy, and bait dealers. These types of licenses are only issued at the main office (they not issued by agents).