Qualified Products List: Important Info

Products listed on the QPL are pre-quailified for use on Maine Department of Transportation highway and bridge projects. Final acceptance of the product occurs when the product is properly used in the field as determined by the engineer.

Unless noted otherwise in the specification or on the QPL, these products may be used on highway and bridge projects without further testing. Product placement on this list is not to be construed as an official endorsement by the Department. Nor does inclusion of a product on this list imply that the product meets any or all applicable local, state or federal regulations related to safety or environmental issues in effect at the time of use. The manufacturer/s Safety Data Sheets (SDS) should be referred to before and during the use of any product appearing on this list.

Products are often marketed as having multiple uses. Products appearing on the QPL are qualified only for the specified category they appear under. Should a product be qualified for additional purposes, it will be listed under those categories as appropriate.

This list is intended as an informational tool for contractors, consulting engineers, and department personnel to identify products that meet the department's standards or specifications for particular applications. The use of any product listed on this site by a contractor shall in no way relieve contractors from their contractual obligations.

Field performance of these products will be continuously monitored. Products that fail to meet expectations will be removed from the list.

Users are responsible for confirming content of this web site. Please contact us at NewProducts.MaineDOT@maine.gov with any questions or comments.