State of Maine

Rule Chapters for the Public Utilities Commission

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65-407: Public Utilities Commission - General
65-625: Emergency Services Communications Bureau

65  407   Public Utilities Commission - General
Ch. 25    Coin-Operated Telephone Service
Ch. 35    Accounting Treatment for Area Lighting
Ch. 62    Service Standards for Water Utilities
Ch. 63    Major Construction Projects for Water Companies
Ch. 65    Water Main Extension and Service Line Rule
Ch. 68    Water Utilities Depreciation Rates
Ch. 69    Determination of Fire Protection Revenues for Water Utilities
Ch. 83    Political Activities, Institutional/Promotional Advertising,
          Allowances by Public Utilities
Ch. 85    Regulatory Proceeding Expenses
Ch. 89    Confidentiality of Customer Records
Ch. 110   Rules of Practice and Procedure
Ch. 120   Filing Requirements for Schedule of Rates, Terms and Conditions
Ch. 130   Safety and Accident Reporting Requirements
Ch. 140   Utility Service Area and Infrastructure Maps
Ch. 200   Telecommunications Carrier Outage Reporting
Ch. 201   Provider of Last Resort Service Quality
Ch. 202   Requirements for Audiotext (Pay-Per-Call) Service
Ch. 204   Basic Service Calling Areas
Ch. 206   Standards for Designating and Certifying Eligible Telecommunications
          Carriers Qualified to Receive Federal Universal Service Fund Support
Ch. 210   Uniform System of Accounts for Telephone Utilities
Ch. 220   Removal of Provider of Last Resort Service Obligation
Ch. 230   Installation, Maintenance and Ownership of Customer Premises Wire
Ch. 252   Public Interest Payphone Program
Ch. 280   Provision of Competitive Telecommunications Services
Ch. 284   Prepaid Wireless Fee
Ch. 285   Maine Telecommunications Education Access Fund
Ch. 288   Maine Universal Service Fund
Ch. 289   Requirements and Terms for Bundled Services
          Offered by Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers
Ch. 290   Standards for Billing, Credit, and Collection and Customer Information
          for Eligible Telecommunications Carriers Providing Basic Telephone Service
Ch. 291   Standards for Billing, Credit, and Collection and Customer Information
          for Non-Eligible Telecommunications Carriers
Ch. 292   Standards for Billing, Credit, and Collection and Customer Information
          for Interexchange Carriers
Ch. 293   Abandonment of Service and Authority to Provide Services and Transfer of
          Customers by Competitive Telecommunications Carriers
Ch. 294   Lifeline
Ch. 296   Selection of Preferred Telecommunications Carriers and the
          Imposition of Preferred Carrier Freezes
Ch. 297   Anti-Cramming Rule: Registration Requirements, Complaint Procedures and
          Penalty Provisions for Service Providers and Billing Aggregators
Ch. 301   Standard Offer Service
Ch. 304   Standards of Conduct for Transmission and Distribution Utilities
          and Affiliated Competitive Electricity Providers
Ch. 305   Licensing Requirements, Annual Reporting, Enforcement and Consumer Protection
          Provisions for Competitive Provision of Electricity
Ch. 306   Uniform Information Disclosure and Informational Filing Requirements
Ch. 307   Sale of Capacity and Energy of Undivested Generation
          Assets;  Extension of Divestiture Deadline
Ch. 308   Standards of Conduct for Transmission and Distribution 
          Utilities and Affiliated Generators
Ch. 310   Uniform System of Accounts for Electrical Utilities
Ch. 311   Portfolio Requirement
Ch. 312   Distributed Generation Procurement
Ch. 313   Customer Net Energy Billing
Ch. 314   Statewide Low-Income Assistance Plan
Ch. 315   Small Generator Aggregation
Ch. 316   Long-term Contracting and Resource Adequacy
Ch. 317   Statewide Arrearage Management Program
Ch. 319   Criteria to Exclude Small Transmission Projects and Distribution
          Projects from Investigation by the Nonwires Alternative Coordinator
Ch. 320   Electric Transmission and Distribution Utility Service Standards
Ch. 321   Load Obligation and Settlement Calculations for
          Competitive Providers of Electricity
Ch. 322   Metering, Billing, Collections, and Enrollment 
          Interactions among Transmission and Distribution Utilities
          and Competitive Electricity Providers
Ch. 323   Electronic Business Transactions Standards
Ch. 324   Small Generator Interconnection Standards
Ch. 325   Community-based Renewable Energy Pilot Program
Ch. 326   Green Power Offer
Ch. 327   Ceiling on Energy Efficiency Spending from the Energy and Carbon Savings
          Trust Fund and Rebates to Electric Ratepayers
Ch. 330   Filing Requirements for Petitions for Certificates of Public Convenience
          and Necessity for Electric Transmission Facilities and Standards
          for Granting Certificates
Ch. 332   Filing Requirement for Petitions for Purchases of Energy /
          Fuel Conversion of Generation Facilities
Ch. 334   Filing Requirement for Significant Agreements Re: Electric
          Generating / Energy / Trans Capacity
Ch. 360   Cogeneration and Small Power Productions
Ch. 380   Electric Energy Conservation Programs (transferred to 95-648)
Ch. 381   Selection of Conservation Program Service Providers (transferred to 95-648)
Ch. 395   Construction Standards, Ownership, Cost Allocation, and Customer Charges Rules
          for Electric Distribution Line Extensions and Service Drops
Ch. 396   Efficiency Maine Trust Procurement Funding Cap           

          Energy Programs (formerly with 19-530)
Ch. 400   Energy Efficiency Standards for Subsidized Multi-Family Residences

          PUC - General (cont.)
Ch. 410   Uniform System of Accounts for Gas Utilities
Ch. 420   Safety Standards for Natural Gas and Liquefied Natural Gas Facility Operators
Ch. 421   Safety and Operation Standards for Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Distribution Systems
Ch. 430   Cost of Gas Adjustment for Gas Utilities
Ch. 440   Gas Utility Meter Performance, Accuracy, Testing, and Related Standards
Ch. 480   Natural Gas Energy Conservation Programs (transferred to 95-648)
Ch. 510   Authorization and Operation of Ferries in Casco Bay
Ch. 520   Tour, Charter and Water Taxi Services, and Unscheduled
          Freight Services in Casco Bay
Ch. 560   Publication and Posting Requirement for Rate Changes filed by
          the Casco Bay Island Transit District
Ch. 610   Uniform System of Accounts for Water Companies
Ch. 615   Exemptions from Regulatory Requirements for Consumer-Owned Water Utilities
Ch. 640   Private Fire Protection Services
Ch. 660   Consumer Protection Standards for Water Utilities
Ch. 675   Infrastructure Surcharge and Capital Reserve Accounts
Ch. 691   Sale of Water Resource Land
Ch. 710   Auditing Requirements for all Public Utilities
Ch. 720   Compliance with GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles)
          Required of SFAS #106
Ch. 730   Compliance with the GAAP Requirements of SFAS 109
Ch. 815   Consumer Protection Standards for Electric
          and Gas Transmission and Distribution Utilities
Ch. 820   Utility Requirements for Non-Core Activities and
          Transactions Between Affiliates
Ch. 840   Intervenor Funding
Ch. 870   Late Payment Charges, Interest Rates to be Paid on Customer Deposits, and
          Charges for Returned Checks
Ch. 880   Attachments to Joint-Use Utility Poles; Determination and Allocation
          of Costs; Procedure
Ch. 885   Land Use Regulation Exemption
Ch. 886   Energy Infrastructure Corridors
Ch. 895   Underground Facility Damage Prevention Requirements 
Ch. 910   Safety of Overhead Utility Lines Crossing Water and Adjacent Areas
          Suitable for Rigging, Launching, and Operation Boats
Ch. 920   Maine Model Building Energy Code (repealed)
Ch. 930   Solar and Wind Energy Rebate Program (transferred to 95-648)

  65 625 Emergency Services Communication Bureau
Ch. 1 Standards for Establishing a Statewide Enhanced E9-1-1 System Ch. 2 Requirements for the Enhanced E9-1-1 Service Provider and Local Exchange Carriers Ch. 3 Provision of Enhanced E9-1-1 Access-only Service Ch. 4 Requirements for the Dispatch Center Consolidation Grant Program Ch. 5 Standards for the Implementation and Administration of Emergency Fire Dispatch Protocols Ch. 11 PBX/Multiline Telephone System (MLTS) Requirements